Monday, 24 December 2012

Q4-5: Role of Goal, Guru & Upadesha in Mantra Japa


To start any Japa is Upadesha by Guru required or can be chanted by looking books?
Is there any variation of Phala?
Isn't it gives the flow of Energy from Shiva to Prakruti then to all Rishis to Humans to learn from gurus?
Does Shraddha plays a role in Japa or Parayana without Upadesha from Guru?
What is Shraddha?
Some rules of Kshaatra Vidhya, including Raajya Shaastra..
Example of Ekalavya..
Prakruti is first Guru, Mother is also Prakruti, so Mother is also first Guru..


Is the aim of the Japa, the Atma Saakshaatkaara? If it is so, then what is Atma Saakshaatkaara?
How to identify Atma, in self or in others? Aa + Tat + Ma = Atma.. Paraarta is the only Atma Saakshaatkaara Vidi..
Japa is for Samaja Hita Chintana, not for self..
What is Mantra?

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