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Organ Donation, Blood Donation? - Part 2

As the post in part-1 raised some discussions & confusions, it has been tried to give more explanation. In Puranas and Shastras we get some examples of Deha & Anga Daanas. But there it has been given either to some cruel animal or some other purpose, but no where for the disability or deficiency.  In Puranas, Bedara Kannappa donated his own eyes, but Shiva wasn't blind before! Ekalavya donated his thumb, but Dhrona wasn't handicapped. Rukmangadha gave half of his body to Lion via a Brahmana, but the characteristic of Lion shows that it never asks anybody for food. That means its not a Lion! Khati donated two of his arms, because of the guilt that he deceived by not donating his property. In all these circumstances the intention behind (#Daana) donation was different. Anywhere for any organism to lead its life, #handicappedness is not a deficiency. Any poor handicap can't get benefit from organ donation. But the #Wealthy people lose or spoil their organs due to their luxurious lifestyle. Then started trumping the #Poverty by emotionally hoodwinking the poor, gain organ from them in the illusion to be alive and gammon the society for some more time. 

An Elephant gave its head to Ganapathi, a ram gave its head to Dhaksha, a beast gave its whole body to Ushira, a ram gave its testicles to Indra, etc., In all these type of cases there is an inner meaning pertaining to a topic/subject/matter of consideration and explicating the same, but not body or organ donation (#AngaDaana or #DehaDaana). In the name of Demigods, Devils, some godly power some people slaughter the Goat, Ram, Hen, Male Buffalo, Pig etc., Its inhuman practice due to ignorance but not #Anga Daana. Try to understand the advantage taken by imposing all these in high reverence and cheating based on innocency (Simple & natural lifestyle without commercial mindset and god fearing, paapa, punya) of Indians. Only cheating can be done but there is no great gain of Punya. Its not accepted by Bharatiya view. No where its mentioned in Dharma Shastras!

Other than this one more thing we have to observe carefully. Nowadays the Blood Donation helps the needy suffering from accidents and other causes. But just before this century, means before the modern scientific era, won't we had accidents? If accidents was there, then it mandates the death, wasn't it? Is the human race or any famous Bharatiyaa Kutumbha is perished just due to scarcity of blood? Now also people aren't dying from accidents? Is the count decreased? Take the statistics of unnatural deaths encountered in any one year before independence to that of current year, normalizing the population census. Calculate the percentage of unnatural deaths. You will find highly incremental transition in the present. Then what is that they have protected? that they have survived? That too accident is defined an unforeseen situation that happens out of control in spite of all taking all the necessary cautions. But 90% of the present accidents are due to carelessness, dreariness, false daringness, misuse of public & scientific facilities. Then, could these be called as accidents? Even though its useful or not, with the intention of helping the society, a group of non-sin (#Nishpaapi) & innocent (#Sadhu) scientists coming out of an international conference in IISC, Bengaluru were attacked by LET terrorists in 2005 in which a retired professor was killed. If some of those terrorists had been injured or met with an accident, in the hurry of esacping. Is it fair or is it useful to protect them? Most of the accidents happen due to urgency, unnecessary high speed, drunken driving, driver's error or due to the negligence of the safety norms, driver fatigue, dangerous overtaking, lane cutting, jumping of signals, erratic parking, bus tyres get exploded, not using dim headlights, etc., Why is that high speed? Urgency? Are they accused to escape? Wasn't chance of accident reduced if they had driven slowly? If you analyze in depth, all these are guilty in one or the other way! But our laws cannot accuse them without proper evidence & proofs. Hence Nature is castigating them!!

Let the scientists community, like the one affected in the IISC terror attack make a self analysis (#Atmavalokhana) to understand that their research in mainly responsible in contributing terrorists equipped with high end weapons and to escape easily without leaving any traces to forensics too! Is this a science? No, never, its absurd, senseless and idiotic research in the name of science. Science, the #Vijnana in Indian terms is the one which uplifts the intellectual knowledge with respect to Humanity. The boomerang will return to the thrower! Similarly its not the terrorists, its the weapons which has attacked the scientists. Summary is that if a research is to be done or published it should be only for the welfare of the society. Else, its not eligible to be called as a science. The current science has lost its control from the core producer. Inventor or Researcher himself couldn't control (#Upasamhaara) the circumstances. So its in great descent. Finally its the fault of Scientists to provide destructive technology to the society. The robbers, murders, loots, etc., are all nothing other than the contribution of the idiotic scientists. One shouldn't think that in our Indian Science (#Bharatiya Vijnana) all these things aren't there. It's there, but hidden for protection sake. "If Protecting and only protecting is the aim, then why these weapons?" If all these are just a drama and deceive then why the dramatic Organ donation, Blood donation is required? All these processes of body supplements are in the hands of these idiots. But never useful to meet its original intention.

The modern science which has grown by attractive slogans like "being scientific is the intellectual excellence" is deceiving the people. We aren't living the life, but in a scientific hell. The people who had well thoughts (#Sat Chinantana) are also in the fearful thoughts (#Bhaya Chintana) due to the fear of security (#Abhadrata Chintana). Then how's it possible to think about goodness (#Sat)? In the environment where is no chance to think about welfare of society, how come Meditators (#Dhyani), Yogis, Intelligents (#Jnanis) can say that they have done a #Sat Chintana, it also sounds to be deceiving, isn't it? Can they get the good (#Sat) flashes (#Spurana)? Then its not a mistake to say that everything is Myth in the shadow of deceiving and cunning behaviors! Reason for all these is a gift accepted without proper investigation, from unwise western science named great deceit!!

What you can donate to protect the sufferers? What you have as your own? Nothing. Have you thought your body is yours? No. Not in this situation because your body is targeted by some Murderer, Robber, Terrorist or a Deceiver. Because they can put an end to your body when they wish! Will you be able to negotiate, protect or escape? The law & order could find the culprits and punish them. At the max, they would be given a death sentence. Can any law or science secures your right to live? Do you want your own life? Then just leave this advanced science. Lead a life of harmony in the society with respect to your hard work. Its the life, its the truth.

Next question is how to perform after death rituals (#Uttara Kriya Karma) in these cases?

If  any remains of body part is identifiable and there is a death confirmation, the Uttara Kriya Karma can be done according to Shastras. #Gobila Sutra, #Katyayana Sutra quotes that if small part of the body is also unavailable due to situations like heavy flood, eaten by some animal, forest fire, earthquake or any other calamities and the news about the death is confirmed, then there is no problem to perform Uttara Kriya Karma according to Shastras. In these cases the #Kathyayana Sutra, #Ashvalayana Sutra, #Shulba Sutras has explained the ritualistic procedures to be done. If alive or death confirmation news is unavailable then most of the #Sutrakaaras & #Dharmashatrakaaras said that the #Uttarakriya Karmas can be done after 12 years. Its not recommended to leave the #Uttarakriya karma just because of unavailability or non confirmation of death news!

Totally, any part of the body is not eligible to be donated. If someone has donated or willing to donate due to the ignorance and strongly imbibed by the principles of foolish science, then its not a Crime. There is no problem to do #Uttara Kriya Karma to them after their death. Human body is combined by special qualities. So after the death it has to be burnt which is an highly scientific way according to the shastras. In the worst case it has to be dissolved by burying or the other way as soon as possible. Else it will cause environmental pollution and originates several diseases.

Next question is about requirement of human body for medical studies in Hospitals.

This is not at all a proper way to study the Physiology or Anatomy. Lot of advanced technologies like human body modeling software that concentrates on minute details, Scanning techniques etc., are well established. It is easily possible to study with these materials and methodologies. Surgery has to be learnt by working with an expert. It cannot be taught by the model of a dead body. Modern medical science is failing in most of the cases because of learning with respect to dead body and applying it on living patient!! Only God has to protect the patient in this case. Based on these facts why can't the teaching & learning without dead body be employed?

Finally body is there or not, body parts are available or not, death news is also there or not, there is a way to do #Uttara Kriya Karma. Only you should have belief and #Shradda. Sutras have demonstrated that performing all the post rituals after burning the body gives very good results to the performer also.

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