Thursday, 24 November 2011

#BIG BANG, #OPERA #neutrino – Big Discovery or Big Deceit?

After latest physics theories have bitten the dust, this is another drama by the scientist community to cover up the garbage. Scientists are conducting experiments to get breakthroughs into the secret of creation (universal origin) through atomic explosions.  The so-called scientists who indulge in self-praise have created this big explosion and through it are trying to get breakthroughs into the secret of origin of life, creation of life.  Is this right? Is this the right way? Is it possible? Is it useful?  Are the scientists competent?  Can this secret which is from millions of years known only to a few Jijnasu’s (knowledge seekers, researchers) be revealed?  Let us find out.

The secret of creation is thought about in 5 ways i.e., Secret of creation based on a) Vedas b) Puranas c) Sutras(Rules) d) Upanishats e) Physics.  Even here, they are not able to conclude that ‘This is it’. The reason and resolutions cannot be documented. This is ‘Brahma Jijnasa’ (Knowledge that is gained through studies, experiments and research).  This can only be experienced by those Jnani’s (Enlightened ones) who have reached that level and cannot be explained. This is the ruling of Indian spirituality. The Brahmasutras or secret of creation can be explained through Siddhanta’s (theories) based on ‘Time factor’, from time to time and not through secret explosions. Based on this, let is examine the latest Big Bang, OPERA neutrino and the like.

In modern physics, the Earth’s creation is thought of as follows. In the beginning a big burning spherical object exploded in the blue sky due to some reason, broke into pieces and the universal bodies were formed. The theory of modern physics says that the big spherical object kept burning slowly for many years and it started to rain which resulted in creation of life on the Earth. Based on this theory, some foreign scientists have framed the theory of Life Sciences. On this they made their argument and have been nurturing it so far. Now, due to some key reasons all of this has started to go haywire. To patch on fundamental laws, they are laying effort by big explosion and new experiments. Is it right? Are they not sure of basics? Isn’t this is like searching blindfolded in a darkness? 

If you try to examine their argument, modern physics seems to have forgotten the fact about ‘Kala + Desha’ (Time + Place).  ‘Kaarana’ (Reason) doesn’t play on its own. It happens on the basis of ‘Time + Place’. This is the rule of ‘Vedic Physics’.  If this is so, then what is the time after the ‘Big Bang’ of modern Physics? How do we identify the explosion point? ‘Place’ means, which is the place (area, zone) where it happened? What is the Khagola vyapti (celestial limit) of the universe? Akasha vyapti (sky limit)? What is the result of Shabdha (sound) + Kirana (Rays) based on ‘Sukshma’ time counting (time that keeps decreasing) and ‘Sthula’ time counting (time that keeps increasing)? Did life get created based on this? Then based only on these calculations can’t we understand the secret of creation? Do we need another ‘Big Bang? Is this thought correct? If we cannot figure out the secret based on this, then how can we figure it out through another big bang? It’s not possible, isn’t it? Do they know how rays influence on nature and life? 

One trying to measure the speed of light, other trying to find new particle like Neutino to disprove the speed of light is fastest one. After every short term experiment the head of a group of scientists who has managerial skills, but not scientific; will publish the results and speak to mass media & public about their discovery. Within less time other group will come up with either new results or performance enhancements! Outrageous publishing agencies get this reviewed by some unknown people and will be accepted as great work, Journal article, patents, awards, etc. Doesn’t it seem like modern science has lost its way? Think about it. If this is so, then let us look at understanding of nature based on Vedic physics.

Rutham Cha Sathyam Chaabhidhaathapasodhyajayatha  |
Thatho rathryajaayatha thathaha samudro arnavaha   || 1 ||

Samudraadarnavaadadhi samvatsaro ajaayatha  |
Ahoraathrani vidadhatvishvasya mishatho vashee     || 2 ||

Sooryachandramasau dhatha yatha poorvamakalpayath |
Divam cha pruthiveem chaantharikshamatho swaha || 3 ||

Basic light rays and sound are not destroyable.  It was together in the past (Purva).  Based on its union life was created. Your existence is God’s Sankalp (Wish/design).  Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Nabha (Sky), Nibha (The reason for the existence and controlling of Nabha), Abha (Controls Nibha) similarly are also old (purva).  If we view it from this point, the ‘Big Bang’ theory seems so childish.  Isn’t it clear?  We cannot breakthrough into the secret of creation based on anything other than Siddhantha’s (theories/rules), Panchabhutas (5 elements) and related Shabdha + Kirana or Yoga + Maaya Siddhantha. The origin, behavior, combination and effects of Kirana itself are unknown to modern Science. First of all setting a limit for light based on physical consensus without considering 4 more principles of basic Vedic Physics = Rules of Nature; was not proper. So duality aroused. Now it’s the time for triality in the name of Neutrino. The scientists’ Big Bang theory, OPERA Neutrino experiment and the like are just anomalies.

Collision can form Pravrutthi (nature, character or disposition) but not creation.  Where there is no collision, even smallest to smallest collision (is not there), there Bija (Seed) + Maaya (Chaitanya) Anu (Atom) = Samayoga. Sam + yoga forms samyoga and life gets created. With respect to Science of Shabdha & Kirana, our sages are thousands of time ahead than current science. They have clearly mentioned about Kirana Vidalana, Naada Swaroopa, Swara Taranga, Taranga Parinama, Sukshmaati Sukshma Taranga Shakti and introduction to Kiranas, 10 types of Kiranas called as Agni Kalas: Kirana, Peeta, Neela, Theekshna, Ati Theekshna, Krodha, KaaLa, KaraaLa, Krishna, Kantha. Now Science has some low grade knowledge like VIBGYOR Spectrum, EMW, Cosmic Wave, etc. Sage Kapila had done numerous experiments on this. Sage Kapila repenting to his mistakes gives caution that these experiments are very dangerous and may lead to destruction of whole planet Earth!

This is the truth based on Vedas. We can therefore confidently say that this project involving zillions of Dollars is fruitless. The route taken by modern scientists is wrong and I declare it clearly based on the Vedas. Their declaration of having found it or will find it based on their theory is nothing but a bag of lies.

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