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New interpretation of Solar system by an Indian scientist


CURRICULUM VITAE OF Dr. Pallathadka KESHAVA BHAT (Dr. P. Keshava Bhat)

Born in Pallathadka (January 3, 1940 – July 25, 2010), South India. He was brought up in constant touch with natural life by his parents, Pallathadka Subraya Bhat and Lakshmi Amma. He was married to Devaki and has four children, all born in Cumaná, Venezuela.

Graduated from the Madras University in B.Sc ( 1959 ), M.Sc (1961) and Ph.D in Botany (1966)

Worked as a Research Assistant in Presidency College, Madras (1966-1968) and obtained the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (C.S.I.R) senior fellowship in 1968-1969.

Worked as a Senior Professor at the Universidad de Oriente, in Cumaná, Venezuela from 1969 to 1987 teaching Botany at both under graduate and post graduate levels.

In addition to the large number of scientific papers presented both at national and international levels, he has authored the following books.

Herbolario Tropical (1981)
Ayuda para el estudio de plantas con flores (1982)
Qué Como y Cuándo comer (1984)
Herbolario Tropical : Una manera sencilla de vivir mejor (1985)
Las Bases del Naturismo : Naturaleza y bienestar humano (1991)
El Sentido de la Vida , desde el embarazo hasta la muerte (1994)
La Vuelta al Conuco : Producción Naturista para un mundo en crisis (Co author) (1997)
Goodbye to Ruling Scientific Model, proposal for a new science (1997)
Sarala chikitseyinda samagra chintanadedege ( Kavyalaya Mysore 2005) (KANNADA)

Dr .Bhat was an Ethnobotanist promoting Natural Health Reeducation Movement. He has been teaching and training people on his philosophy in different countries around the world. (Venezuela, Perú , Colombia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bolivia, Guadaloupe, United States, Canada, France, Spain, Italy and India. )

Was elected as a member of the committee of experts in medicinal plants of developing countries during the first congress on medicinal plants held at Arusha, Tanzania in 1990. This event was jointly sponsored by the World Health Organization, South commission and the Government of Tanzania.

Participated in the Earth Summit held at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 1992.

Presented papers at the International conference on Nutrition and Health held at Rome, Italy in December 1992.

Presented papers at the International conference on Medicinal Plants held at Bangalore, India in February 1998.

He was thinking that the only solution to combat the prevailing health problems in the world, especially in the developing tropical countries is by means of self sufficiency, proper education, correct utilization of the existing natural resources and by implementing adequate change in living habits .

1. Herbolario Tropical : Una manera sencilla de vivir mejor .1985.
Versions in Spanish, English and French .
450 folk remedies using 64 tropical plants.
A popular house hold guide.
More than 120 thousand copies sold out.

2. Las bases del Naturismo : Naturaleza y el bienestar humano . 1991.
Versions in English and Spanish.
Conceptual and theoretical background for a new system of medicine for tropical area, useful around the tropics.

3. El Sentido de la Vida : Desde el embarazo hasta la muerte .1994.
Only Spanish version available.

A practical guide to youngsters regarding responsibilities as parents, delivery, child care, education, first aid.
Problems and possible solutions with senior citizens.
Includes a severe criticism of Cartesian model of experimental science with a proposal for a dynamic science.

4. El cosmos a traves del tunel espiralado infinito : Una interpretacion de los conceptos sobre nuestro lugar en la boveda celeste.1995.
English version available.

Describes a new model for the solar system. A helical orbit is described instead of a heliocentric orbit for planets.

5. Vuelta al Conuco : Produccion naturista en un mundo en crisis.1997.

A practical guide to farm work in order to develop a sustainable natural society in the tropics. 75 tropical crops are described.

6. Good bye to ruling scientific model, proposal for a new science .1998.
Only English version available.

A pioneer think tank material for further expansion with examples of new concepts, approaches, research and findings. A challenge to modern science.

7. Ayuda para el estudio de las plantas con flores ( UDO ,Oriente 1982) (SPANISH )

A practical guide and dichotomous key up to generic level for the study of flowering plants from the American tropics useful for students at pre and post graduate levels.

8. Sarala chikitseyinda samagra chintanadege ( Kavyalaya Mysore 2005) (KANNADA)

A compilation of folk remedies and some chapters on new approach to health .


In the year 1999 after celebrating 30 years of the reeducation movement in Venezuela , the govt of Venezuela through its establishments at Puerto Ordaz kept at my disposal 1160 hectares of Tropical Rain Forests on the banks of the Orinoco river at Delta Amacuro state . The main purpose was to develop a sustainable village model for tropical forests around the world , without damaging the natural resources . Sustainable agriculture, controlled ecotourism , health villages , alternate energy generation with sustainable technology and integrated education system were projected .
In the year 2001 the project had to be abandoned due to the absence of human resources to carry on the activities.


Established in 1979 at Cumana , Sucre state , Venezuela.

A collection of 170 tropical plants , most of them considered as weeds in the agricultural science is grown for educational purposes and maintained . Regular short term workshops on sustainable agriculture , nutrition , astrophysics , health and diseases , yoga, garment making are held. Free orientation on health and nutrition is given to the general public and the community every week . Trained people work on similar lines all over Venezuela and in about 18 other countries based on the proposed system .

FUNDAVIME , a foundation registered in 1989 started functioning to promote, publish, conduct international and national seminars and workshops to demonstrate the sustainability of this method.

Sustainable farms are maintained on the same principles in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Colombia and other countries. Other centers are being arranged progressively .

Efforts are made to establish an open University to promote all the ideas related to this movement .

Proposed future projects

I personally feel a need to establish a New Science Research Institute in India to train at least 10 experts each in the following aspects of dynamic science:

1 . Astrophysics

Shape and orbits of planets, space travel, climate, ozone layer, hurricanes, sea level, origin and flow of rivers and many more related interesting topics.

2. Health and Nutrition :

Treatment for tropical diseases like Leishmaniasis cutanea , Diabetes, Cancer, Allergies, Asthma, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease, Alscheimers disease, AIDS, Heart attack, Cerebro vascular accident, all kinds of Gastrointestinal disorders etc., with local and natural resources.

3. Health care combined with ecotourism

4. Ethnobotany (Classical Phytochemistry not used )

5. Botany ( With a totally different perspective)

6. Sustainable Agriculture, Nutrition, Art of cooking and eating healthy food.

7. Life sciences and yoga ; Material Sciences.

8. Soft technology to obtain sustainable energy, clean air and water.

9. Dynamic science, Philosophy on science and think tank

10. Integral Education

New literature to support these lines of thought is under preparation. About 500 pages of manuscripts is ready for publication shortly.

Before his death, Dr. Bhat is engaged in conducting seminars and workshops in several tropical countries in and around the Caribbean coast.

Av. Trujillo # 12-39
Mariperez, Caracas, Venezuela.
Tel: 0058-212-7815962

Via Tres Picos, Cumana, Edo Sucre,
Tel: 0058-293-8083814

Late. Dr. P.Keshava Bhat,
Opp. Industrial Estate,
Alevoor Road, Manipal, 576104, India
Tel : 0091-820 -2570953

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