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The Yoga division of Tantra has 36 subdivisions. Among those there are Siddhaadi 18, Tantraadi 10, Shikshaadi 6, Rahasyaadi 2, totally 36. 

1.    Rasa Siddha: They are the people who gain mastery over Rasaayana Vidhya.

2.  Shilaa Siddha: They are the Siddhas who possess the Shakti to remove the KaaTinyatta from Shilaa and convert it into Mrudu. It may be the removal of behavioral harshness from a person, or material or any other thing in this world.

3.   Moolikaa Siddha: Masters of Moolika. They will be experts in Kalaa Vidhyas like Rasa, Raagaa, Aasava, AriShta, Gulka, Lehya, Choshya, Kashaaya, Lepya, & Shalya.

4.  Jeeva Siddha: None of the species should be allowed to perish in this Nature! Even though some species may seem useless for us, it should not perish. Its human duty to protect all the species. They are the people who struggle for the survival of variant species (Jeeva Prabhedha). 

5.   Vruksha Siddha: Protectors of plants & trees.

6.   Loha Siddha: Experts of metals & material science.

7.  Astra Siddha: Experts in various Astras.

8. Paashaana Siddha: Experts in converting poisonous elements by different Samskaaraas & their usage. They won’t be affected by any Poison. They also treat various Poison’s like Snake bite, metallic, plant based, animal based, etc.,

9. Darpana Siddha: The Televison kind of pictorial analysis of Past, Present, & Future.

10. Kankana Siddha: They identify and recover the effects of disasters happening in Cosmos (Khagola), Earth (Bhoomi) and intellect (Bauddhika). Since this disaster recovery is of these 3 types, it is called as Kankana. E.g., Occurrence of calculated Solar Eclipse is mandatory according to rules. But Kankana Siddhas can avoid that Solar Eclipse itself! Similarly they can stop the Earthquake that may happen. If all are becoming terrorists, then they possess the power to grind that attitude and make them Sajjana. So Kankana Siddhas possess these kinds of several prohibiting Siddhis. 

11. Varuna Siddha: Water & related special studies. Wherever water scarcity is there, create water sources, etc., 

12. Aruna Siddha: They transform unusable water to usable one (Uttama Jala), provide special Energy to water stream similar to the one’s we see in 7 rivers of India and provide precious life giving power (Uttama Jeeva), the natural property of water, etc.,

13. Praana Siddha: Every organism will have Mamatha towards its Praana. It fights for the survival of its Praana. If this survival is fulfilled then it can give Praana. The category of Vidhyaa which provides this survival (Astitwa) is the Praana Bhaaga.

14. Mani Siddha: The Khagola & Kirana divisions will be varying instantaneously. For a given instance of time, which Kiranas fulfills the scarcity? can be understood by Mani Vidhya. The performs being Mana Siddha.

15. Mana Siddha: These are the experts in Mana Vidhyaa which fulfills the Prakrutika Shabda Taranga.

16. Kechara Siddha: They are experts in Aakasha Gamana Vidhyaas. The Krimi & Keetas in this Earth possess Bautika Amsha. There are numerous Jeevaanus in Aakasha which doesn’t possess this Mruth Tatwa. The part of Aakasha which has movement of these Jeevanus is called Nabha. We see light in sky due to these Jeevanus. These Jeevanus has their own limits or a systematic life style. Any variation on that system will affect the nature! To sustain the Nature, it’s necessary to look through and manage their system properly. The Vidhyaa Bhaaga which manages that system is Kechara Vidhya.

17. Vashikarana Siddha: The experts of Vidhyaa Bhaaga which holds the society in its control is Vashikarana Vidhya. Any problem in society should be deviated from society by this Vidhya. The place to where the problem is deviated, may find the same problem as solution. E.g., Rama deviates the Astra Prayoga of Samudra Raaja towards Kaala-Kechara-Rakshasas. There is nothing called as waste in Vaidhika Paddhati. If we are unaware of usefulness of something, then we assume it as waste (Kasa). Else it will be always Rasa. It never talks about destruction of any body. 

18. Sthambana Siddha: They can seize the happening of disasters (Utpaata). Sthambana Vidhyaa Bhaaga is the one from which this nature is sustained as it is/was. (Yatha Pooravam)

There are 10 Tantras with respect to this Yoga division of tantra. The basic rule of all these tantras are social welfare. They are:
  1. Kala tantra,
  2. Kalpa tantra,
  3. NaaLaa tantra,
  4. Ashanee tantra,
  5. Utpaata tantra,
  6. Mohana tantra,
  7. Ghosha tantra,
  8. Dhaiva tantra,
  9. Maanusha tantra
  10. Raakshasa tantra.
Then Shikshaadi 6 . Here Shiksha means Parivartaka, the convertor. The conversion has to happen via those 10 tantras by these 6 sutras of Shiksha. The convertors are being Siddhas. The 6 Shikasha sutras of conversion are:
  1. Brahmara
  2. Bhairava
  3. Kaala
  4. Yama
  5. Kinkini
  6. Kola
After these, there are Rahasyaadi dwaya called Agni Vidhya & Mrutyu Vidhya. The conversion in nature can happen by the Agni Vidhya which gives Uttarottara Abhivruddhi as said in “VidhyaayaaMrutamashnute” or by the Mrutyu Vidhya (Praapanchika Vidhya) which makes an organism to lead its life as said in “AvidhyaayaaMrutyumTeertwa”. These are secret Vidhyas. We, worldly people, usually think that we do as we wish, but everything will happen according to the wish of the tantras implemented by these Siddhas. 

The last division which is submerged in all of these subdivisions is called Yoga Bhaaga because no one can judge the Gathi of this Vishesha Jnaana Bhaaga. Hence Siddhaadi 18 + Tantraadi 10 +  Shikshaadi 6 + Rahasyaadi 2 (∫Yoga) = 36 Yoga divisions.


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