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Who is #Purohita (#Purohit)? [Part - 1]

अग्निमीळे पुरोहितं यज्ञस्य देवमृत्विजं | होतारं रत्नधातमम 
अग्निर् ऋषिः पवमानः पाञ्चजन्यः पुरोहितः | तमीमहे महागयं 
अग्ने पवस्व स्वपा अस्मे वर्चः सुवीर्यं | दधद्रयिं मयि पोषं 
पवमानो अतिस्रिधोsभ्यर्षति सुष्टुतिं | सूरो न विश्वदर्शतः 
स मर्मृजान आयुभिः प्रयस्वान प्रयसे हितः | इन्दुरत्यो विचक्षणः  || ऋक् ||
This article discusses about the qualities of a Purohita. There is no intention of blaming against any Purohita, but a sincere effort to make them cautious. It is all about adhering to duties, abiding, honesty in Purohita life style. This post is narrated with the examples found in Veda, Purana, Upanishad, ArshaVakya, Shruti, Smruti, Itihaasa. If read, understood & "Purohita" becomes important entity of the society then surely Rama will come back to rule the Bharat again.

The capitalistic group commonly called by the names Mukhyas, Jnanis, Panchs, Sakala Jana hita Saadhakas, Veda Murthys, Veda Brahmas, Bhusuras, Vipras, Brahmanas, Purohita, etc., is the Eye, Talent, Knowledge, what more? They are the path makers! There will be no direction, light, or life to the society without them. Therefore we get sufficient examples about Purohits in Itihasa, Puranas. A Samskruti (Civilization) is formed, nourished by Purohitas and the reason for extinction also. If Indian Civilization is classic, its due to the prominence of Purothita. Forest community also has their own Purohits. King's existence is due to Purohit. Purohita is responsible for Country's defunct, enrichment of Culture, Peace of Society, existence & extinction of all living & non living species of the nature! What more? finally ATMA DARSHANA (Self Realism) is due to the guidance of Purohit himself. Then how the Purohit should be? let's try to understand.

1. " #प्रविष्टज्ञान " :- In this Earth, the living species mainly learn by imitation. Most of the common knowledge of life is attained by imitation only. #Pravishta Jnana is gained (#Prapti) by the species' timelines' Environment, classic thoughts, topical environment, ideas, contents, subjects. So these matters are themselves #Purohit. The demeanor of any matter which is eligible to be followed is called #Purohita conduct (#CharyA). It is called as "#Nayak", the leader.

2. " #प्रवर्धनज्ञान " :- #Pravardhana Jnana is nothing but the four types of interactions of prosperity or upliftment (#Unnati) with species (#Jeevi) :
1. Acquiring (#Sadhana) the higher state
2. Attaining (#Prapti) the higher state
3. Feeling or experienceing (#Anubhava) the higher states
4. Renunciate or Sacrifice  (#Tyaga) the higher state
These four interactions will be #Purohit itself and will be available only by #Purohit. This means the traditional (#Parampara) knowledge which is provided in terms of the process of purification of body & mind (#Samskara) to any species is known as #Pravardhana Jnana.  

3. " #प्रद्योतनज्ञान " :-  #Pradyotana Jnana is attained by Studies (#Adhyayana) and Ritualistic practices (#AnuSTAna). Here also there will be participation of Purohit. It has to be achieved from course of studies (#PaaTa), Expounding (#Pravachana), Learning (#Adhyayana), etc., There is a requirement of guidance to the society (#Margadarshana) which is the responsibility of the #Purohit. He/She will struggle for the development of disciple (#Shishya) in all directions. Hence exclaiming (#UtkrusTa) inspection (#Nirikshana), Guidance (#Margadarshana), Enlightenment (#Bodhana) is required. That's the duty of #Purohita.

4. " #कैवल्यज्ञान " :- #Kaivalya Jnana is the Eternal wisdom on achieving which every Human Being Emancipates forever. A stage in Life when a Human Being rises above the mundane and gains those Spiritual Heights wherein nothing more is left to learn. All is Jnana, Kevala (only) Jnana (wisdom and only wisdom)! The stage of Kaivalya Jnana is achieved when one burns out most of his Karmas (of the past and present) and what remains is only Jnana, Kaivalya Jnana and the residue Karma for the welfare of society. A stage of all bliss when having become pure, one can invoke all Jnana contained in the Cosmos.

Even though there is a participation of #Purohita, there will be no responsibility regarding #Kaivalya Jnana. But #Purohitam is fully responsible in the development of the first three Knowledge listed above. Hence #Purohita has to act suitably by understanding his duties (#Kartavya). He/She has to thoroughly study the necessary #Shastras said in the Brahma Vidhya Praakara and hold rituals continuously (#Nirantara Anustana). Failing to which #Purohita him/herself will be responsible for the sin (#DosHa) caused by the false guidance. There is a famous saying in Dakshin Karnataka " ಮಂತ್ರಿ ಮನೆ ಹಾಳು, ತಂತ್ರಿ ಕುಲ ಹಾಳು, ಪುರೋಹಿತ ಪೂರ ಹಾಳು " [ मंत्रि का घर नाश, तंत्री का कुल नाश, पुरोहित पूरा नाश ]. It illustrates the affects of  wrong guidance. On failing to follow duties Minister's (#Mantri) house will be spoiled, Technologist's (#Tantri) family (#Kula) will be sinned. If a #Purohita fails to do his/her duty, which is guidance of disciples, then the sin caused so will completely ruin (#SarvanAsha) his family, house & past & future generations.

Due to the various restrictions & devastation, one shouldn't think of not becoming #Purohita. There is no existence of worldly matters or Spirituality without #Purohitam. Hence #Purohita is required, he/she is necessary for the society! #Indra has #Bruhaspati as his #Purohit. In spite of lot of problems, Indra was able to win all of them and made his position (#Indra Patta) a permanent one (#Sthira). It is called as #Shachi Patta or #Indrani Patta. #Rakshas had #Shukracharya as their #Purohit who had balancing traits, but was towards enjoyment of Earthly life. Even though powerful, strengthened, the Rakshas were unsteady (#Asthira). Reason being behavior out of control of their own #Purohit. Lots of dynasties had grown & got declined just because of guidance and betrayal of #Purohita respectively.

(Continued in Part - 2)


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