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VAjapeya Soma YAga - 1

Vaajapeya Soma Yaaga 

प्रथम पाद

भद्रं कर्णेभिः शृणुयाम देवाः । भद्रं पश्येमाक्षभिर्यजत्राः ॥
स्थिरैरंगैस्तुष्टुवां सस्तनूभिः । व्यशेम देवहितं यदायुः ॥
इंद्र श्रेष्ठानि द्रविणानि धेहि चित्तिं दक्षस्य सुभगत्वमस्मे ।
पोषं रयीणामरिष्टिं तनूनां स्वाद्मानां वाचः सुदिनत्वमह्नाम् ॥
इंद्रं वो हवामहे विश्वतस्परि जनेभ्यः । अस्माकमस्तु केवलः ॥
कृण्वंतो विश्वमार्यं

            The origin of species in the Bhaarata, a place known as Kruta-Bhoomi, happened long ago. Due to the variation in KalpAs, this human form is the 7th one. The present Kalpa is ShwetaVaraaha Kalpa (श्वेतवराहकल्प) which started184 crore years before. The Bharata-Bhoomi maintained its continuoul consistency during this long span. Lots of changes, many Manus, the Dharma-Shaastras with respect to them have been compiled. But the Dharma which is based on Veda is the one which stood determinedly. There is no caste(मत) in it, only the Dharma. So it is known as “Maanava-Dharma”.

Practical division of Upaasana at forenoon, Prayoga at afternoon-evening and Upasamhaara early morning with respect to 9137 Gayatri Chando Mantras as well as some other Chandas mantras were demonstrated due course of Vaajapeya Yaga held from 26-11-2011 to 23-12-2011 in NandaGokula Goshaala, Kalladka, Mangalore.

1.      Tantrika Vinyasa of the Yaaga shaala was with respect to 10 Lakshana Lakshayas viz.

1.      रचना - Rachanaa
2.      विन्यास - Vinyaasa,
3.      वास्तु - Vaastu,
4.      मापना - Maapanaa,
5.      व्याप्ति - Vyaapti,
6.      परीधि - Paridhi,
7.      परिस्तरण - Paristarana,
8.      व्यूढ - VyuDha,
9.      प्राचि - Praachi,
10.  वस्तु - Vastu.

2. Materials (परिकर) used for Construction (रचना): The 8 parikaraas:

1.      इष्टिका - Istika,
2.      लोह - Loha,
3.      बंधक - Bandhaka,
4.      स्थान - Sthaana,
5.      चिह्ना - Chinhaa,
6.      आकार - Aakaara,
7.      अव्यय - Avyaya,
8.      प्राचि - Prachi.

3. What are all can be done by a single Gayatri Mantra, is known to the world. There the implementation of 9137 Mantras has been done.

4. Sound Wave (शब्द तरंग) & its converted Light Wave (किरण तरंग) etc., very minute level scientific experiments  (सूक्ष्मातिसूक्ष्म वैज्ञानिक प्रयोग) were carried out.

5. The speed of shabda taranga for 74 x 74 aavartana at 1/70,000 of a second. Most of the participants had experienced it. It’s a Vishesha Kostaka. A Ganita Meemamsa:
74 x 74 - if it becomes Maatra from 4 then 296 = अष्टावर्तन - Astaavartana
74 x 74 - if it becomes Maatra from 7 then 518 = पंचीकरण - Panchikarana
74 x 74 - Grand total 5476 = वृद्ध्यंश सूत्र - Vruddhyamsha Sutra.
4-5-6-7 – समानांतर वृद्धि - Samaanaantara Vruddhi. This is called as व्याघ्राक्रमणा occupying like a Tiger. To achieve the intended aim, this Rachana Sutra was employed. This was the Vinyaasa of the Yaaga Shaala.

6. Selection of Homa Dravyas is based on the following 8 sutras:
1.      रसशक्ति - Rasa Shakti,
2.      चोदक - Chodaka,
3.      परिक्रमण - Parikramana,
4.      दह्यानुकूलता - Dahyaanuklataa,
5.      तीक्ष्णता - Theekshnataa,
6.      तरंग पूरकता - Taranga-Purakataa,
7.      उद्दीपना - Uddepanaa,
8.      रसोत्पादना - Rasotpaadana.

Homa Dravyas Samyojana in accordance with the integration in whole nature. आज्य - Aajya was also used in special way based on some wave intensities. सोम - Soma was main dravya.

7. Usage of Mantras:- All 9,137 Gayatri Chandas with some other Chando Mantras for Taadana, Mardhana & Chedana of Swaraas. In miniature of one Kaala-Maatra, just to complete one cycle, one Taranga was used according to the requirement. All the Mantras have been used many times. Approximately 84 Lakh Aahutis was given. All the species in this universe are considered as equal in the Yaaga. The aim is towards “ समान सहजीवन, सहयोग सिद्धि – natural & united life style.

8. Mantra-Shakti    =   Sahayoga of Aasaktaas + Mumukshus + Bhaktas + Vedaabhimaanis.  
    Chodaka-Shakti =  Virodhis + Dooshakas + Nindakaas + ViGhna-kartaas + others.
Just imagine how much Chodaka-Shakti required to spread Kirana Tarangas all over the Universe? The inner fear (आंतरिक भय व्रुत्ति) of Virodhi Shaktis was very much useful here. The mass media gave sufficient support in terms of stimulating those opposing powers, so we are thankful to them. In the Indian tradition, that too in the present era there are more than enough people who are called great intellectuals because they oppose these processes. But their subconscious mind has high fear. Previously, the Yupa (यूप) used to be established where the un-naturality (विक्रुति) was bound and thus the experiment (प्रयॊग) was continued. Now without the Yupa, this Taranga was achieved easily. Hence the Daasa-Varenyaas told that there should be opposing parties to achieve the goal properly.

9. Soma-Rasa:- The medicinal plant extracts were collected (शत मूलिका संग्रह) accoring to the Sutrokta-Vidhi and prepared according to Aasava preparation Shaastra. Its ignition power (ज्वलना शक्ति) & medicinal power (औषधीय शक्ति) was examined upto minute level. The ignition power (ज्वलना शक्ति) was neutralized (ह्रासीकृत) and then given as holy liquid (तीर्थ) for consumption (प्राशन). Details more than this is not supposed to be written!

10. The 12,140 power of minds of people (जनमानस शक्ति) participated in the Homa Prakriyaa without any restrictions & contributed to the united mind power. The maximum people required for Vaayapeya Yaaga is 12,000. Here there was participation more than that number. Not only this, the Tarpana, Stotra, Namaskaara and the final 16 mantras kept in the bridge of 3 Mantra Prayoga, the count was about 1800. There were so many people who didn’t registered their name. Hence, the people count didn’t become problem. Then the people who came to view the Yaaga, the artists who performed several arts, lots of enthusiastis were enormous. Totally 8,72,000 people visited to see the Yaaga-Prakriya. This was counted by a Ganaka-Yantra (traditional one) assembled below the stepping stone placed in the main door (महा द्वार). Most of the enthusiastis were the travellers from other states of India. The people who took Anna-Prasaada within 30 days were 2,19,000.

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