Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Can we forget the Salt?

Comment on "affects of Industry Salt", by my guru Sri K S Nityanandaji in Prajavani: http://goo.gl/sVNLkD

English Translation:

Now the morality of Indian Social life has fallen too much. This is because of the fraud done in the name of 'Salt'. Everything is getting corrupted due to Salt being corrupted. There is hidden capitalism in this 'Corrupted Salt'. Not natural at all. Mainly the Salt produced in industry is the source of several problems in India. Salt has to be grown naturally with Sun Rays (Surya Samskaara).

There is an urgent necessity to awaken the feeling of 'Runa' and create public awareness that Salt is not a selling material. Due to the properties (Rasa-Guna) of natural Salt recombined in physiological pathways of human body, it has to envision the Mother in everything of this visible Nature. Our food habits have lost their natural taste and had become incomplete for proper health. So there is a need for one more 'Salt Revolt' to produce the Salt in natural way and let us return the debts of Salt in the Society.

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