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#BIG BANG, #OPERA #neutrino – Big Discovery or Big Deceit?

After latest physics theories have bitten the dust, this is another drama by the scientist community to cover up the garbage. Scientists are conducting experiments to get breakthroughs into the secret of creation (universal origin) through atomic explosions.  The so-called scientists who indulge in self-praise have created this big explosion and through it are trying to get breakthroughs into the secret of origin of life, creation of life.  Is this right? Is this the right way? Is it possible? Is it useful?  Are the scientists competent?  Can this secret which is from millions of years known only to a few Jijnasu’s (knowledge seekers, researchers) be revealed?  Let us find out.

The secret of creation is thought about in 5 ways i.e., Secret of creation based on a) Vedas b) Puranas c) Sutras(Rules) d) Upanishats e) Physics.  Even here, they are not able to conclude that ‘This is it’. The reason and resolutions cannot be documented. This is ‘Brahma Jijnasa’ (Knowledge that is gained through studies, experiments and research).  This can only be experienced by those Jnani’s (Enlightened ones) who have reached that level and cannot be explained. This is the ruling of Indian spirituality. The Brahmasutras or secret of creation can be explained through Siddhanta’s (theories) based on ‘Time factor’, from time to time and not through secret explosions. Based on this, let is examine the latest Big Bang, OPERA neutrino and the like.

In modern physics, the Earth’s creation is thought of as follows. In the beginning a big burning spherical object exploded in the blue sky due to some reason, broke into pieces and the universal bodies were formed. The theory of modern physics says that the big spherical object kept burning slowly for many years and it started to rain which resulted in creation of life on the Earth. Based on this theory, some foreign scientists have framed the theory of Life Sciences. On this they made their argument and have been nurturing it so far. Now, due to some key reasons all of this has started to go haywire. To patch on fundamental laws, they are laying effort by big explosion and new experiments. Is it right? Are they not sure of basics? Isn’t this is like searching blindfolded in a darkness? 

If you try to examine their argument, modern physics seems to have forgotten the fact about ‘Kala + Desha’ (Time + Place).  ‘Kaarana’ (Reason) doesn’t play on its own. It happens on the basis of ‘Time + Place’. This is the rule of ‘Vedic Physics’.  If this is so, then what is the time after the ‘Big Bang’ of modern Physics? How do we identify the explosion point? ‘Place’ means, which is the place (area, zone) where it happened? What is the Khagola vyapti (celestial limit) of the universe? Akasha vyapti (sky limit)? What is the result of Shabdha (sound) + Kirana (Rays) based on ‘Sukshma’ time counting (time that keeps decreasing) and ‘Sthula’ time counting (time that keeps increasing)? Did life get created based on this? Then based only on these calculations can’t we understand the secret of creation? Do we need another ‘Big Bang? Is this thought correct? If we cannot figure out the secret based on this, then how can we figure it out through another big bang? It’s not possible, isn’t it? Do they know how rays influence on nature and life? 

One trying to measure the speed of light, other trying to find new particle like Neutino to disprove the speed of light is fastest one. After every short term experiment the head of a group of scientists who has managerial skills, but not scientific; will publish the results and speak to mass media & public about their discovery. Within less time other group will come up with either new results or performance enhancements! Outrageous publishing agencies get this reviewed by some unknown people and will be accepted as great work, Journal article, patents, awards, etc. Doesn’t it seem like modern science has lost its way? Think about it. If this is so, then let us look at understanding of nature based on Vedic physics.

Rutham Cha Sathyam Chaabhidhaathapasodhyajayatha  |
Thatho rathryajaayatha thathaha samudro arnavaha   || 1 ||

Samudraadarnavaadadhi samvatsaro ajaayatha  |
Ahoraathrani vidadhatvishvasya mishatho vashee     || 2 ||

Sooryachandramasau dhatha yatha poorvamakalpayath |
Divam cha pruthiveem chaantharikshamatho swaha || 3 ||

Basic light rays and sound are not destroyable.  It was together in the past (Purva).  Based on its union life was created. Your existence is God’s Sankalp (Wish/design).  Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Nabha (Sky), Nibha (The reason for the existence and controlling of Nabha), Abha (Controls Nibha) similarly are also old (purva).  If we view it from this point, the ‘Big Bang’ theory seems so childish.  Isn’t it clear?  We cannot breakthrough into the secret of creation based on anything other than Siddhantha’s (theories/rules), Panchabhutas (5 elements) and related Shabdha + Kirana or Yoga + Maaya Siddhantha. The origin, behavior, combination and effects of Kirana itself are unknown to modern Science. First of all setting a limit for light based on physical consensus without considering 4 more principles of basic Vedic Physics = Rules of Nature; was not proper. So duality aroused. Now it’s the time for triality in the name of Neutrino. The scientists’ Big Bang theory, OPERA Neutrino experiment and the like are just anomalies.

Collision can form Pravrutthi (nature, character or disposition) but not creation.  Where there is no collision, even smallest to smallest collision (is not there), there Bija (Seed) + Maaya (Chaitanya) Anu (Atom) = Samayoga. Sam + yoga forms samyoga and life gets created. With respect to Science of Shabdha & Kirana, our sages are thousands of time ahead than current science. They have clearly mentioned about Kirana Vidalana, Naada Swaroopa, Swara Taranga, Taranga Parinama, Sukshmaati Sukshma Taranga Shakti and introduction to Kiranas, 10 types of Kiranas called as Agni Kalas: Kirana, Peeta, Neela, Theekshna, Ati Theekshna, Krodha, KaaLa, KaraaLa, Krishna, Kantha. Now Science has some low grade knowledge like VIBGYOR Spectrum, EMW, Cosmic Wave, etc. Sage Kapila had done numerous experiments on this. Sage Kapila repenting to his mistakes gives caution that these experiments are very dangerous and may lead to destruction of whole planet Earth!

This is the truth based on Vedas. We can therefore confidently say that this project involving zillions of Dollars is fruitless. The route taken by modern scientists is wrong and I declare it clearly based on the Vedas. Their declaration of having found it or will find it based on their theory is nothing but a bag of lies.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Laws of Modern Physics fails but not of Vedic Physics!!

 All celestial bodies in the known universe are in motion. It is possible that pure energy vibrates at different regions. The objects are detected only when such energy is expressed through some means. In other words, unaccompanied energy cannot be located with instruments established so for. This is true even with our own atmosphere. Since air has not been photographed even its presence as a component of our planet is neglected or ignored. Then what about other atmospheres or interstellar “spaces”?

Seeds, Michael A. 1999

The Solar System - Wadsworth Publishing Co. California
Isaac Newton Dec. 25, 1642 (= 4th Jan. 1643) – 1.727

  1. A body continues at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by some net force.
  2. The acceleration of a body is inversely proportional to its mass, directly proportional to the net force, and in the same direction as the net force. F = m a
  3. To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Newton’s first law supposes or assumes that “a body remains at rest”. Today no celestial body is at rest. Therefore, this assumption is not substantiated....” or if in motion it remains in uniform motion with constant speed in a straight line unless it is acted on by an unbalanced external force”.

A straight line on a globe is only theoretical and practically it becomes a curve. Again a rotating Earth or any other celestial body going its orbit is bound to encounter with external forces at every instant and can never be expected to maintain a straight line.

If acceleration is to be considered, there is no possibility of starting with zero at any time or at any place. Therefore, the first law becomes obsolete.

The second law - when all bodies are in motion an “acceleration produced by an unbalanced force acting on a body is proportional to the magnitude of the net force and invariably proportional to the
mass of the body”
 F=ma                 P=mg (weight=mass x gravity)
This also becomes obsolete because on a moving object where we are located and form part of the system, how to determine its mass or net force?

The situation is much clear in the following law:

W Heisenberg’s uncertainly principle 1927

It is impossible to measure accurately both the position and the momentum of a particle simultaneously. “Measured values cannot be assigned to the position r and the momentum p of a particle simultaneously with unlimited precision.”

The third law of Newton states that “when ever one body exerts a force upon a second body, the second body exerts a force upon the first body. These forces are equal in magnitude and oppositely

This statement assumes that both bodies are initially at rest. Also assumes that one body moves faster than the other. The statement assumes that the bodies move in straight lines. Each body moves in n - dimension and the movement is continuous. This being the case such assumptions become historic but obsolete.

The time of action of one body is totally different from the time of any reaction. 

Both the curvature of the space-time unit on one hand which flows eternally as well as the impossibility of time flowing backward in the reverse direction on the other are sufficient reasons to logically discard the stated assumptions.

The Cartesian scientific model preserved so far has not been critically reviewed nor it’s faults rectified. In a heterogeneous tropical world, scientific norms are just those dictated by the European scientists. No new paradigm has ever been entertained. Ruthless negation of other paradigms as superstition permitted the modern science and technology to project itself as the sole representative of Science as true knowledge. This is why in every school program the contents are copied from the mainstream paradigm.

Science is true knowledge. Information is available in the dynamic nature. One has to observe the dynamic process with sensory perceptions and if possible, with extra sensory perceptions. The quality of the collected data depends on the preparation or training given to the senses, the systematic methods utilized during observation and pattern recognition. Personal discipline of the observer permits maximum efficiency. Physical mental and spiritual freedom of thinking, working and speaking permits creativity of action. Creative efficiency or efficient creativity is a basic tool for the scientist in search of worldly knowledge.
"Let noble thoughts flow allover the universe"
                                                                              - Rg. Veda

#Vedic Physics 1 - Definition, Division & Examples

What is Vedic Physics – “Bautha Shasthra”?

The subject that could be experienced and identified by 5 sensory organs, that introduces Biological, natural, and behavioral originated things is called Bautha Shasthra. This is incorporated with so natural, everlasting, developmental and protective formulas.

What are the divisions of Vedic Physics?
There are 5 divisions:
  1. Agochara: Invisible or automatically going processes without any obstructions.
  2. Drig-Gochara: Interchangeable, ongoing processes that are natural and visible so can be converted into different forms.
  3. Parinama-Gochara: Here the underlying process cannot be identified.
  4. Pravarthana-Gochara: Here matter, material, object or things in general cannot be identified, only process can be noticed.
  5. Guna-Gochara: Here thing, process and effect can be understood by chemical analysis. 
Whole arrangement of Indian Physics is bounded by these 5 rules. Whole Earth is stood upon this. The topics that couldn’t be experienced by these 5 aren’t bound to Physics. This is the ultimate truth. If one couldn’t identify, that’s their ignorance. Ignorance gives rise to aggressive and stubborn behaviors, the result of which makes people out of main stream of knowledge and transpires them as rebels against the belief on God, luck, supernatural powers etc. It cannot be rejected from Physics due to obliviousness. One has to develop the personality, get the eligibility and gain the power to fathom the root cause. 

Moola Dhathu’s = Root elements or Natural elements = 187 in number. Among these 164 are visible and 23 are invisible. This is the total atomic design and division number. Root elements can be identified by atoms. Also there are 7 different experiments to ascertain the root elements.

Give an Example for each of the 5 divisions.

The rule here is, “Example should be unique in its area. It shouldn’t be interpreted by other approach”. Students may go on listing the examples like nature, species, surrounding environment, materials under Drig-Gochara. Temperature, taste, touch, electricity etc., those which are experienced by us under Agochara. Sufferings, relationships, love, enmity, etc., are the feelings of others that could be sensed by us as Parinama-Gochara. Different types of evolutions occurring in materials and species, where matter is not identified but is the process, as Pravarthana Gochara. One may also quote the elements from Periodic Table for Guna Gochara. These are all very few examples, some are interrelated. So, an adequate and non-exhaustive examples are quoted in Veda. It is the first formula called “Pancha Brahma Suthra” with respect to 5 forms of Rudra :

  1. Sadhyojaatha Rudra:        Agochara
  2. Vaamadeva Rudra:           Drig-Gochara
  3. Aghora Rudra:                 Parinama-Gochara
  4. Tatpurusha Rudra:           Pravarthana-Gochara 
  5. Ishaana Rudra:                       Guna-Gochara

***Upcoming articles starts exploring each division in detail ***

Monday, 14 November 2011

“#Vaidhika #Bauta #Shastra” – An unexplored #Vedic #Physics

            Our historical Veda & Smruthis, Meemansa comparison epics gave prominence to the accuracy of the subject and its contents. Any subject preached by it is comprehensive and has evidential truth. The modern science which is unable to understand has outmoded and rejected the entire Vedic thesis and its rituals as superstitions and blind beliefs.  Hence we are publishing this “Bautha Shaastra”, the in-depth analysis of ancient thesis by Darshanikas - Philosophers. 

It has detailed theories of Physics to understand the secret of Nature (Prakruthi) + God (Chaithanya). Once you study this, you will come to know the falseness in various modern scientific theories. But don’t reject that. We use both modern and ancient theories for individual growth. Like Old root + new shoot, let’s evolve for the Social welfare

This Vedic Physics thesis entitled “Brahma-Vidhya Brahma-Rahasya-KAnda” is an unpublished manuscript in palm leaves. Basically, it’s in core Brahmi language and has not been deciphered and published in any language including Sanskrit. By the protected knowledge from Guru-Shishya tradition, for the first time in history, we were taught this in the Kannada language which has a perfect correlation with Vedic language. 

As in the title, Brahma-Vidhya = Brahma = Nature and its numerous topics. Brahma-Rahasya = Secret of Nature. The root element for the Creation, its hot and cold interactions. The Root element called the Anu (अणु) = Atom = Moola-Chaithanya has the property of continually losing its temperature. For self-survival and existence, it transformed into living species, plants, trees, materials, etc. How life created? How nature is withholding this temperature? For that process, how much effective are Light (Kirana) + Sound (Shabda) named two waves (Taranga)? How much is the truth? Even though, how these core elements are trying to guard their stealth? all these are revealed in this Epic. It explains the sound and light in terms of Yoga + Maaya. 

I will try to throw some insights on Vedic Physics in the upcoming posts. To understand in-depth, one has possessed undetached interest (Sraddha), learn Kannada thoroughly, the goal of social welfare, follow Saatvic lifestyle. Rather than fishing in the muddy water (Foreign based Education & Texts) on the road, try to fish in Ocean (Vedic Texts), you will get a fish named knowledge according to your own effort and acceptance level.

Friday, 11 November 2011

#Year #2012 - Daily gossip or #Mass destruction?

People are thinking that year 2012 should never come. Mass media, scientific sector, Spiritual adroit are publishing this news. People who warm up their hands in somebody’s burning house are inviting the people to their organization for providing long lasting protection by offering different types of rituals and practices. It doesn’t matter that people believe it or not but they are indispensable. Therefore the people who promulgate this are just marketing it. Publicity due to variety of speeches, slogans, announcements is confusing the people. Surely this is an illegal act against human society. Did they think about the effect of gross falsification of the facts on public? Or how much they are censurable to their announcements? Inquiring people get the answer from them. First let us know the gossip about this annihilation.

First, they quote the statements from the devout epics. Their creation time and language, environmental atmospheric factors during that time, no understanding of the past language, lunatic community trying to interpret straight to the tip of their nose. There would be no issues, religious clashes or wars if everybody had the ability to understand the statements from their religious epics. The intellectual layer dying daily by fighting to lead their life can realize the secret of nature? Never! Then what is the meaning for these rumors? Then the people misusing this situation, the irresponsible media publishing the same and exhibiting their escapism.

Second, some pathetic scientific community. They act as if they are Omniscient. “Arrogance is the enemy of thought”. Being aware of this truth, their dramatic disguise, Egotism, insufficient knowledge, lengthy theories made public to be in terror. Truly, scientific community should develop but not this Terrorism. How the medical community should maintain the ethics based on humanity for the patient in the death bed or the patient going to die after some days; by providing confidence of life; of course not the fear of death. Similarly any specialized community should not horrify the society by predicting unnecessary afflictions.

Birth in this apparent world will be bonded with death. Then to picturize that death is awful will be an offense. The Scientific community which is not able to solve the calamities like Earthquake, Tsunami, tornado, torrent, trickle and startling diseases those killed lakhs of people is self-appraising that “We found the traces of water on the Moon”. What is the specialty of this? What is the use? The Panchabootatmaka theory which is having its existence from several lakhs of years had stated that this world is occupied with water, the life (jeeva). Then what is new in this discovery? Is the society benefited? Simply waste like carrying stones to the hill.

Presently the research is not in the path to provide life security for the people. Diseases, Terrorism, Accidents and Calamities are budding in haste. The government which should necessarily provide the four basic requirements Water, Food, Education, and Security is unsuccessful, alas assuring to provide a color TV for all. Ignorant common men jazz to their saying. I.T. sector is advertising that “we are proposing the sixth dimension in this world”. The I.T. is not stable to provide information about Rainfall, Calamity, Terrorist attack, murder, robbery, etc. But making it easy for illegal activities by revealing restricted information without exact distinction of access layers. Is this the Science? Is it required? Are you ready to perish in 2012 by believing these bogus episodes?

Third, the sham, cloak and cheating Spiritual Community. Ideal spiritual community will never project the fright. It insists to leave the greed of this worldly body and to become soul itself. Therefore there is no fear of death. Any calamity can’t scratch. But the spiritual organizations that grew like deceitful mushrooms with the non-sense group are creating the artificial dread. They are name, fame & money minded. They wait for the favor situations, seed the fear, give pose that we are the super power to protect the people! We are the gods!! One or the other day they will also depart this life after which the followers will be totally destroyed.

One point to be kept in mind that the nature (prakruthi) divides its own soul and creates the life in this world to balance the life count. The divinity (chaithanya) gives a drive to this. Except this the priest, father, yogi, astrologer or anybody who eats this nature’s remainder (Runa) is zero in front of it; nil! Nothing! They are all the parts nourished by this nature, not the creators. They may guide the path for the people to frame their bright future, but not the fore-tellers of the nature. Therefore without believing all these misquotations everybody should lead an honest life for the sound society; in spite of mass destruction or individual demise. Then everything will be excellent, joyful, spiritual, realization and eternal. Continual interaction is the goal of this nature. Lives are its organs. Hence there is no mass destruction. Elementary variations may happen naturally, don’t bother.

Fourth, the nature’s properties and behavior. How they interact? What it can do in its course of action? Let’s analyze.

Nowadays the science is describing the fear of nuclear war. The result of this may be human stall, not the nature. If all nuclear bombs in this world collectively explode, for the nature it is just an ant bite. But the species named human being or some other purely dependent on human would be collapsed. But the nature can reproduce anything. If the man wants to survive then he should not commit this type of self-initiated transgression. Some tens of crores of people may die. Quite a lot of land may be deserted. The remnant land will be developed.

But it is not the annihilation (pralaya). For annihilation to take place two more kalpas (approx. 4,32,00,00,000 years per kalpa) all the species lives are commanded with human superiority. After this time if human is defeated then annihilation may occur. Till that time surely there is no annihilation. Disasters may happen at any day, any time, by anybody. It is not having any barrier. Currently disaster cause ratio is as follows: 
Nature 17%, Human 72%, God 11%. 
Hitler and Napoleon declared war due to which several crores of people died. It was named as Great War but not Cataclysm. Fights, Bustle, Wars, Unrestrained Self-Rule are all artificially twisted tragedies by human. Volcano, Earthquake, Tornado, Tsunami etc. are all human directed nature produced calamities. God intended misfortunes are extreme rains, very light or no rains, diseases, etc. In these hazards numerous people die. But all of them are not pralaya. This nature created with the purpose of human superiority is impassive for 14 Manvantharas (1 Manvanthara = 30,67,20,000 years) in each among 7 kalpas. Till that time it is bonded, static, and independent. If the species lead their life with mutual cooperation then life is blissful. Due to stupidity if anybody steps the immoral path then life will be out of control, but not necessarily the destruction. Next in the 7th one called Pralaya Kalpa it gets the salvation. Till that time everybody should wait in the soul form. Bodily soul seems to be Ephemeral but in the soul in its actual form spans a kalpa. 

Image Source
Parthiva, Kurma, Savithra, Anantha, Swethavaraha, Brahma, Pralaya are the 7 kalpas in which the soul took various forms, in different species and have existence in this Swethavaraha kalapa. Once the Brahma finishes, Pralaya kalpa starts and if the species loses their total strength and control then pralaya takes the power. Till that time don’t bother about annihilation. Human intervention will be at the max in all the disasters. If man leads the sincere life then toughest problems would never occur. First the knowledge providers such as Educational and Spiritual communities should be honest. Ruling government or the king shouldn’t be selfish. The living society should commit to confined satisfaction. Then the nature will be eternally in bliss. What about the situation of the people who announce that the annihilation will happen in 2012, if it doesn’t happens? Their life will be contemptible.

Next the course of action leading to the loss of human resource. Immense diseases, Great wars, Disasters, Fights, Terrorism, Religious collides, political clashes, Positional thrust, etc., are all human generated mishaps. Chernobyl Tragedy, Bhopal Tragedy etc., are due to excess profit desires. Mumbai Taj Hotel attack, Trade Centre clash are all Terrorisms. Hitler’s Yehudi assassination, Religion blindness, Aurangzeb, Salim, Nizam, Tippu, Jahangir, etc., fall into same category. Assassination of American basic inhabitants, Goa’s culture and human attack by Portuguese, Kashi Sewers bloodbath by British, Jallian wala Bagh massacre, etc., are wrong executive impacts. Baudha + Jain combat, Hindu + Muslim fights during Indian independence are all leadership impacts. Iraq + Iran battle, Korea dual battle, Africa inhabitant’s massacre, Iraq + America war, Afghanistan + America war, India + Pakistan war, and many more great wars are all human creations. 

Vatapatra Shayi
How many people died in all these events? Approximately three times the current world population!!! But all happened in different course of time. So the effects are sustainable. All these are human creations. So when we leave fencing the borders to the Country, leave the protection of own border and live within a soul satisfied border called “Vasudha Yeva Kutumbi” i.e., All are our family, then there will be no calamities, wars, fights, assassinations, sorrows, profit making spiritual leaders, immoral initiating religions, no violence at all. Then the Human Life is the one with sparkling, evident and ideal.

Hence no annihilation. “Continually, everlasting, eternal bliss”

Vedic Language - #Brahmi

      Vedic ideologies are contained in Brahmi; the oldest root of all the languages. Modern commentators perceived Vedas are in Sanskrit and doing distorted interpretation. So Veda is not understood. There are very few, nearly, 10-12 Brahmi language experts there in India. Rest of the scholars are interpreting from the roots of Sanskrit. Hence Veda has become complex, unsolvable mystery. To understand Vedas one has to learn Brahmi language, identify the word differences caused by the incomplete scripts from other languages, revise the words with respect to original language, then of course Veda will reveal itself to you and becomes understood. Else, Veda might be perceived as an unsolvable mystery, which is due to one's wimp.

How to understand Vedas? First learn one of the efficient Indian languages and get become language expert. Try to learn Brahmi from the known finger countable people. Practice Brahmi based Vedic grammar.  Do hard work, study and practice 54 Aksharas - Alphabets, 10 Sanjnas - Signs, 7 Bindus - Points (E.g., Nasalized Vowels), 13 Sutras - formulas. Its called as Akshara Vidhya. In alternative approach, if an individual gains Akshara Vidhya, then will get the knowledge of Vedic language and thus the Vedas. First, practice alphabets - Akshara Abhyaasa in Brahmi (or at least a perfect Indian language, but not the business language like English). Gain the Aksha Vidhya. Then study Vedic literature. Practice the following Vedic Dasha Maha Vidhyas :
Vyakarana, Chandas, Swara, Maatraa, Prastaara,
Sanjna, Naadabindu, Laghu, Guru, Udaattha, Swaritha, Anudaattha ||
Attain the knowledge of these (10) Dasha Vidhyas and continue the Veda Paarayana - Chanting Vedas. Then Veda will become Vedya - Understood and experienced by itself. Then one will reach the altitude and could be really honored as Veda Murthy, Veda Brahma etc.,

Thursday, 10 November 2011

What is there in Vedas?

Veda means Knowledge. Its an ultimate truth about the Nature - Prakruthi. It has "All Subjects" which are "All Time" and "All Place" truth. Vedas came from infinite and remain immortal even after dissolution of the whole Earth. This is because Veda is not just a text, its Naada - the Wave of bliss. We can see the collection of verses in Veda. These are the particular pattern of waves noted by various great sages during their research (Tapasya) on the Nature. 

Veda is an experimented, experienced, proved and accepted publication of complete research on what ever the topic you consider. If a modern researcher says, I have invented a new thing; for him/her it is new. But Veda has explained the basic theory. So Veda is complete, truth, justice, breath of society, food, life and knowledge. Let me list some of the topics present in Vedas.

  • Pancha Bhootatmaka Prakruthi - 5 Elemental Nature
    • Srusti - Creation
    • Sththi - Maintenance
    • Laya  - Manifestation
    • Prakruthi Niyama - Rules of Nature
    • Prakruthi Poshana - Nourishment
    • Prakruthika Lakshana - Properties of Nature
    • Baugolika Siddhanta& Niyama - Geography and its rules
  • Jaivika - Bio or topics related to LIFE
    • Abhivrudhdhi - Development
    • Prabheda - Diversity
    • Charaachara - Moving and Non-Moving things.
    • 4 basic forms of species: 
      • Andaja - Egg born
      • Swedhaja - Sweat born
      • Yonija - Mammels
      • Udbija - Earth born
    • 84 Lakh Jeeva Vaividhya - Bio diversity
    • Analysis of bio species in terms of Geography & body nature:
      • Sheetha - Cold
      • Madhya - Medieval or Equal Cold & Hot
      • Ushna - Hot
    • Jeeva Sankula Srusti Vidhaana - The ways by which creation of life cycle of species that lead to the Biosphere
    • Jeevi + Mana : Animal Species + Mind
    • Sasyaadhi + Mana : Plants, metals, materials & the like + Mind
    • Jeevi + Jeeva : Living being + Life
    • Sasyaadhi + Jeeva : Plants, metals, materials & the like + Life
    • Jeeva Rahasya : Secret of creation and sustain of Life.
  • Srusti Rahasya - Secret of Creation
  • Anu Parichaya - Introduction to Atom
    • Anu Vijnana - Atomic Science
    • Shakthi Rahasya - Secrets and formulas of Energy
  • Dheha Rachana - Body Formation
    • Anga Vinyasa - Design of organs or parts of the body
    • AnGhika Shakthi - Power of organs
    • Rachana Vinyaasa - Combined designs of different types of organs
    • Kaarya Nirvahana - Unity & supportive action among diverse organs
    • Deha + Mana : Body + Mind
    • Mana + Maanava : Mind + Man
    • Mano Vijnaana - Psychology
    • Nara Vijnaana - Neurology
    • Prasootika Vijnaana - Gynecology
  • Rasaayana Shasthra - Chemistry
  • Jeevana Dharma - Accommodation of a Perfect Life Style, Personality development, how to follow the truth and stick to principles
  • Siddhanta & Darshana Shasthara - Doctrines that are proposed by enlightened sages and accepted by court of Saptarshi's are called darshana shastharas. They are 18,000 in number.
    • Karma Siddhanta : Life forms & continues due to the work or duties from the past and present.
    • Nireeshwara Vaadha : Samkhya denies the existence of Ishvara (God) or any other exterior influence. Universe has two realities: Purusha (consciousness) and Prakriti (phenomenal realm of matter).
    • Suguna Vaadha : God or any other exterior influence has good attributes
    • Nirguna Vaadha : God or any other exterior influence has no attributes
    • Eshwariya Siddhanta : God is the owner of all
    • EkOpaasana : Worship of only one diety
    • Bahu Devataa Tatva : Different Gods
    • Beeja Siddhanta : Seed Technology.
    • Beeja Samskarana : Preparation of good seed.
    • Shunya Siddhanta: All from void and all to void
    • Adwaitha Siddhanta : Identity of the self and the whole
    • Dwaitha Siddhanta : the individual souls of beings are not 'created' by God but do, nonetheless, depend on Him for their existence.
    • Shakthi Siddhanta : Shiva is the static consciousness and Shakti is the dynamic consciousness. Through his Shakti, he effects the manifestation of the universe.
    • Vishistadwaitha Siddhanta : It is non-dualism of the qualified whole, in which Brahman alone exists, but is characterised by multiplicity.
    • Sagunoopaasana : Worship of the absolute with qualities
    • Nirgunoopaasana : Worship of supreme reality without form, quality, attribute
    • Moorthi Swaroopa : Corporeal form
    • Niraakara Swaroopa : Non-Corporeal form
    • Jnananopaasana : Worship of Knowledge
    • etc., etc.,
  • ROga - Disease
    • ROga Parichaya - Types of Diseases
    • ParihaarOpaaya - Ideas to Cure.
    • Chikitsaa Vidhaana - Treatment
  • Yaanam - Automobiles:
    • RaTha Vidhya - Land Vehicles
    • Jala Yaana - Aquatic Vehicles
    • Aakasha Gamana - Sky Vehicles
  • Tantra - Technology
    • Tantrika Vidhya Rahasya - Secrets of technology, its effects and application
    • Upaamshu - Supportive materials in each branch of Engineering
    • Upasamhaara - Completion, Verification, Validation, Testing, Maintenance and Neutralizer in case of failure or adverse affects.
    • Yantra Maatruka - Theory of Machines
    • Darshana Vidhya - Telecommunication
    • Darpana Vidhya - Display technology for output of any subject, thoughts, past and present events.
  • Parikara Vijnana - Material Science
  • Production & Distribution
    • Krushi - Agriculture
    • Vaanijya - Business
    • Gruha Nirmaana - Building Construction
    • Vaasthu Vidhya - Civil Engineering
    • Alankaara - Interior and Exterior Design both for Building and Body
  • Vidhya - Education System
    • Agni Vidhya - Spiritual
    • Mruthyu Vidhya - Worldly
  • Samaaja Shasthra - Social Science
  • Artha Shasthra - Economics
  • Nyaya Meemamsa - Judiciary, law and orders.
  • Vyuha Rachana - War Techniques
  • Audhyogika Soothra - Employment Formulas
  • Bautha Shasthra - Vedic Physics which the one and only ultimate Science
  • KhagOLa Vijnaana -  Astronomy, Astrology and Cosmology
  • SanKhya Shasthra - Numerology
    • Saamaanya Ganitha - Common Maths
    • Sthoola-Sookshma Ganitha - Micro & Macrao Maths
  • Shilpa kalaadhi Vidhya - Iconography, Arts
  • Gaana Naatyaadhi Vidhya - Music, Dance, Instrumental
  • Wave Science: Theory, Uses, Application, Affects
    • Naada Taranga - Sound Wave
    • Jala Taranga - Water Wave
    • Kirana Taranga - Light Wave
  • Language:
    • BhaaShaa Shasthra - Linguistics
    • Akshara Vidhya - Formulas, reasons, and power  of Alphabets. A channel to understand any language including foreign, animals, birds, plants, materials.
    • Vyakarana - Grammer
    • Chandas Shasthara - Vedic Meters 
    • Kaavya - Poetry
  • Raaja Neethi - Political Science, AadaLitha - Administration
  •  Adhyatma - Spirituality
  • Aatma Rahasya - Secret of Soul
  • YOGA
  • Deva Rahasya - Secret of Gods; Deva + Maanava Sambandha - God + Man Relationship.

This is just an overview, not complete list. All these are coded in Vedas in its own formula. So Veda has complete knowledge with high accuracy. So its the only source, reference, guide, evidence, good path shower, and rule book in this world. Hence Veda is ultimate truth and the Darshana Shastras, Siddanthas, Smruthi and others are prejudiced because they are tied to a single rule, single subject, wellness of single group of followers and propose their opinion that has limits and fail in some cases. But Veda is out of these jurisdictions and announces the real knowledge without fear for the welfare of all.
***Practice & publish Veda which is the ultimate truth***

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

#Ganesha - in vedic science

Ganesha is honored at the beginning of rituals and ceremonies. Several texts relate his birth & explain the reason behind the same. Let us explore some hidden facts from Vedas. The "Ganesha Atharvasheersha" emerged as a Upanishad which tried to explain one of the Ganesha related subject from a Verse (Mantra) of RigVeda. The values of this Upanishad are widely diffused and extends till Africa.
Yetat tava Manu Swaroopam | Gakaraha Poorva Roopam ||
Which is ancient form of life? Veda & Purana says its incarnation of Matsya - the great fish! originated in the water; the source of life. So sage Agasthya says, if one does a research from the Ichthyology, it will reveal the human nature. Human mental faculties can be measured from the movement of fishes. So the quotes in general say the resemblance of qualities of one in another. E.g., tree <-- seed , daughter <-- mother, dress <-- thread ..
Akaaro Madhyama Roopam ||
Ancient Linguistic researchers say that the letter "Ga" from Ganesha is a Samyukta-Akshara - Combined letter. You write "Ga" it in any language, it can be split into two parts. The second alphabet 'a' is the second and middle form of evolution called Koorma - the Amphibian! This 'a' is a typical property that is added to the water which provoked the aquatic life to come out of water.
Anuswaarascha Antya Roopam | Binduruttara Roopam | Naadaha Sandhanam ||
At last the detachment necessity of amphibians from the water and a particular wave resembling Bindu of ॐ generated and gave a byproduct from the water, the Earth! It is explained in Bharathiya "Pancha Bauthika Siddhantha". Its the third incarnation Varaahaboar! In this way the Earth was uplifted the from the water.
Sa Yeshaa Ganesha Vidhyaha | Ganaka Rishihi ||
This is the introduction to Ganesha Vidhya. Its Rishi is Ganaka, means Mathematics. So rest of the upanashid elaborates the Theory of Evolution in a perfectly mathematical manner. So friends, how nice it would be to pronounce the word Ganesha, which is the basic formula to creation, preservation, dissolution of every matter in this world. 

***Practice, Attain and Spread only REAL KNOWLEDGE***