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Gomaata Vishwamaata - Part 1

The lives take birth in this Earth by the blessings of god, who mercifully directs them all the time. But invisible god specially comes into picture in terms of 6 Pratyaksha Dhaivas - Cow, Earth, Brahmana, Father, Mother, Guru among which, cow is superior. Thousands of real examples can be collected which are more than enough to prove that Cow worshippers attain supreme growth in terms of physical as well as spiritual.

Govinda Naama Smarana is Shresta only due to the prefix of "GO" in it,
hence Hari became Govinda due to GO,
GO is the Aavaasa Sthaana of 33 crore Devataas,
Devataas are the Energy patterns emerging as Sraava from 33 crore minute pores from GO-Sharira,

which multiplies enormously as GO becomes older & purifies the environment & sustains plants also,
hence its Shubha to have GO in front of anything,
Maandhaata's Vamsha flourished due to GO Seva,
GO fulfills the Istaartha Siddhi, if one worships it with Drudha Bhakti,
GO is Amruta Daate, Vishwa Maataa, Loka Maata, also Kaamadhenu which is Kaamitaarta Prada || 1 ||

Veda Drastaara Gawtama started praising the GO as "Aa Gaavo" & visualized several Riks,
Any severe problems (Baadhaa) won't step-in if one resides with GO due to which (s)he smells the dust spread by the GO-Paada, which itself cures several diseases, 
smelling (Aaghrana) the GO-Shira (head) itself gives ultimate knowledge (Jnana Siddhi) |
There is a saying whether Kings nourished GO's or GO's themselves nourished the King?
Kaurava & all other strong Kings who pride as Purushas did GO-Himsa exhausted badly,
Kauravas including Atirathas like Drona, Krupa, Karna, Ashwattamas shamelessly lost battle against
Shikhandi || 2 ||

GO itself is the VedaMaataa, GO is the NaadaMaataa,
GO is not just the Praani-Roopa, it’s the representative of different forms of species,
This Earth is stood in its position due to GO-Chaitanya,
Neglecting GO will result in extinct of all species,
Cows protected the world by Ksheera-Sudhaa, nourished the Vaishwaanaaraagni,
due to which the happily satisfied people were filled with the Veda Vidhya by GO's love,
which ruled out ignorance & declared human as intellectual. Now human is becoming utterly ignorant just because of detachment from GO || 3 ||
Feelings should be there with GO, Bandhutwa with GO releases stress & all other problems,
Understanding the feelings of GO itself gives Sukha-Sampada,
Krishna who himself is Govinda, became famous as god just because of the GO-Sevaa,
Driving force Shiva has feelings with this Hari, so worldly problems vanish due to GO,
GOmaya, GOmutra, GOksheera, Dadhi, Navaneeta, Sarpisha are the Moola-Chaitanyas of the 7 Lokaas || 4 ||
GO takes less input, but gives enormous output in various areas like agriculture, production, medicine, atmosphere, water, plants, human, power, food, etc.,
any medicine in this world will work only due to internal energy wave filled by GO-taranga,
the female conceiving power , male potency & Brahma Jnana due to Urdhwa Reta is due to GO,
they vary the secretion of Sraava from their body according to the seasonal variations & fill the
atmosphere by medicinal energy,

just by the air blown by the tail movement deflects harmful microbes, 
all the byproducts like its sweat, urine, dung, secretion from head, ear, back bone etc., are nothing but energy patterns.
Ear secretion controls poisonous bacterias, secretion from back-bone gives good medicare,
The place where thousands of cows are nourished, will be cool by less global warming & Agni-Bhaya will be reduced. || 5 ||
GO provides Psychological balance to human, 
2 hours GO-Sevaa is much beneficial than 12 hours mantra chanting, 
it gives benefits like property, children, longevity, health, knowledge etc., are uncountable,
Noncommercial scientific study can be prove that Panchagavya is very good medicine,
cow & related husbandry purifies atmosphere as well as sun rays thereby gives healthy light & sight,

“Shatam Meshaan Vakshye Dhenum” – husbandry of hundreds of rams, goats, is equal to one GO,
cow dung is natural fertilizer by which Saatvik grain production increases,
Jeevaanusandhaana Lakshana in Saama Gaana Praakaara is given by GO, it became GO-Saama,
No yagna-yaagas happen without GO,
GO doesn’t smokes out, tractors doesn’t give dung! || 6 ||

Rishis did GO-Sevaa, Jamadagni’s knowledgeous cow was tried to be kidnapped by KaartaVeerya,
Vasista’s Saatvika Jnana is due to GO named Nandini that had the power to give anything,
Vishwamitra fought for it, lost battle, did tapasya, got boon from Brahma, but rejected & asked to be
called as Brahmarshi only if it is given by Vasista, it’s the power of GO-Sevaa,

Trimurti Swaroopa Dattaatreya lives always with GO, Krishna also was GOpaalaka, but are Krishna
Bhaktaas? real Krishna Bhakta is the one who does GO-Seva & its worship,
Jagat Ksheeramayam – All Charaachara including solar system in this Galaxy itself is in Ksheera-Patha (Milky way) ! From Aakaasha-Ganga, till Pruthvi Tatwa, in all the species, the cow milk participates as Jeeva-Satwa, but GO never does self-praise, GO is the ultimately self-satisfied species which doesn’t has a bit of ego or selfishness ! || 7 ||

Sutra Granthas mention about Gopadma-Vruta, Gokulastami-Vruta, Gopooja, Gomukha Prasava Shanti, Godaana, Gavaa-Shraddha, Bahudakshina-Sharaddha, Gograasa-Vrata, Gopatakramana-Vrata, Goksheera-Vrata, Godaanika-Vrata, Gopadma-Vrata, Gokshura-Vrata, Gopinda-Shraddha, Daana Vrata, Madhuparkaadi-Vrata, Atiti-Satkaara-Vrata, Yaaga-Yagna, Poorvottara-Shodasha-Karma’s, etc., everywhere Sutrakaaras had given importance to GO;

Gokulastami-Vrata was intended to study the 8 generations of genetic variation because only GO can
see its 8th generation, Gopadma-Vrata nourishes skin & gives the required things for the nourishment of Jeeva. Similarly all the vratas are intended to study one or the other concept. Rather than killing the rats, monkeys, chimps, in the name of modern science, cow farming is more than enough for any research in any area of Science! || 8 ||

Puranas elaborate the importance of GO, we see 14 battles just to acquire GO which was considered as crucial property. In several Sthala-Puranas there is a story of cow feeding milk to a tapaswi covered by mud. Every child in Karnataka was learning the humanity & Satya-Prajna just by the story of Punyakoti.

But now we have lots of law & orders where people swear to utter truth but they never! So 18 Puranas, 18 Upapuranas, 26 other Upapuranas, Sthala-Puranas, Aakhyayikaas, etc., give one or the other story related to GO. There are stories where cows protected man from disasters like floods, protected from falling trees, etc., Some of the Purana-Purashas like Vasumanta, Sujnana, Deva, Dakshinamurthy, Ruchika, Gobila, Devala, Vishwavasu, Kinnara, etc., originated from Go-Garbha. At the end of some Maha-Yaagas, King was insisted to go inside GO-Garbha, come back & get himself purified to receive Yaga-Phala. 

In a chapter named “GOLoka Charitamruta” of a purana, there is a narration of how all charaachara’s of this nature sustain in the form of GO. It’s all due to one Amsha of GO present in them. Garuda Purana gives an instance of how the dead person gains good position by Vrushotsarga Karmanga. Brahmanda Purana says that a Dhenu named Vasu gives birth to human children, who became famous as Asta-Vasus. Caesarian was done by Vinata to a Go to protect it from death (Yama) are also narrated. Then Yama curses Vinata to interfere in his rule. This leads to birth of handicapped child named Aruna, who becomes Saarathi of Surya and till now driving whole solar system. 

There were techniques of growth of human baby by combining human Beeja+Raja in Cow! All genetics in the name of GO-tra System was developed by GO itself. Gotra means "Gaayanti Traayate iti Gotra". The hereditary stability is achieved only by the praising of GO.

Go-hatya Mahaapaapam. Krishna played a trick on Balarama who touched a Go which was about to die, later it died, Balarama went to Teerta-Yaatra & thus main strength of Kauravas was not present in Mahabharatha. || 9 ||

Considering Ayurveda Granthas by Sharnghyadhara, Charaka, Sushruta, Vagbhata, Chikitsaa-Saara-
Samgraha, Dhanvantari, Ratnakara, Naadi-Jnana, Bharadwaja, Kapila, Kusumakara, Jnati, Chanakya,
Shakuni, Shalya, Vikarna, Dhrona, BruhanniGhantu, Astanga-Hrudaya-Samhita, Bhaishajya Ratnavali, Vaidya-Saara-Samgraha, Moolika-Parichaya, Vruksha Sahasra Varnana, Kanda Shataparnika, Haarita Samhita, Lataa Parichaya, Komala Nigantu, Somashrava Samhita
, etc., has importance GO & its byproducts in several ways. || 10 ||

Rajya Shastra in Manu Siddhanta, Vidura Mata, Yudishtira Mata, Brughu Mata, Chanakya Mata,
Shalivahana Mata, Vikrama Mata
, etc., they instructed King to strictly do Go-Seva & its protection.
Ingress of Kali was due to illusion created by Kali inside an inverted GO in Bali’s kingdom, which was released by Yudistira & Kali Yuga started! So Kali can be kept out from its effects, only by Nitya GOPooja.

Manu instructed strictly to have separate place for cows in villages. The property measure was
with respect to GO. There 1 Paada = 2 Cow + 1 Calf + 1 Ox, 4 Paadas = 1 Step, a farmer having 1 Step (Nade) was eligible to farm 16 division (Madi) Krushi. 14 farmers = 1 Banta does financial support, 12 Bantas = 1 Raaya, 12 Raaya’s small portion of grains were given as tax to = 1 Jameendaara.  

Brugu says that the cow husbandry & milk production in a country should never decrease 40%. Like this he gives 27 rules for Rajyaanga. If all 27 are balanced properly, the kingdom is called as Mahi. Chanakya named Vishnu Sharma gives importance of cow husbandry, its different uses in administration and makes it mandatory for every citizen to have at least one cow.  

Vikrama flourished by Go-Paalana. In his rule, there were punishments till death sentence for GO-Hatya. Cowboys were extreme Vidwamsas during Vikrama. So a student who was not at all performing well in any studies, was mandatorily made as Gopaalaka, because just by the GO-Seva (s)he can attain the knowledge which even cannot be attained by attending continuous regular classes! The Shastra, Mantra, Science which we say, we know now, was known to a common cow boy in olden days! 

The great Shaka Purusha Shalivahana’s army were nothing but cows, horses, elephants, but without chariots! He won battles by animals! He was rationalist who protested the Jaati (Varna) Vyavastaa. He was the leader in Bhaasha Vijnana as can be seen in his works like Shuka-Saarikaa-Pralaapana, Mesha-Kukkuta-Yuddha-Vidhi, Pakshi-Bhaashaa-Vijnana, Gajaashwa-Pariksha, Gaja-Mohana-Vidhaana, Ashwa-Hrudaya, Gopaala-Vruttanta, Gokulaastama-Prayoga, etc.,

When there was a severe Kshaama during his rule, his 17 ministers narrate different processes which
gave importance to protect GO strength. 11th minister says about different Annas, 12th minister
Subuddhi says about how to get Anna which is both physical & intellectual strength:
“Shaishave Garbhamaataraha, Baalye Dhenum dadhaati, Yavvane Pashavaha, Gaavaa santi

13th minister Chanda says about 3 Dhees from Surya, Vidhya and “Ut Gaah”. This is called Maha divya which gives strength to sustain cold, hot, disasters, hunger, thirst, etc., 14th minister Kauravya gives importance of GO-Vrushabha in Yagna-Yaagas to overcome Kshaama. 15th minister Kaushika gives importance of protection of all species and restricts himsa of any species in Yaaga, and proposes Adwara. Also gives importance of Tretaagni Anushtaana from GoMukha. So 16th minister Runamukta summarizes important point that “Prajaa Rakshana, Aahaara, Vidhya” are the duties of a King. So only GO can give Aahaara & Vidhya! When GO does these, you can look through border & other issues. Just by the physiological model of GO, he explains the whole Rajya Shastra! The final Amaatya points out all matter related to cow and concludes that :

“ GO-Brahmanebyah Subhamastu Nityam Loka Samastaa Sukhino Bhavantu ”. 

More details are there in Atharva Veda. So Shalivaahana was able to gain victory on Kaala, and thus became Shaka Purasha and now also we follow his calander || 11 ||  

Nyaya Shastra has links to GO, where a difficult decision was judged by doing GO-Pradakshina, which gives proper knowledge about the accused! || 12 ||

But now we only see competition, commercialism, eating all the organisms just like Raakshaas, no unity, so many diseases, global warming, floods, droughts, Aahara-Vihaara-Vyaapaara dosha, destruction of nature, etc., etc,. are all due to neglecting of GO, GO-hatya and main reason behind all these is foreign sentiments – “Vidheshi Vyaamoha”. Pralaya won’t happen! But numerous disasters will happen if GOSamrakshana decreases below 40%! ||13||

(To be continued in Part 2..)

- Gomaata Vishwamaata book by 
Brahmarshi K S Nityananda Swamiji
Veda Vijnana Mandira, Chikmagalur
- Translated to English by
Hemanth Kumar G

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