Monday, 8 October 2012

Analysis & study report on Solar Eclipse - 1

There was a Solar Eclipse on 15-01-2010. Scientifically, it has been imbibed that it is natural, an incident that occurs astronomically & there is no effect on Earth or any other species. After studying the hints from Indian Science, modern Scientists started interpreting the effects of Eclipses and later started saying that it may affect the human eyes. They also announce not to stare the Eclipse by naked eyes. Then started marketing their Anti-glare Eclipse seeing Sunglasses. Its scientific community. Usually, they usually won't adhere to their words. What Spiritual community says about this? Spiritual community is of 3 types:
  1. Scientific community based Spirituality. For them, the sayings of foreign scientists is only the truth. 
  2. The community that is trumping this Astronomical incident by different stories, fearing the people & gain personal benefits.
  3. The analysis of Astronomical incident based on Purana, Itihasa, historical records. based on that, the Veda & Upanishat sayings, Indian Astronomical Mathematics, other formulated (Sutra) articles based on Veda. Based on all these, there will be a category of people who perform great achievements (Saadhaka Varga).
Among these 3 groups, this article is based on the astronomical concern of third group. An eclipse is analyzed based on those achievers. Here is how an astronomical incident can influence on organisms, food, habits, improvements, political, intellectual, rain, agriculture and all the possible factors of a nation. In relation to that the required processes has been honestly endeavored to gain good rain, vegetation, production, protection, intellect. The analysts who analyzed this Eclipse with respect to this viewpoint is given below: 
  1. Effects of Kirana during Eclipse, its spiritual (Adhyatmika), godly (Dhaiveeka) & scientific study (Veda-Vijnana). 
  2. Endeavored to neutralize the natural hazards due to this incident of Eclipse. 
  3. Endeavored to calm down the biological & political affects. 
  4. Studied the reason behind increased number of Eclipses nowadays.
This study involved the Pauranik, Shastriya, (Khagola) Vedic time based analysis, and the analysis of important historical evidences etc., The Saadhana during this time was only intended to gain knowledge, not for any other purpose. This kind of special interest group studied all over India from 22-07-2009 to 15-01-2010 and achieved 85% success. We are happy to say that this report depicts the same. In this the Astronomy, Mathematics, Vision, Natural effects, Education, Psychological state of people, Economics, Employment, Commerce, agriculture and production based different study & analysis has been done. Overall report has been translated to local languages of their own region.

Towards achieving this goal, nearly 650 self-motivated people from different places of India have participated and worked hard. This has been achieved without any expectation. This report is brief narration of the results thus obtained. The references and some other parts utilized for analysis of this Eclipse are as follows:
  1. Rig-Veda, Yajur-Veda, Sama-Veda, Atharva-Veda, and Upa-Vedas.
  2. Some of the examples from Purana.
  3. Some of the incidents from Mahabharata.
  4. Historical incidents.
  5. Some of the traditional (Janapada) incidents during King’s rule.
  6. Some information regarding Natural changes until now.
  7. Comparison with present properties of Nature.
  8. Jobs & hobbies of people & their mind set towards the habits.
  9. Information from some of our Astronomical Study Centers. (Puraatana Taaraalayas only)
  10. Analysis of overall national events.
The future effects have been forecasted based on these points. The analysis can be believed up to 70%. Based on this, if people implant and find useful in their lives, it is the returns paid for the study.  The people involved in this research are all fully generous (TyAgis). Their identity is hidden, as they never want to come into mainstream. Our research region mainly involved banks on Ganga (from Ocen to origin), Gujarat Coastal, Karnataka Coastal, Vindya mountain, Sahya mountain, Neela mountain, Mandaara mountain, Himalaya mountain ranges, Mathura, Kanchi, ShriShaila, KolhApura, Narmada, PrayAga, Lavapura, Ranchi, ShriKhanda, Agartala, PragJyotishaPura, like this 11 ancient regions, 2 coastal areas, 5 mountain ranges and other study in cities were carried out by different teams. A brief overview until 27-12-2009 is presented here. Complete details will be published in future.

First the banks of Ganges. Stayed day & night in the banks of Ganga within distance of every 40 kilometer and studied the Jeeva, i.e., effects on Ganga water. Starting from 23-03-2009 until 22-07-2009 studied the natural the following parameters with respect to Gangal Jala:
  1. Ksheenata
  2. Theekshnata
  3. Khanijaamsha
  4. Lavanaamsha
  5. Ksheeras
  6. Amrutaasu
  7. Oshadhee Shakti
  8. Jeeva Shakti
Astronomical incident was observed that showed a pre-plan that is about to bring a variation in the Nature. The factor called natural Paapa-Shuddi, means the property that sustains Bio-natural (Jaivika Sahajate) behavior was measured. From that, our ancient Indian belief on Gangaa-Maataa, its disease curing, sin cleansing power was researched by base of early examples. Its main points are as follows: 
  1. Praana Dhaarana Shakti
  2. Jeeva Shakti
  3. Parishuddhataa
  4. Samvahana Shakti
  5. Paapa Shodhana Shakti
  6. Parishkarana Shakti
When these were measured in Ganga for every 40 Km distance, for every 40 Km from the origin of Ganga, there was a variation of 1-1.75 parts every where. Basic table is explained. If the basic scale is taken for 100 then-

Ganga Jala has Praana Dhaaranaa Shakti including its purity (Pavitrataa). Hence, the Ganga water was poured to the mouth of people in death bed. When the Praana Dhaaranaa Shakti was 100%, there are examples where people were recovered & managed their life. Similarly, the Jeeva Shakti is different. Inspiring power (Uttejaka Shakti) is more than just the water. In terms of purity (Parishuddhataa), it possesses the power to purify anything and the properties of anything. Hence, Ayurveda has given importance to Gangaa-Jala. It has equivalent Samvahana Shakti by which it stimulates the nerves sooner. Creates emotional impulse. There is Germicide property in the Paapa Shodhana Shakti. It can purify the overridden flaws of materials. Its water has Parishkaranaa Shakti in all the levels of Bhautika, Bauddhika & Bhojyaka. When it was researched slowly until 23-07-2009 which shows the gradual decrement and after 23-07-2009, the effects can be well understood from Graph-2.

The variations that happen based on the natural seasonal (RuthuMaana) changes are also included in this. Totally, the study report of 9 months will continue until March 2010. From July 2012, the reason for sudden declination in its powerful speed of flow has been accurately confirmed as due to Eclipse. This is brief detail on banks of river Ganga. Other riverbanks are also found to exhibit similar behavior. The effects on different Cities will be elaborated in Part -2.


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    1. There is no heat in Sunrays. Strong arguments about the same are there in Vedic Physics. As per your readings 170 PW of radiation in the upper atmosphere, we can see that surface temperature is more than the higher altitudes. "Surya Kirana" is the cause for every interaction in this world, not the "Surya Shaakha". Properties of several thousands of Kirana interactions are discussed in Vedas. Solar panels also use Photo-Voltaic cells to convert light energy to Electrical energy. So Watt is not only the measure for rays. It has to consider the Agochara, Driggochara, Parinaama Gochara, Pravartana Gochara, Guna Gochara related units from Vaidhika Bhautashaastra to get some what near measurements.