Monday, 15 October 2012

Analysis & study report on Solar Eclipse - 2

This post is continued from the previous one. Here we will analyze the effects on different Cities due to the Solar Eclipse on 15-01-2010.

The state at a particular instant is based on the above information with a scale of 100. Accordingly, the same state was sustained until 21-03-2009. Later during April, May, June & July, there is a declination in the values of cities. After 22-07-2009, in spite most of the cities’ values being decreased, some of the cities saw a better development. There are many other reasons also. However, the truth is that those cities will be reformed as the best ones in the future. 

It is found that mainly 6 cities viz. Kurukshetra, Agrataala, Shonapura, Saurastra, Paanita, Mathuraa get released from the declination (Ksheenaamsha) and gets developed as big cities in the future. Other cities are being under declination till now. In these places the effects of Eclipse (22-07-2009 – 15-01-2010) is very high. Even though there is a variation in the positive (Dhanaamsha) & negative (Runaamsha) values, it will definitely decline as shown by the core measures. Therefore, the modern cities developed based on these facts will descend in the future.  There are lot of reasons for this, like atmosphere, Earthquakes, activities justified as developmental ones, other calamities, heavy rainfall, Intellect of people, other regional reasons, influence of nearby city, political reasons. All these may have happened. If there happened declination of values in the olden cities constructed on sound principles, just think how much dangerous the modern cities are? 

. . . Analysis of Giri’s (Mountains) towards the south of Mahaa-Meru in Post 3 . . .

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