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Laws of Modern Physics fails but not of Vedic Physics!!

 All celestial bodies in the known universe are in motion. It is possible that pure energy vibrates at different regions. The objects are detected only when such energy is expressed through some means. In other words, unaccompanied energy cannot be located with instruments established so for. This is true even with our own atmosphere. Since air has not been photographed even its presence as a component of our planet is neglected or ignored. Then what about other atmospheres or interstellar “spaces”?

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Isaac Newton Dec. 25, 1642 (= 4th Jan. 1643) – 1.727

  1. A body continues at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by some net force.
  2. The acceleration of a body is inversely proportional to its mass, directly proportional to the net force, and in the same direction as the net force. F = m a
  3. To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Newton’s first law supposes or assumes that “a body remains at rest”. Today no celestial body is at rest. Therefore, this assumption is not substantiated....” or if in motion it remains in uniform motion with constant speed in a straight line unless it is acted on by an unbalanced external force”.

A straight line on a globe is only theoretical and practically it becomes a curve. Again a rotating Earth or any other celestial body going its orbit is bound to encounter with external forces at every instant and can never be expected to maintain a straight line.

If acceleration is to be considered, there is no possibility of starting with zero at any time or at any place. Therefore, the first law becomes obsolete.

The second law - when all bodies are in motion an “acceleration produced by an unbalanced force acting on a body is proportional to the magnitude of the net force and invariably proportional to the
mass of the body”
 F=ma                 P=mg (weight=mass x gravity)
This also becomes obsolete because on a moving object where we are located and form part of the system, how to determine its mass or net force?

The situation is much clear in the following law:

W Heisenberg’s uncertainly principle 1927

It is impossible to measure accurately both the position and the momentum of a particle simultaneously. “Measured values cannot be assigned to the position r and the momentum p of a particle simultaneously with unlimited precision.”

The third law of Newton states that “when ever one body exerts a force upon a second body, the second body exerts a force upon the first body. These forces are equal in magnitude and oppositely

This statement assumes that both bodies are initially at rest. Also assumes that one body moves faster than the other. The statement assumes that the bodies move in straight lines. Each body moves in n - dimension and the movement is continuous. This being the case such assumptions become historic but obsolete.

The time of action of one body is totally different from the time of any reaction. 

Both the curvature of the space-time unit on one hand which flows eternally as well as the impossibility of time flowing backward in the reverse direction on the other are sufficient reasons to logically discard the stated assumptions.

The Cartesian scientific model preserved so far has not been critically reviewed nor it’s faults rectified. In a heterogeneous tropical world, scientific norms are just those dictated by the European scientists. No new paradigm has ever been entertained. Ruthless negation of other paradigms as superstition permitted the modern science and technology to project itself as the sole representative of Science as true knowledge. This is why in every school program the contents are copied from the mainstream paradigm.

Science is true knowledge. Information is available in the dynamic nature. One has to observe the dynamic process with sensory perceptions and if possible, with extra sensory perceptions. The quality of the collected data depends on the preparation or training given to the senses, the systematic methods utilized during observation and pattern recognition. Personal discipline of the observer permits maximum efficiency. Physical mental and spiritual freedom of thinking, working and speaking permits creativity of action. Creative efficiency or efficient creativity is a basic tool for the scientist in search of worldly knowledge.
"Let noble thoughts flow allover the universe"
                                                                              - Rg. Veda


  1. Dear Vijnasu,
    You are telling an old story. Newton's law is found to be obselete immediately after Einsteins theory came in to existance. Einstein's theory also proved obselete in 2003 itslef ( Link: Few months back scientist have proved that a particlel named "Neutrino" can travel faster than light!

  2. Thanks for the new story! But Not new for Vedic Scholars. We may expect some new particle discovered within some span of time, to disprove the current research; As research now is purely commercial & unnatural. Due to ambiguity in the basic principles of Physics, its clear that world is put in "Ignorance". When various types of blindness occupies, Its an "Ajnana Loka" - World of Ignorance created by "Vijnana" - Modern Scientific theories!

    Fundamental laws & particle theories are saturated and crystal clear in Vedas.

    Its sad that now Indian Education system blindly follows foreign texts and teaches these obsolete & ambiguous theories as Science! Even though we have our own!!

  3. Dear Jnasu's,
    Good comments. Keep it up