Wednesday, 9 November 2011

#Ganesha - in vedic science

Ganesha is honored at the beginning of rituals and ceremonies. Several texts relate his birth & explain the reason behind the same. Let us explore some hidden facts from Vedas. The "Ganesha Atharvasheersha" emerged as a Upanishad which tried to explain one of the Ganesha related subject from a Verse (Mantra) of RigVeda. The values of this Upanishad are widely diffused and extends till Africa.
Yetat tava Manu Swaroopam | Gakaraha Poorva Roopam ||
Which is ancient form of life? Veda & Purana says its incarnation of Matsya - the great fish! originated in the water; the source of life. So sage Agasthya says, if one does a research from the Ichthyology, it will reveal the human nature. Human mental faculties can be measured from the movement of fishes. So the quotes in general say the resemblance of qualities of one in another. E.g., tree <-- seed , daughter <-- mother, dress <-- thread ..
Akaaro Madhyama Roopam ||
Ancient Linguistic researchers say that the letter "Ga" from Ganesha is a Samyukta-Akshara - Combined letter. You write "Ga" it in any language, it can be split into two parts. The second alphabet 'a' is the second and middle form of evolution called Koorma - the Amphibian! This 'a' is a typical property that is added to the water which provoked the aquatic life to come out of water.
Anuswaarascha Antya Roopam | Binduruttara Roopam | Naadaha Sandhanam ||
At last the detachment necessity of amphibians from the water and a particular wave resembling Bindu of ॐ generated and gave a byproduct from the water, the Earth! It is explained in Bharathiya "Pancha Bauthika Siddhantha". Its the third incarnation Varaahaboar! In this way the Earth was uplifted the from the water.
Sa Yeshaa Ganesha Vidhyaha | Ganaka Rishihi ||
This is the introduction to Ganesha Vidhya. Its Rishi is Ganaka, means Mathematics. So rest of the upanashid elaborates the Theory of Evolution in a perfectly mathematical manner. So friends, how nice it would be to pronounce the word Ganesha, which is the basic formula to creation, preservation, dissolution of every matter in this world. 

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