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#BIG BANG, #OPERA #neutrino – Big Discovery or Big Deceit?

After latest physics theories have bitten the dust, this is another drama by the scientist community to cover up the garbage. Scientists are conducting experiments to get breakthroughs into the secret of creation (universal origin) through atomic explosions.  The so-called scientists who indulge in self-praise have created this big explosion and through it are trying to get breakthroughs into the secret of origin of life, creation of life.  Is this right? Is this the right way? Is it possible? Is it useful?  Are the scientists competent?  Can this secret which is from millions of years known only to a few Jijnasu’s (knowledge seekers, researchers) be revealed?  Let us find out.
The secret of creation is thought about in 5 ways i.e., Secret of creation based on a) Vedas b) Puranas c) Sutras(Rules) d) Upanishats e) Physics.  Even here, they are not able to conclude that ‘This is it’. The reason and resolutions cannot be documented. This is ‘Brahma Jijnasa’ (Knowledge that is gained thr…

Laws of Modern Physics fails but not of Vedic Physics!!

All celestial bodies in the known universe are in motion. It is possible that pure energy vibrates at different regions. The objects are detected only when such energy is expressed through some means. In other words, unaccompanied energy cannot be located with instruments established so for. This is true even with our own atmosphere. Since air has not been photographed even its presence as a component of our planet is neglected or ignored. Then what about other atmospheres or interstellar “spaces”?

Seeds, Michael A. 1999

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Isaac Newton Dec. 25, 1642 (= 4th Jan. 1643) – 1.727

A body continues at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by some net force.The acceleration of a body is inversely proportional to its mass, directly proportional to the net force, and in the same direction as the net force. F = m aTo every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Newton’s first law supposes or assumes that “a…

#Vedic Physics 1 - Definition, Division & Examples

What is Vedic Physics – “Bautha Shasthra”?
The subject that could be experienced and identified by 5 sensory organs, that introduces Biological, natural, and behavioral originated things is called Bautha Shasthra. This is incorporated with so natural, everlasting, developmental and protective formulas.

What are the divisions of Vedic Physics? There are 5 divisions: Agochara:Invisible or automatically going processes without any obstructions. Drig-Gochara:Interchangeable, ongoing processes that are natural and visible so can be converted into different forms.Parinama-Gochara: Here the underlying process cannot be identified.Pravarthana-Gochara:Here matter, material, object or things in general cannot be identified, only process can be noticed.Guna-Gochara:Here thing, process and effect can be understood by chemical analysis. Whole arrangement of Indian Physics is bounded by these 5 rules. Whole Earth is stood upon this. The topics that couldn’t be experienced by these 5 aren’t bound to P…

“#Vaidhika #Bauta #Shastra” – An unexplored #Vedic #Physics

Our historical Veda & Smruthis, Meemansa comparison epics gave prominence to accuracy of the subject and its contents. Any subject preached by it is comprehensive and has evidential truth. The modern science which is unable to understand has outmoded and rejected the entire Vedic thesis and its rituals as superstitions and blind beliefs.  Hence we are publishing this “Bautha Shaastra”, the indepth analysis of ancient thesis by Darshanikas - Philosophers. 
It has detailed theories of Physics to understand the secret of Nature (Prakruthi) + God (Chaithanya). Once you study this, you will come to know the falseness in various modern scientific theories. But don’t reject that. We use both modern and ancient theories for individual growth. Like Old root + new shoot, let’s evolve for the Social welfare. 
This Vedic Physics thesis entitled “Brahma-Vidhya Brahma-Rahasya-KAnda” is an unpublished manuscript in palm leaves. Basically it’s in core Brahmi language and has not been…

#Year #2012 - Daily gossip or #Mass destruction?

People are thinking that year 2012 should never come. Mass media, scientific sector, Spiritual adroit are publishing this news. People who warm up their hands in somebody’s burning house are inviting the people to their organization for providing long lasting protection by offering different types of rituals and practices. It doesn’t matter that people believe it or not but they are indispensable. Therefore the people who promulgate this are just marketing it. Publicity due to variety of speeches, slogans, announcements is confusing the people. Surely this is an illegal act against human society. Did they think about the effect of gross falsification of the facts on public? Or how much they are censurable to their announcements? Inquiring people get the answer from them. First let us know the gossip about this annihilation.
First, they quote the statements from the devout epics. Their creation time and language, environmental atmospheric factors during that time, no understanding of th…

Vedic Language - #Brahmi

Vedic ideologies are contained in Brahmi; the oldest root of all the languages. Modern commentators perceived Vedas are in Sanskrit and doing distorted interpretation. So Veda is not understood. There are very few, nearly, 10-12 Brahmi language experts there in India. Rest of the scholars are interpreting from the roots of Sanskrit. Hence Veda has become complex, unsolvable mystery. To understand Vedas one has to learn Brahmi language, identify the word differences caused by the incomplete scripts from other languages, revise the words with respect to original language, then of course Veda will reveal itself to you and becomes understood. Else, Veda might be perceived as an unsolvable mystery, which is due to one's wimp.
How to understand Vedas? First learn one of the efficient Indian languages and get become language expert. Try to learn Brahmi from the known finger countable people. Practice Brahmi based Vedic grammar.  Do hard work, study and practice 54 Aksharas - Alphab…

What is there in Vedas?

Veda means Knowledge. Its an ultimate truth about the Nature - Prakruthi. It has "All Subjects" which are "All Time" and "All Place" truth. Vedas came from infinite and remain immortal even after dissolution of the whole Earth. This is because Veda is not just a text, its Naada - the Wave of bliss. We can see the collection of verses in Veda. These are the particular pattern of waves noted by various great sages during their research (Tapasya) on the Nature. 
Veda is an experimented, experienced, proved and accepted publication of complete research on what ever the topic you consider. If a modern researcher says, I have invented a new thing; for him/her it is new. But Veda has explained the basic theory. So Veda is complete, truth, justice, breath of society, food, life and knowledge. Let me list some of the topics present in Vedas.
Pancha Bhootatmaka Prakruthi - 5 Elemental NatureSrusti - CreationSththi - MaintenanceLaya  - ManifestationPrakruthi Niyama …

#Ganesha - in vedic science

Ganesha is honored at the beginning of rituals and ceremonies. Several texts relate his birth & explain the reason behind the same. Let us explore some hidden facts from Vedas. The "Ganesha Atharvasheersha" emerged as a Upanishad which tried to explain one of the Ganesha related subject from a Verse (Mantra) of RigVeda. The values of this Upanishad are widely diffused and extends till Africa. Yetat tava Manu Swaroopam | Gakaraha Poorva Roopam || Which is ancient form of life? Veda & Purana says its incarnation of Matsya- the great fish! originated in the water; the source of life. So sage Agasthya says, if one does a research from the Ichthyology, it will reveal the human nature. Human mental faculties can be measured from the movement of fishes. So the quotes in general say the resemblance of qualities of one in another. E.g., tree <-- seed , daughter <-- mother, dress <-- thread .. Akaaro Madhyama Roopam || Ancient Linguistic researchers say that the lette…