Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Every place is India; all are Indians in this Earth!!

  कृण्वंतो विश्वमार्यम् ॥

Rushis have traveled all over the world, even out of Earth, Solar System & also galaxy!! Vedas never put a border between places. Its the next level Saptaanga Yukta Raajyaanaga Vyavasthaa which has Raajya, Kosha, Gadi, Prajaa for its rule. All the Prajaa's are equal, there is no distinction between them when they are considered as Prajaa. When it comes to administration, the Varna vyavasthaa which is division of duties for oneness of the Desha. In the Chakravarti vyavasthaa, he is the owner of whole Earth. There is no region in the world which is not covered by our Rushis. So by leaving narrow mindedness if we envision the Earth, every country comes under Vishaala Bhaarata!!

What is Russia? It is the region where some Rushi Gana did their Samshodhanaas.
What is Australia? Its our "Astraalaya" which was reserved for warfare practices, mainly Astra Siddhi & its prayoga, which is prohibited in core regions of Bharata Bhoomi.
What is Somalia? Its our "Somaalaya" for the Samshodhana of Soma.
What is Jambhu-Dweepa? Asia + Europe
What is South-America? Pushkara-Dweepa
What is Antartica? Yama-Dweepa
What is Meru? Lots of explanation is there for this. Even local map references of each major country have been called Meru. E.g., Search places near Tanzania, Malaysia, Western Australia, Bangkok, China, Peru, etc.,

Like this, every country is based on some civilizations started by our own Rushis. There is no limits to "Saadhana"!! If one properly understands the scientific imporatnce of "Sandhyaavandana", he/she will realize that there is no place or time limit for it. It is the Adhyayana of Kaala + Prakruti vyavahaara. A Saadhaka may divide any number of Sandhyaa kaalaas for his studies. If one wants to achieve something from Sandhyaavandana, don't leave it if you are in any country, may be in sky, in water, in fire!!

Discussion of Sandhyavandana with respect to Dharmashaastra comes in the next level, where Raajyaanga Vyavastha required to utilize the Energy of Sandhyavandana performed by each individual. Even a Kshatriya, who may be residing in deep waters for the protection of country can do Sandhyaavandana. It gives him proper knowledge of Jala vyavahaara (Prakruti).

Rushis who have explored all the regions in the Earth, never bypass their Sandhya giving silly reasons. Tons of archaeological proofs are available now to say that Murthy Pooja was present in almost all the places. So there is no restriction to any kind of Devataa Pooja in any Desha.

Some people say that Agni-Vidhyaa cannot be practiced in abroad. But I found no proper reasons for that assertion. Take for example Zoroastrians, It is the remaining of people who were the followers of Aatreya Rushis (among 3 lakh crore Aatreya Gana) who practiced the Agni-Vidhyaa in those regions to win the aging. Zorastra is formed due the practice of Agni Vidhya called "Jaraa-Tushta" which satisfies the aging factors to remain young forever. It may not be possible without Sandhyavandana, Agni kaaraya, Deva pooja in its roots.

Aatma-Vidhyaa was practiced by our Rushis in Egypt. Its their Tantra-Bala by which they built the Pyramids for their Saadhana.

Ati-Maanusha Vidhyaa & Vidhyaas which may cause adverse effects have been restricted from the Vibhajikruta Bharata Bhumi. So it was important for Saadhakaas to explore region suitable for their Saadhana.

None of the original Dharmashaastra Granthaas restrict a person to do his Pitru Kaarya in any Desha he is residing!! No authority can restrict anything related to one's own Pitru Kaarya. If any person or Shaastra restricts the performance of Shraadhaadi Prakriyaas, it is Khandaneeya according to Uttara Meemaamsa. That kind of restrictions are injected later. The reasons are several; may be improper understanding or foreign invasion.

When ever Rushis went to Samshodhana to any other region, the disciples also used to follow them with all their family, property, cows, grains, etc., It will take several thousands of years for those Rushis to succeed in their Saadhana. Their longevity will be enormous due to Siddhis, but followers may not live longer. But they continue the Satprajaa vruddhi. Those immigrants become local citizens after several generations. Usually Rushis continue their Saadhana silently and may relocate to other region or come back to Bhaarata. But the followers who have settled there will be hardly knowing about their forefathers & the discipleship for Rushis. But they will follow the Siddhhaanta of their ancestors.

The rule of Prakruti is to become "Ksheena". So they will forget their Moola-Uddesha and divisions start among them due to Abhipraaya-Bheda. To resolve those ambiguities, it requires Purottariya Meemaamsa which was mastered only by Rushis. So these citizens will be in Andhakaara & some pravaadi will come to show path to them. Pick the Samshodhaana of Aatreya Gana & formulate it as Islam. In India, we used to ask proof for everything. So Khuron was made as Aadhaara Grantha. It has Tantra-Khaanda, Karma-Khaanda, but there is no Jnaana-Khaanda in it. So the originator knew that it won't withstand for long, so he announced that it will perish within around 1200 years. Now also known person can see the remains of Aatreya-Tantra-Khaanda in Khuron.

Similar is the case for Bible which was formulated by seeing the structure of Bhagavadgeeta. Any Darshanakaara like Prophet Muhammed or Christ came to India to get Anumodana from Saptarshi Parishat & Vyaasji.

So every place & person is influenced by Bhaaratiya Rushis in one or the other manner. We should be happy to see that every country in this world is being occupied by Indians. Lets hope whole world will become one India. That's real Raama Raajya without any borders.

"Let the noble thoughts spread across the Universe"

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