Monday, 12 November 2012

Mahamuni Kapila - Yakshagana

Collection of video clips from Yakshagaana - "Mahamuni Kapila" ...

Yakshagaana Prasanga Rachane by Shri Ganesha Kolakadi with little modifications for the Yakshagana play from real story of Kapila muni narrated by BrahmaShree K. S. Nityananda Swamiji in Tiruka Samhita - 6,  a collection of poetry attained by conversations with Agni, analysis with Rushi-Munis in the 5 year continuous Agnyaa-Vaishnavi Yaaga.
At Pavanje Shri Jnanashakthi Subrahmanya Temple, Karnataka, India --- Held on 1.10.2012 ---


  1. Can it be dubbed in Hindi or English ?

    1. Very difficult.. Rather, learning Kannada is easy.. Learning new language gives exposure to its culture & knowledge streams.