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A light on Lymph

Right from the onset of pro-embryo an amniotic sac filled with amniotic liquid gets established.

Self sustaining life energy, once incorporated into the pro-embryo, has a definite pattern.

This life energy field constitutes the guide line for organ differentiation. The entire process taking place within the assembly line situated within the amniotic fluid.

All cells of the embryo are surrounded by the nourishing amniotic liquid.

When the cells, tissues and organs are established the boundary line is formed by the floating fat bodies. The inner layer is identified as adipose tissue and the outer layer remains the skin. The liquid contained within is the lymph.

This lymph constituting the major portion of body fluids takes care of all metabolic functions and structural differentiation.

Breast milk is the finest nutrient suitably adjusted to the needs of the infant among mammals. This liquid is practically the pure form of lymph and needs no digestion at all.

Soon after digestion of…

Blood & Lymph - A free thinking by logical reasoning

Is Arterial Blood Toxic?Blood The modern science requires thorough revision in order to create credibility and confidence. Of late there is a trend around the world, especially among the youngsters, not to seek admission in basic sciences. Several reasons may be there. As a consequence at undergraduate level or graduate levels lesser number of students gets enrolled year after year. Several scientists have expressed their opinions on the issue inviting the youngsters to take up courses leading to basic sciences. Here is yet another angle to solve the problem.
#Dr. P. K. Bhat have focused the issue academically as an introspection why there is such apathy? An analytical case study is illustrative. This should permit rectification of any errors and an opportunity to change the same for future action. It is hoped that such case studies in every field of science should yield excellent dividends. The rectification of concepts and methodology should be taken up by the elder scien…

Organ Donation, Blood Donation? - Part 2

As the post in part-1 raised some discussions & confusions, it has been tried to give more explanation. In Puranas and Shastras we get some examples of Deha & Anga Daanas. But there it has been given either to some cruel animal or some other purpose, but no where for the disability or deficiency.  In Puranas, Bedara Kannappa donated his own eyes, but Shiva wasn't blind before! Ekalavya donated his thumb, but Dhrona wasn't handicapped. Rukmangadha gave half of his body to Lion via a Brahmana, but the characteristic of Lion shows that it never asks anybody for food. That means its not a Lion! Khati donated two of his arms, because of the guilt that he deceived by not donating his property. In all these circumstances the intention behind (#Daana) donation was different. Anywhere for any organism to lead its life, #handicappedness is not a deficiency. Any poor handicap can't get benefit from organ donation. But the #Wealthy people lose or spoil their organs due to the…