Thursday, 19 July 2012

Maanava Dharma – Daana Neeti

In this Jagat, Maanava is the Shresta Jeevi among all the Charaacharaas. Only one Jeevi that has its “Buddhi + Karma” Swaatantrya. All other Jeevis doesn’t possess independence from Karma and are bound by a particular rule to lead their lives. But Maanava is that Chaitanya which can lead life with respect to its own “Karma + Runa” and move towards Aatmonnati. Some of the main behaviors that has to be possessed by a Maanava have been discussed below.

In this Jagat, Manuja should be awake for tri-sapta horas,
One has to dip in the worldly business but without sticking,
It is difficult to make others mind liking work, but there is no equivalent to it |
In this Loka, for Maanava, Anna is called as Dhaiva, but unknowlingly
These people make it awkward by stepping their foot on it & then eat it,
How good thoughts & bless of Dhaiva can be come?..
            Very difficult for who scold the Anna || 1 ||

This Janma is Durlabha & Kasta,
None remain who understood the secrets of this life, Can you?
Your identity is in the wily trade of this world |
Why you blame others? Do you know yourself?
You blame this Jagat, uselessly don’t become fool,
If you want the blessings of the Adi-Deva of this Jagat, shut up your mouth!
             & chant only his name!! || 2 ||

Sing & Praise the people, who feed you,
Get credits by donating your own earnings,
Be down to Earth & request the Bhagavanta who possess giving power,
Rather you are asking the one who won’t or can’t give,
Don’t get corrupted by useless talks,
Praise the Bhagavanta who nurtures by feeding everyone, everywhere || 3 ||

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