Friday, 11 November 2011

#Year #2012 - Daily gossip or #Mass destruction?

People are thinking that year 2012 should never come. Mass media, scientific sector, Spiritual adroit are publishing this news. People who warm up their hands in somebody’s burning house are inviting the people to their organization for providing long lasting protection by offering different types of rituals and practices. It doesn’t matter that people believe it or not but they are indispensable. Therefore the people who promulgate this are just marketing it. Publicity due to variety of speeches, slogans, announcements is confusing the people. Surely this is an illegal act against human society. Did they think about the effect of gross falsification of the facts on public? Or how much they are censurable to their announcements? Inquiring people get the answer from them. First let us know the gossip about this annihilation.

First, they quote the statements from the devout epics. Their creation time and language, environmental atmospheric factors during that time, no understanding of the past language, lunatic community trying to interpret straight to the tip of their nose. There would be no issues, religious clashes or wars if everybody had the ability to understand the statements from their religious epics. The intellectual layer dying daily by fighting to lead their life can realize the secret of nature? Never! Then what is the meaning for these rumors? Then the people misusing this situation, the irresponsible media publishing the same and exhibiting their escapism.

Second, some pathetic scientific community. They act as if they are Omniscient. “Arrogance is the enemy of thought”. Being aware of this truth, their dramatic disguise, Egotism, insufficient knowledge, lengthy theories made public to be in terror. Truly, scientific community should develop but not this Terrorism. How the medical community should maintain the ethics based on humanity for the patient in the death bed or the patient going to die after some days; by providing confidence of life; of course not the fear of death. Similarly any specialized community should not horrify the society by predicting unnecessary afflictions.

Birth in this apparent world will be bonded with death. Then to picturize that death is awful will be an offense. The Scientific community which is not able to solve the calamities like Earthquake, Tsunami, tornado, torrent, trickle and startling diseases those killed lakhs of people is self-appraising that “We found the traces of water on the Moon”. What is the specialty of this? What is the use? The Panchabootatmaka theory which is having its existence from several lakhs of years had stated that this world is occupied with water, the life (jeeva). Then what is new in this discovery? Is the society benefited? Simply waste like carrying stones to the hill.

Presently the research is not in the path to provide life security for the people. Diseases, Terrorism, Accidents and Calamities are budding in haste. The government which should necessarily provide the four basic requirements Water, Food, Education, and Security is unsuccessful, alas assuring to provide a color TV for all. Ignorant common men jazz to their saying. I.T. sector is advertising that “we are proposing the sixth dimension in this world”. The I.T. is not stable to provide information about Rainfall, Calamity, Terrorist attack, murder, robbery, etc. But making it easy for illegal activities by revealing restricted information without exact distinction of access layers. Is this the Science? Is it required? Are you ready to perish in 2012 by believing these bogus episodes?

Third, the sham, cloak and cheating Spiritual Community. Ideal spiritual community will never project the fright. It insists to leave the greed of this worldly body and to become soul itself. Therefore there is no fear of death. Any calamity can’t scratch. But the spiritual organizations that grew like deceitful mushrooms with the non-sense group are creating the artificial dread. They are name, fame & money minded. They wait for the favor situations, seed the fear, give pose that we are the super power to protect the people! We are the gods!! One or the other day they will also depart this life after which the followers will be totally destroyed.

One point to be kept in mind that the nature (prakruthi) divides its own soul and creates the life in this world to balance the life count. The divinity (chaithanya) gives a drive to this. Except this the priest, father, yogi, astrologer or anybody who eats this nature’s remainder (Runa) is zero in front of it; nil! Nothing! They are all the parts nourished by this nature, not the creators. They may guide the path for the people to frame their bright future, but not the fore-tellers of the nature. Therefore without believing all these misquotations everybody should lead an honest life for the sound society; in spite of mass destruction or individual demise. Then everything will be excellent, joyful, spiritual, realization and eternal. Continual interaction is the goal of this nature. Lives are its organs. Hence there is no mass destruction. Elementary variations may happen naturally, don’t bother.

Fourth, the nature’s properties and behavior. How they interact? What it can do in its course of action? Let’s analyze.

Nowadays the science is describing the fear of nuclear war. The result of this may be human stall, not the nature. If all nuclear bombs in this world collectively explode, for the nature it is just an ant bite. But the species named human being or some other purely dependent on human would be collapsed. But the nature can reproduce anything. If the man wants to survive then he should not commit this type of self-initiated transgression. Some tens of crores of people may die. Quite a lot of land may be deserted. The remnant land will be developed.

But it is not the annihilation (pralaya). For annihilation to take place two more kalpas (approx. 4,32,00,00,000 years per kalpa) all the species lives are commanded with human superiority. After this time if human is defeated then annihilation may occur. Till that time surely there is no annihilation. Disasters may happen at any day, any time, by anybody. It is not having any barrier. Currently disaster cause ratio is as follows: 
Nature 17%, Human 72%, God 11%. 
Hitler and Napoleon declared war due to which several crores of people died. It was named as Great War but not Cataclysm. Fights, Bustle, Wars, Unrestrained Self-Rule are all artificially twisted tragedies by human. Volcano, Earthquake, Tornado, Tsunami etc. are all human directed nature produced calamities. God intended misfortunes are extreme rains, very light or no rains, diseases, etc. In these hazards numerous people die. But all of them are not pralaya. This nature created with the purpose of human superiority is impassive for 14 Manvantharas (1 Manvanthara = 30,67,20,000 years) in each among 7 kalpas. Till that time it is bonded, static, and independent. If the species lead their life with mutual cooperation then life is blissful. Due to stupidity if anybody steps the immoral path then life will be out of control, but not necessarily the destruction. Next in the 7th one called Pralaya Kalpa it gets the salvation. Till that time everybody should wait in the soul form. Bodily soul seems to be Ephemeral but in the soul in its actual form spans a kalpa. 

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Parthiva, Kurma, Savithra, Anantha, Swethavaraha, Brahma, Pralaya are the 7 kalpas in which the soul took various forms, in different species and have existence in this Swethavaraha kalapa. Once the Brahma finishes, Pralaya kalpa starts and if the species loses their total strength and control then pralaya takes the power. Till that time don’t bother about annihilation. Human intervention will be at the max in all the disasters. If man leads the sincere life then toughest problems would never occur. First the knowledge providers such as Educational and Spiritual communities should be honest. Ruling government or the king shouldn’t be selfish. The living society should commit to confined satisfaction. Then the nature will be eternally in bliss. What about the situation of the people who announce that the annihilation will happen in 2012, if it doesn’t happens? Their life will be contemptible.

Next the course of action leading to the loss of human resource. Immense diseases, Great wars, Disasters, Fights, Terrorism, Religious collides, political clashes, Positional thrust, etc., are all human generated mishaps. Chernobyl Tragedy, Bhopal Tragedy etc., are due to excess profit desires. Mumbai Taj Hotel attack, Trade Centre clash are all Terrorisms. Hitler’s Yehudi assassination, Religion blindness, Aurangzeb, Salim, Nizam, Tippu, Jahangir, etc., fall into same category. Assassination of American basic inhabitants, Goa’s culture and human attack by Portuguese, Kashi Sewers bloodbath by British, Jallian wala Bagh massacre, etc., are wrong executive impacts. Baudha + Jain combat, Hindu + Muslim fights during Indian independence are all leadership impacts. Iraq + Iran battle, Korea dual battle, Africa inhabitant’s massacre, Iraq + America war, Afghanistan + America war, India + Pakistan war, and many more great wars are all human creations. 

Vatapatra Shayi
How many people died in all these events? Approximately three times the current world population!!! But all happened in different course of time. So the effects are sustainable. All these are human creations. So when we leave fencing the borders to the Country, leave the protection of own border and live within a soul satisfied border called “Vasudha Yeva Kutumbi” i.e., All are our family, then there will be no calamities, wars, fights, assassinations, sorrows, profit making spiritual leaders, immoral initiating religions, no violence at all. Then the Human Life is the one with sparkling, evident and ideal.

Hence no annihilation. “Continually, everlasting, eternal bliss”

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