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Organ Donation, Blood Donation? Part - 1

Vedas certainly wont entertain any kind of bodily transfers as it is in practice in the modern era in the name of "Blood Donation",  "Eye Donation" & "Organ Donation" during alive or death for the purpose of just a transplantation or medical experiments. There is a clear cut methodologies after the death called "Uttara Shodasha Kriya" which has matured scientific thoughts from several seers. It requires lot of elongated sessions to make one understand why these kinds of transfusion is prohibited according to our Dharmic rituals? So these transplantation are prohibited according to Vedas, Sutras, Vedic Medical Science, theory of Karma Siddanta, Samskara Prakriyas and many more.

In puranas, if there is a story of transplantation, one has to see the person, social necessity, correct intention, etc., In case of Vajrayudha, no other way was there to put a full stop for the Vrtrasura's menace to Earth and Heaven. Only Dadhichi possessed the strength of diamond in his back bone that was gained by thousands of years of Tapasya. Bone was removed as he was alive. Else Indra and other devatas will be summoned with "Brahma Hatya Dosha". So in every case of purana there will be lot of reasons!! not just the one being practiced blind fold now in the name of advanced science and technology which cannot touch the dust of seer's foot!!
Basic rule of Medical science says that one body cannot accept the parts of another one. There are lot of medical practitioners who had understood & experienced this fact. Even though you operate and stitch a Kidney or heart, the body will always be resisting to the external organ. Donated blood will be rejected in terms of Urine, swet and other excretions within some days. Lot of foreign civilizations knew this fact and they never take other body remains. An illustration could be seen in

Every day this modern science gives new statements. First they say that external blood supply is mandatory in case of blood loss. Then they only warn about the unhealthy, contamination, uselessness of stored blood after some hours etc., On basis of Vedic Science and Ayurveda I proudly declare that "Blood transfusion is not mandatory, pure water or thunder coconut water can be supplied in place of blood" Science doesn't believes in Paapa, Punya. Then why they used the concept of "Daana" in the name of blood donation and advertised it as a work that gives Punya! Remember that most of the practices in the name of 'donation' are merely a business of Selling & Purchasing.

Only in certain processes like in reproduction, there will be mixture of 2 different materials, but body nourishes it as a separate wing and reproduces offspring. Eye donation is another corruption. Cornea which is the outer lens of the Eye can only be made fit to a person having Cornea damage. That too the sizes should match. Its not true that all the eyes which has been donated has been used and a blind got the sight. There are very rare cases who get blindness due to Cornea damage. Just make a trip around Blind schools & eye banks to understand the actual statistics of blind getting vision!! Cornea transplantation is just like fixing eye lens that we use nowadays. But in the future there may be syntho-organic material that replaces human donated cornea.

Remember that any of your organ is not useful if it is given to others. Either it will be thrown out after some time by storing banks or its rejected by body after some time. Its foreign missionaries who familiarized this kind of transfusions.  Their science is just a baby stepping now. But our seers had much better vision behind every word & inventions. 

Animals also die, decay & perish. Its soul goes according to its karma. But we are men, not pashu. My suggestion is for the people who believe and practice Sanatana Bhatiya Dharma and its rituals. Why body is made into ashes including a detailed proceducre of Shava Samskara with medicinal plants, fire and mantras? Why uttara shodasha karma is done such that the worldly desires of atma is seperated, soul is given a divya sharira, sent to pitru lokha and only the daivika part of atma is kept for the welfare of the family and worshipped every year in terms of Shradda Prakriya? In each and every part of these rituals there will be a separation of bodily elements and -ve energies attached to soul such that it shouldn't contact the living humans or other creatures. Till what level we do this? We wont leave ash also. It will be made floated in some of the Punya Teertas like Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari etc., There is in depth Genetic level explanation hidden in all these practices.


  1. Hello sir,

    I am really interested in knowing more about organ donation and why is it prohibited according to vedas. Please help me better understand why this would be against our karma and what are the effects if someone donates a kidney or lungs.

    1. Written words may not convey the actual intention of the writer. Only face to face discussion can be helpful for better understanding.

  2. If organ donation is prohibited . Then y Lord krishna asks karna for his golden teeth pls explain

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    2. I have to see what original verses are trying to convey in this story. Let me know exactly where these verses are located and in which version or publication of Mahabharata. While surfing in the net itself I got two versions:
      1. Krishna asking gold to test his generosity & teach the same to Arjuna
      2. Indra & Surya disguised as beggars asking gold.

      - Can golden teeth be there to a man?
      - If not, is it golden filling as done in modern times? Any links to tooth decay & its treatments anywhere in Mahabharata? It would be nice finding. In that case, it is not organ donation, its the gold filled in teeth!
      - If yes, i.e., a man can have a golden teeth, again this is one more area of research which cannot be answered by modern science. If it is claimed that golden teeth grows by itself, then again it has to be validated by Vaidika Deha Shaastra to answer. In other case, if it is proved that golden teeth can be fitted to a man just like artificial teeths, it is not a problem to donate that gold to a needy person. Of course it is not an original organ as it won't be accepted by the body & will be in continual rejection as we see nowadays.

      So there are lot of discrepancies among stories. Even Ganapati was struggling to understand the verses dictated by sage Vyasa, how we common people can understand it? Meanwhile there are lot of additions & deletions in the present Mahabharata. Originally it was Jaya Samhita. For some related information visit:

  3. Hindu culture accepts all new good ideas and thoughts for the betterment of people and it is foolishness to curse blood and organ donations in the name of religion

    1. Vedas which are the base of Sanatana Dharma recommends only the Vichaaraas which are "Aushadha" means medicinal for a person. Pig may like the excreta, but not recommended to Human. Cursing is different from analysis. Curse may be generated by anger which is the one of the sources of foolishness. Proper humanitarian experiences are supporting the evidence of this article. "Deha Shaastra" elaborated through out in Vedas are infinite times highly developed than so called modern medical science, which is purely based on "Money mindedness".

      Science also accepts the basic fact that any foreign material is not accepted by human body. So any organ transplantation will be purely in "rejection" state in the body of the transplanted person.

      Do you know the concept of Preta which is remaining after death? Why the body is recommended to be burnt? Why ash is left in rivers or ocean? Why even Asti (bones) are buried or put in Rasa Kupa (Well of Chemicals)? Can't the intelligent mind interpret that the remains of dead person can be harmful which will have the power to contact the Saptha Dhaatus present in living person?

      Why anti-rejection aids are given to transplanted persons?

      Have you studied Karma Siddhanta? What it says about a person who becomes "Anga-Nyuna"? What is the reason that a Kidney gets failed? Was he a drunker? Did he ate an uneatable? Anna means food in Vedas. Just eating by mouth is not only the food. Seeing, hearing, touching, smelling also termed as Anna for Indriyaas in Yajurveda. Isn't it the lifestyle of present & several previous births which made a person to lose his organ? A famous quote is there "Purva Janmaarjitam Paapam Vyaadhi Rupena Baadhate". Everybody won't get proper treatments. Some has to suffer their Karmas.

      All citizens are not Vaidhyaas (Doctors). So common people shouldn't interfere in Vaidhya Vrutti. A real Vaidhya doesn't require unscientific and useless methods like organ transplantation. A real Vaidhya is the one who can give treatment to whole world just by his hands says Rigveda:
      Ayam me hasto Bhagavaan, Ayam me Bhagavattarah, Ayam me Vishwa Beshajoyam, Shivabhimarshanah" ||

      Even if Vedic theory is not accepted by the ignorant economic society, it remains ultimate truth. Only "Vishaala Chintana" (broad mindset) is the path towards realization.

      Millions of people are suffering from these unscientific methods of tissue, blood organ and other transplantation methods. Body never accepts remains of other body, this is ultimate truth, accept it or not, no problem!!

    2. Organ trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Wealthy people around the world are always in need of new kidneys, new livers, new hearts and other body parts.

      And guess who makes the money on all these organ transplants? The doctors, hospitals and drug companies, of course. Organ transplants are a hugely profitable industry — largely because they get the organs for free. Patients who are killed by these doctors are never paid for their organs. The fact that they “donate” them actually means they are donating their immensely valuable organs to a for-profit system that’s going to earn potentially millions of dollars off the organs of a single donor.

      So while the donor patient gets murdered for his or her organs, the doctors engaged in organ removal and organ transplants get wealthy. Transplant recipients and health insurance companies pay huge dollars for organ transplant surgeries, and the profits are ongoing because transplant recipients must also pay for a long course of organ transplant anti-rejection drugs, all priced at monopoly prices (of course).

      Truth be told, the organ transplant industry is all about money — at any cost. It’s about killing patients who might otherwise survive in order to take their organs and make millions of dollars transplanting them into other patients… patients who typically only have a few months to live even after the transplant.

      Here’s another dirty little trick the organ transplant industry will never tell you: The organs that are transplanted into other patients are often fatally damaged and full of infectious diseases.

      There are effectively zero quality standards in the organ transplant industry. If the organ still functions at any level, it’s “good enough” to be slapped into a transplant patient even though that organ might actually kill them.

      One of the reasons organ transplant patients often die so quickly after receiving transplants is because the organs they often receive are ticking time bombs of disease.

      As a 2011 article in the British Medical Journal explains, these “presumed consent” laws mean doctors can start harvesting the organs of your wife, your children or other loved ones without even asking family members for permission!


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    3. You may be write anout organ trafickking but u are wrong about people who got transplants done are dying. I feel so shameful to living around people like you guys who talk about dharma and sutras rather than helping people who are dying. You are no different from people who believe in jihad. You guys believe that burning or burying is the ultimate in everyones life to attain heaven and reach GOD. Ask yourself. What if you or your loved ones are in need of an organ and there is a real donor available to save you or your loved ones. Would you accept it or say sorry our sutras or dharmas or some vedas doesnt agree so ill not accept the organ.
      For example you meet with an accident or you suffer from kidney disease do you use blood or just say ill will use water and coconut water as it is the best as per vedas.
      Pls emlighten me sir

    4. We don't wan't to polish the shoes of somebody for getting appreciation. Dharma is not something lying beside your foot. Money making & killing goal oriented Modern Science is bullshit. Dharma is based on real science. Pig should always like only eat only shit, but not humans. This article is written for welfare of human beings.

      Now follows the explanation for real human biengs.. Burning is the safest ancient scientific method narrated in Uttara Shodasha Kriyas. There were some adament, arrogant and idiots in ancient times also whose job was just to give counter arguments for any dharmic procedure which even had scientific basis. So for those kind of stupids, they narrated stories of Heaven. Because those rascals are very much greedy who can bend when greed is shown to them. So fake stories are for those uncivilized men.

      For idiots, Vedas are some Brahmanic recitations. For Rishis who are real scientists, it is the highest scientific proceeding which can't be altered. Vedas doesn't say bullshit like the modern idiots utter. Veda itself is Vijnaana.

      Which idiot of science doesn't know that "Foreign body is rejected". Any minute part of other body is not accepted by your body. Take for an example of Kidney. Why Kidney failure occurs? Think deeper without any bias. Now that kind of kidney loser has to be supplied a "Live Kidney" by other poor person just for money sake.

      Organs to be donated need to be LIVING organs, which means that they have to be harvested from a LIVING donor (who has been declared brain dead for the purpose), who is then injected with a "paralysing drug" (but no anesthetic) for the organ harvesting procedure while for all intents and purposes still alive, although the patient may be in a coma, or in a drug-induced coma. This is pakka foreign organ mafia.

      "If a Jew needs a kidney, is it allowed, in order to save his life, to take the kidney from a Goy (non-Jew), passing by, even if he is not guilty of anything? In my opinion, Torah allows it. The life of a Jew is priceless"-- Lubavitcher rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

      Why anti-rejection pills are given for any organ receiver? Any so called scientific idiot can answer this question. It is not the matter of some terror based Jihad. This is Vedas, only for the welfare of the people.

      Let me revert back to your example. I am cent percent confident that I or my loved ones won't be met with any accident or any Kidney disease will occur to me. Even if some problem happens by social cause, we have our own methods to safeguard and get treated from Ayurveda. (continued below..)


    5. So let me take your example. If you are a chain smoker, drunker, have contact with prostitutes, etc., obviously many of your organs will be damaged. Since you would have been using heavy metals if you were drug addicted, your kidney damage is ought to happen. Now the dharma asks, why such a paapi, bhrashta who lost his kidney because of his own Dush-Karmas? Ok baba, you may not believe in paapa-punya because there is no equivalent word for punya in English. They only know paapa - Sins.

      Now consider you had so much of money, but you won't get proper kidney. Now you will start searching kidney from underhood, the mafia gang. They will get some poor person, take out his kidney, give some 10K and charge you upto 50lakhs. Some percent will be shared to your doctor also. Now your transplantation procedure is finished. You will be told that it will heal in so and so days. To keep the kidney intact in your body, you have to take the anti-rejection pills continuously. You will feel like in heaven (Shankaracharya called this as Maaya - illusion). So you will be in constant bed rest for so many days. Now the kidney rejection reactions start fluctuate your physiological process. Tons and tons of diseases, mental pressure will be heavy. You can't work as you worked before. Same thing happens to the donor also. Now this is termed as "NARAKA" (HELL).

      Similar is the case for blood transfusion. You people go deep towards Gens in DNA and say the identity uniqueness of each person. Have you modeled genetic level or nano scale level interactions of foreign blood transfused to your body? Vedic Physics and ancient Ayurveda derived from Vedas is Cent percent sure that blood or any other cell, tissue or organ donated like this by transplantation or transfusion won't sustain in the body and will experience continuous rejection.

  4. Hello Hemanth Kumar,

    Thank you for the brief explanation on the ill effects of organ donation. I was looking out for one such article regarding organ transplant in vedas for sometime. And eventually got to read this post, much recently.
    I agree and accept your view point with my limited knowledge on Vedic rituals and lifestyle.
    I would like to know more about the deha shastra and karma siddantha that you have mentioned in the earlier post. But I also agree to the fact that mere exchange of information through email or written notes will not be able to give the complete explanation to my questions. And it definitely needs one to one explanation and discussion. But is there any other means by which I can learn more about this???
    Also me being part of this present western age with the Alopathic medicine. If at all any of my kith and kin loses or is in need of an organ or blood(god forbid that should never happen), then what are we supposed to do? I would seriously look like a dumb fellow, in spite of having all the facilities would be neglecting the treatment for karma sake. I totally understand that karma continues and will be in next life too. So how can I convince myself to refrain from the so called modern treatments in those situations? Please help with these answers at least.

    1. Namaste Bhagini,

      I respect your interest in this regards. Organ, blood and any part of body transferred or transplanted to other body is purely rejected. Instead of blood, pure water can be given. But supportive research has to be done before its implementation as legal issues may arise when anybody tries to disturb the multi billion business happening underhood.

      Ayurveda from Vedas establishes an astonishing fact about blood. Giving pure water (Naaraayana) suffices the production of blood in human beings evn in emergency cases. There is a claim in our teaching that transfused blood is really not accepted by the receiver's body and goes out within couple of days in the form of shleshmas like sweat, urine, mucus, hydration etc., You can initiate some research in this regards to validate it through modern medical examination.

      Lt. Dr Pallatadka Keshava Bhat, Professor in Venezuela said this:

      Regarding the organs transplant or even blood transfusion it should be fair to mention its short sightedness and incoherence. This is due to the individuality regarding immune system and protein fingerprint which normally should reject intrusion of foreign matter.

      Further, considering the food body that serves for organ transplant or blood transfusion other bodies like breathing body, mental body, intuitive body and the bliss body of the donor and recipient, their compatibility and other details are not even taken into account so far in scientific approaches.

      When concepts and methodology are on the wrong footing no results worth the stuff may be expected. Assumptions or suppositions should be subjected to test at every stage before proceeding to the next step on the same line. But in the modern scientific literature these are not seen.

  5. Mr. Bhat was very famous due to his holistic approach of treatments using Ayurveda. You can read his articles and books to understand His expertise in these subjects. His Spanish book about blood is bestsellers in Medical community in Venezuela. Mere rejection of concepts close the doors of innovations.

    He said - Naturally occurring sea water that represents about 97.2% of the total #hydrospherecontains all the known “#elements” contained in the Periodic Tables and perhaps some more. This being the case, sea salt obtained by evaporation of sea water should contain all the salts and minerals in a specific proportion. In practice the sea salt is referred to as #Sodium Chloride. It may be true that the major portion of the salt is Sodium Chloride.

    About 2.5% of water content of the #hydrosphere gets transformed into ice bergs or #glaciers occupying the mountain tops or the Polar Regions with low temperature.

    Perhaps the Periodic Table as a whole plus some unknown elements should represent a chemical formula for water. Such a complex material containing liquid, solids and gaseous components should be interpreted in a better way.

    When the urine elimination is qualitatively and quantitatively deficient #haemo-dialysis is done with the help of specialized instruments to receive the patient’s blood, filters the identifiable toxins and replaces the volume of liquid required in the body. On convenient occasions kidney transplant may be surgically performed but care must be taken to administer sufficient quantity of anti tissue rejection substances. This medicine should be consumed for the rest of the life of the patient. This indicates that even though the blood group tallied one individual #rejects #tissue from other organism. On the basis of#immunology each individual is unique and does not accept foreign tissues of any kind. 

  6. Considering the biodiversity no two persons can have immunologically identical blood. Perhaps Siamese twins are exceptions to this rule. Blood groups of mother and child are different. This indicates that at any time during pregnancy there was no communication of blood between the two bodies. The developing fetus does not eat but develops the complete digestive tract with all accessory organs related with the same. But the same is not functional until child birth. The lungs and nostrils develop in the fetus but do not enter into action until child birth. Functionally active heart is observable or becomes evident soon after the first three weeks of embryo development. Throughout the embryo development the nourishment is available to each and every cell from the surrounding amniotic fluid rich in nutrients.

    A normal human being may survive for about six minutes without breathing. A sample of blood obtained from a vein is held in a test tube or a vial for its analysis or even for the blood bank. The duration may vary from minutes to days or even months before it is handled for specific purposes. There is neither gaseous exchange nor nourishment during this period. Some times it is held under refrigeration, which is not its natural condition. Probably it is a dead tissue for all practical purposes.


  7. The simplest test is to determine the blood group among the four A, B, AB and O.

    It is a common knowledge that each individual is unique in the world. Any donation of blood or transfusion, even if the group has tallied, is naturally associated with tissue rejection by the recipient. In order to suppress this rejection special chemicals will have to be injected into the recipient body. No wonder that a significant majority (about 95%) has developed hepatitis B or C as a consequence of this technology. As a result these recipients can never donate their blood.

    Tissue rejection is a major problem in the transplant surgery process. This is a real challenge for the science as well. This has made it compulsory to administer ante rejection medicines along with the transplant. The side effects are quite significant. 

    If blood neither nourishes the tissues and cells in the body with nutrients nor Oxygen as assumed in the modern science, it becomes evident that this paradigm has to be abandoned immediately. This is all the more urgent when the blood serves only as an efficient metabolic waste disposal system. A new paradigm is necessary to explain what happens in the living body, how and why.

    At the outset the blood bank, blood “donation”, blood transfusion, blood tests, blood groups, intravenous injections and all such procedures become meaningless and obsolete.

    Is it possible for the scientific community to accept such significant proposition?

    Obviously a coherent logical paradigm has to be proposed and details worked out. If only some careful attention is given to the whole process with least fragmentation, clear cut pictures start appearing. Improvement of Science in general and basic sciences in particular is possible only through such bold far-reaching break through. New professional formation in this objective will have to be planned and executed.

    Mr.PK Bhat has done research in different areas like Helical Helix solar system, floura n founa, etc., He was identifying the cause of patient illness in a distance of 10 feet between patient and him. He astonished once by saying a lady is pregnant from 10 feet distance. It was some where around 16th day after conception.

    Lot of his inventions still remain in dark after his death at the age of 75.

    Shocking news was that his son who took his incharge was murdered in Venezuela due to rational theories and experiments that negate several concepts of mainstream sciences.

    Anyone interested to learn Vedas and Ayurveda from Vedas are welcome to our ashrama named Veda Vijnana Mandira in Chikmagalur. Already doctors from different streams are learning there and serving the society. No fees involved to learn anything here. Your humble service to the mankind will be the Guru dakshina.

  8. Looks interesting but i just want to know if the writer of this article or any of his near and dear have used water or coconut water in place of blood transfusion since they are only things approved as per vedas.

    1. The original writer of this article is an traditional Ayurvedic Rishi. He claims it to be true with experiments for his level of satisfaction.

  9. A Sanatan Dharmi when leaves his life or, when life leaves him, Shav Samskara is done according to religious rights. These rights also have become modern and a formality, however, even today a real cremation is done by chanting specific mantras and most importantly by keeping bundle of "Chamata" to replace each missing organ. This is done for all, whether death was due to accident, internal organ failure, amputation etc. The significance is to send back the gross body or stula sharira back to nature as it came. The rebirth depends on factors of sthula, sukshma & karana sharira of the past. This explains why some are born blind, handicapped, deaf etc as well as with congenital internal organ deficiencies. Modern science and modern living & logic can never challenge Vedic wisdom.

    1. Chamata is an adjustment procedure of modern centuries. Anga nyunata or anga nashta is different from anga daana named modern fallacy. In anga nyunataa there is loss of organ due to several reasons. Whereas anga daana named gimmick has transferred one anga of a person who is dead to alive. So those kind of Shavas will not come out of Peeta avasta for sure. Accumulation these kind of Peeta will be one of the problems of future. These are all results of ignorance due to Kali Yuga.