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Qualities of a Jijnaasu

1.Involved in self-experienced subject matters.
2.Continuous research, involved in the welfare of world.
3.“Aparigrahaadi Vratapaalana” – the vow to limit one's worldly possessions.                   

Five Main Vows of Limited Nature (Anuvratas):
           1. Non-violence - Ahimsa
           2. Truthfulness - Satya
           3. Non-stealing - Achaurya
           4. Chastity  - Bhramacharya
           5. Non-attachment - Aparigraha

      Three Merit Vows (Guna-vrats):
           6. Dik Vrata - Limited area of activity vow
           7. Bhoga-Upbhoga Vrata  - Limited use of consumable and non-consumable items vow
           8. Anartha-danda Vrata  - Avoidance of purposeless sins vow

      Four Disciplinary Vows (Siksha-vratas):
           9. Samayik Vrata                - Meditation vow of limited duration
           10. Desavakasika Vrata      - Activity vow of limiting space
           11. Pausadha Vrata             - Ascetic's life Vow of limited duration
           12. Atithi Samvibhaga V…

Roots of Saankhya Shaastra - 2

A sample of one Saankhya-Sutra termed Srusti Rahasya Sutra given by AgastyaMuni to his Shishya Nagadhara was posted to Foundation for Indian Scientific Heritage for scholars to put forth their analysis:
यवनिकाकेशवृद्धिबलकोदण्डसप्तस्यप्रसंख्यावाघेयोजितः |
तन्मूलचैतन्यसृष्टिरहस्यम् ||
[Hemanth Kumar G]
How do we translate this sir?
Professor of Psychiatry
National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences Bangalore, 560029, India
That's why it is called Rahasya Sutra. It is in Saankhya System of Encoding. I am also in search of decoding technique. Expecting help from well versed Scholars. [Hemanth] योयोवोवान्तअक्षरस्थिरमूलमन्त्रबीजरुपैर्यद्देवतादृश्यन्ति
तन्मूलचैतन्यसृष्टिरहस्यम् It is here we begin, to reach here, we have traversed through the reverse time scale. This understanding and realization is the begin…