Saturday, 9 February 2013

Interpretation of the word "Ludhiana"

Whatever exists in this world has some meaning behind it. Even every word that we use has a history of its own. It may be that not many are aware of that meaning. But that does not mean that there is no meaning in it.

There are so many things in the world the meaning of which is not known to many. Take for instance the name of this town, "Ludhiana". Not many are aware of what the word means. But it does have a meaning. In the Vedic language there was a word lodhra, which is the name of a flower. The women of those ancient times would use the pollen of this flower as their face-powder. There was also in the Vedic language a word dha'nya, meaning any green vegetation. This land had lodhra-dha'nya in abundance, and the local dialect of the land, about 3500 years ago, was Paesha'cii Pra'krta. The original Vedic Sanskrit "Lodhra-Dha'nya" became corrupted by Paesha'cii Pra'krta to "Lodhdha Ha'nna". Then 2500 years ago, that word became changed in Demi-Paesha'cii into "Lodhdhaa'nna", which then in Old Punjabi took the form of "Lodhiya'na". Now in modern Punjabi it is "Ludhiya'na". [Anglicized in turn as "Ludhiana".] In the same way, there is not a single word that does not have some meaning behind it, though people may or may not be aware of that meaning.

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