Saturday, 24 March 2012

A light on Lymph

Right from the onset of pro-embryo an amniotic sac filled with amniotic liquid gets established.

Self sustaining life energy, once incorporated into the pro-embryo, has a definite pattern.

This life energy field constitutes the guide line for organ differentiation. The entire process taking place within the assembly line situated within the amniotic fluid.

All cells of the embryo are surrounded by the nourishing amniotic liquid.

When the cells, tissues and organs are established the boundary line is formed by the floating fat bodies. The inner layer is identified as adipose tissue and the outer layer remains the skin. The liquid contained within is the lymph.

This lymph constituting the major portion of body fluids takes care of all metabolic functions and structural differentiation.

Breast milk is the finest nutrient suitably adjusted to the needs of the infant among mammals. This liquid is practically the pure form of lymph and needs no digestion at all.

Soon after digestion of food in the digestive system the nutrients get incorporated into the lymph by absorption. The relative position of lymph just below the mucus membrane is the simplest explanation available. It is interesting to note that such relation is not observed towards the distal portion of large intestine and the rectum where toxic residues get accumulated.

Transportation and distribution of nutrients all over the body occurs through lymph. Rhythmic movement of the diaphragm controls all the ten types of movements in the human body.

Each living cell is in direct contact with the surrounding lymph full of nutrients.

Metabolic products/secretions get released into the lymph.

Metabolic products not useful in the body become toxic waste and this should be drained out of the lymph into the vena cava. Early elimination of this toxic substance is the function of the heart and the arterial system. Organs like liver, kidneys, skin or spleen take care of the elimination task.

When the toxic waste elimination process is hampered due to various reasons intoxication of the lymph initiates a series of diseases.

The modern medicine has to rethink on these aspects. The nature, function and importance of the lymph should be better understood in order to serve the humanity with health saving techniques.

- Discoveries of Late Dr. P.K. Bhat.

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