Friday, 21 December 2012

The Spiritual Sector (Aadhyaatma-Valaya) - 1

The Aadhyaatma was coined for the upliftment of all living species in the whole world. In the last part of the Vedas, the subject often discussed is Aatmoddhaara of organisms. By understanding analyzing, interpreting and being supplemented from time to time for the society by filling the passion for life at present by qualities such as friendliness, sacrificing, compassion, for the creation of a human race is being determined only by the spiritual sector of the system. The apparent form of which are Sanyaasis, Peethadhipatis, Avadhutaas, Sadhus, Rushis, Munis. All of the elapsed Indian Emperor’s wit was under the grip of this Aadhyaatma system. So they became famous. Now also the whole world is ruled by Spiritual system, their knowledge, their truth, their intellect. This is true! True!! True!!!

At present the Indian Constitution which is said to be administering on the Sovereign, Socialist, Secular & Democratic is actually ruled by Aadhyaatma. Explore in-depth, look at the rule to realize the Politics moving with respect to the causation of Dharma in one or the other way. So, there is no system where the Dharma hasn’t handled till now. It is done by Aadhyaatma. Only Aadhyaatma possess the power to handle everything behind the scenes. No Political, Executive, Judiciary is there without Aadhyaatma. If this is smallest individual properly understood & ruled based on the same pitch it can be called as an Administration. Miss match of tuning will lead to perplexed situation. This is called as Varuna-Paasha in Veda. It is like the Cow tied to gaze, Tom & Jerry play where Jerry is independent. If the Cow tries to exceed the length of the rope, its neck will be lacerated. If Jerry exceeds its limits, will bring death to itself. This is Aadhyaatmika secret. Unaware of this, Politician breaks the rules of the game, will definitely get catastrophes. This is the formula of Varuna-Paasha. It is employed by Aadhyaatma. It can set & tighten a trap from behind the scenes and can loosen the trap to give a life. Unaware this Varuna-Paasha, worldly organisms are exulted by being in the illusion of ‘I’. This is called as materialistic world (Praapanchika). The continuity of this materialistic world is achieved by Aadhyaatma using Varuna-Paasha. One who attains this knowledge will be called a Yogi. This is our Bhaaratiya Aadhyaatma system. The Guru-Peetha, Sanyaasis, Saadhu-Santaas, etc., are the guides towards good path, limits of life, measurement, property line of Dharma, teachers of humanity who instigates common public towards the achievement of Aatmonnati. One who steps  the best path such that others can also follow daringly, who shows practically the path having generosity, sacrifice, simplicity, truthfulness will be called as GURU. And they possess the power to liberate from worldly coherence of Varuna-Paasha.

The Atharvaveda gives 32 properties being controlled by Aadhyaatma group, Guru stands as the 33rd one who has mastered all 32 & protects the world. They are as follows:
1. ग्राह्या, 2. निरृत्या, 3. आसुभूत्या, 4. निर्भूत्या, 5. पराभूत्या, 6. देवजामी, 7. वर्चः तेजः, 8. ब्रुहस्पते, 9. प्रजापते, 10. ऋषीणां, 11. आर्षेयाणां, 12. आंगिरसां, 13. सः आंगिरसां, 14. अथर्वणां, 15. सोथर्वणः, 16. वनस्पतीनां, 17. वानस्पत्यानां, 18. ऋतूनां, 19. आर्तवानां, 20. मासानां, 21. पक्षद्वयं, 22. अहोरात्य्राणां, 23. अह्नः, 24. संयुतः, 25. ध्यावा पृथिवी, 26. इंद्राग्नी, 27. मित्रावरुण, 28. राज्ञा, 29. मृत्युः, 30. देवा, 31. ऋण, 32. कर्मादयानां पाशा मुमोच वरुण पाशान्मुंच आयुष्मान् देहि देहि तस्येदं वर्चस्तेज प्राणमायुर्निवेष्टया मीद मेन मधरांचं पादयामि ॥
 The foolish people unaware of this glorify by sayings like ‘I’, ‘me’!  The Aadhyaatmika group just smiles at him for the ignorance. According to Rat+Cat law (Mooshika+Maarjaala Nyaaya) Dhaiva will provide the food according to Praapti. But whatever is given is actually consumed by Time (Kaala) with full enjoyment, by walking, playing, dancing, rolling, just like a Cat that has caught a Rat named the worldly affairs. These are called Loka Vyaapaaraas. The imbecile society is trying to lead life by constantly censuring the powerful Aadhyaatma group. They are the showing dolt by projecting the fictitious Science without at least touching the tip of the ice named Dhaarmic beliefs. Now they are loudest. So the society is also weening this humbuggery. They cannot realize the truth.
 “ऋतं च सत्यं चाभीद्धात्तपसोऽध्यजायत । ततो रात्र्यजायत ततः समुद्रो अर्णवः ॥ समुद्रादर्णवादधि संवत्सरो अजायत । अहोरात्राणि विदधद्विश्वस्यमिषतो वशी ॥ सूर्याचंद्रमसौ धाता यथा पूर्वमकल्पयत् । दिवं च पृथिवीं चांऽतरिक्षमथो स्वः
Says Veda to preach an ideal pattern, to understand which -  
 “संगच्छध्वं संवदध्वं सं वो मनांसि जानतां । देवा भागं यथा पूर्वे संजानाना उपासते
Says that let all unite, work together, live together, worship god by integrated minds. My dear brothers & sisters, we are all equal, united. There is no difference among us. But the modern established interest says that don’t believe this!
 “समानो मंत्रः समितिः समानी समानं मनः सह चित्तमेषाम् । 
समानं मंत्र मभिमंत्रयेवः समानेन् वो हविषा जुहोमि ॥ 
समानीव आकूतिः समाना हृदयानि वः ।
समानमस्तु वो मनो यथा वः सुसहासति
Veda resoundingly denounced the Universal Unity. But the well-established interest groups are creating the noise of differentiation. Don’t be deceived, wake up. It was not at all there is our original Shaastraas. All what you find now is the manipulated ones. There is no requirement of Caste, Religion, Creed. Realize that we are all Humans. No one believes that the Indian Spiritual community is ruling the world based on liberal, noble objectives. But this is the truth. How the world is being ruled? Is explained by Saankhyaas as a secret message in their mathematical formula. Sutra cannot be written. Let us try to see its explanation in the next post.


  1. Sir, At the out set i wait for the next post. But i just want to know what is aAadhyaatma-Valaya)

    1. Group of spiritually evolved people belonging to 6 different categories, will be explained in upcoming posts.