Thursday, 14 August 2014

Factsheet about stopping the Ebola virus (CDC)

Awareness about preventing the spreading of Ebola Virus. Real Vaastu-Shaastra in Vedas talk about Town Planning. A Town Planning is proper if includes 11 important points termed as 11 Rudras:

1. Watershed
2. Path (Roads, Open space) 
3. Flowing wind
4. Natural resources
5. Land formation energy
6. Land sustainable energy
7. Land regeneration energy
8. Food production & supply area
9. Disaster sustainable energy 
10. Hazard mitigation forces
11. Necessity versus Requirements

A Township (नगर) is proper only with above 11 Rudras with its deity called "Nagareshwara" which is none other than Pashupati. "Paashupata" means the continuous protective mechanism in Town Planning. Humanity can perish due to improper town planning. The people who live & lead their life with 11 Rudras are coined as "Civilized" (विध्या, विनय, भूषण, दया, धर्म, दाक्षिण्य, सत्य, न्याययुताः इति नागरीकः in Brahmi language).

No attention towards Individual & Social cleanliness (दश शौच) makes the town a Hell. A proper waste management in the Town Planning can control 10 different origins of these kinds of deadly diseases: 

1. Atomspheric origin (वात जन्य)
2. Timely origin (काल जन्य)
3. Bird origin (पक्षि जन्य)
4. Animal origin (प्राणि जन्य)
5. Human origin (मानव जन्य)
6. Water origin (जल जन्य)
7. Food origin (आहार कारण जन्य)
8. Travel origin (विहार कारण जन्य)
9. Exchange origin (विनिमय जन्य)
10. Deadly origin (मृताजन्य)

|| आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यंतु् विश्वतः || 
|| Let everything in the Universe become good & protective & protected ||

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