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The 7 Secrets of Success

A spiritual aspirant must have this firm determination: "I must be successful in my mission."One must have shraddha' for one's desideratum.The entity, the guiding faculty, that dispels all darkness, all spiritual darkness, is the guru. So, doing as per the desire of the guru is the third factor. The spiritual aspirant should restrain his or her sensory and motor organs is the fourth factor.It is very important that whatever one gets should not be taken indiscriminately; rather, there should be control over food, and at the same time it should be nutritious.There must not be any superiority complex nor any inferiority complex; that is, there must be complete mental balance. If you practice these six factors, that itself will be the seventh factor.

Disussions on Ayudha Pooja

Here is the summary of discussions held with my friends, last year, who protested the celebrations of Ayudha pooja in government institutions & offices. 
AyudhaPooja is not the pooja of Weapons as misunderstood by most of the people. There is no proper explanation available even in Sanskrit till the date for the word Ayudha and relating it to weapons used by Devi during war with Asuras. It was the result of a serious study of these rituals by my group with some Rishis. That at-least gave an insight that what actually is meant by Ayudha.
Ayudha is nothing but the the one which supports daily needs of a man. Your Vehicle, Computer, Cell Phone, etc are all Ayudhas. We are not robots, we do have feelings, respect, love & mainly gratitude towards each and every element that supports us to lead life.. Its a ceremony not only celebrated in India, but all over the World by most of the agriculturists.. They wont call by the name that we do, but the intention is the same.
At …

Analysis & study report on Solar Eclipse - 2

This post is continued from the previous one. Here we will analyze the effects on different Cities due to the Solar Eclipse on 15-01-2010.