Monday, 14 November 2011

“#Vaidhika #Bauta #Shastra” – An unexplored #Vedic #Physics

            Our historical Veda & Smruthis, Meemansa comparison epics gave prominence to the accuracy of the subject and its contents. Any subject preached by it is comprehensive and has evidential truth. The modern science which is unable to understand has outmoded and rejected the entire Vedic thesis and its rituals as superstitions and blind beliefs.  Hence we are publishing this “Bautha Shaastra”, the in-depth analysis of ancient thesis by Darshanikas - Philosophers. 

It has detailed theories of Physics to understand the secret of Nature (Prakruthi) + God (Chaithanya). Once you study this, you will come to know the falseness in various modern scientific theories. But don’t reject that. We use both modern and ancient theories for individual growth. Like Old root + new shoot, let’s evolve for the Social welfare

This Vedic Physics thesis entitled “Brahma-Vidhya Brahma-Rahasya-KAnda” is an unpublished manuscript in palm leaves. Basically, it’s in core Brahmi language and has not been deciphered and published in any language including Sanskrit. By the protected knowledge from Guru-Shishya tradition, for the first time in history, we were taught this in the Kannada language which has a perfect correlation with Vedic language. 

As in the title, Brahma-Vidhya = Brahma = Nature and its numerous topics. Brahma-Rahasya = Secret of Nature. The root element for the Creation, its hot and cold interactions. The Root element called the Anu (अणु) = Atom = Moola-Chaithanya has the property of continually losing its temperature. For self-survival and existence, it transformed into living species, plants, trees, materials, etc. How life created? How nature is withholding this temperature? For that process, how much effective are Light (Kirana) + Sound (Shabda) named two waves (Taranga)? How much is the truth? Even though, how these core elements are trying to guard their stealth? all these are revealed in this Epic. It explains the sound and light in terms of Yoga + Maaya. 

I will try to throw some insights on Vedic Physics in the upcoming posts. To understand in-depth, one has possessed undetached interest (Sraddha), learn Kannada thoroughly, the goal of social welfare, follow Saatvic lifestyle. Rather than fishing in the muddy water (Foreign based Education & Texts) on the road, try to fish in Ocean (Vedic Texts), you will get a fish named knowledge according to your own effort and acceptance level.

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