Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Siribhuvalaya manipulations: Chapter-11 Matrix-1

Input:- Adhyaya-11, Chakra-1

Path Matrix:- Chakra Bandha

Output:- After applying the Chakra Bandha is

Output:- After combining the letters (Samyutkaakshara)

11th Adhyaaya starts with verse "ॠपि अरूपियागिरुव ..." It can also be written as "रूपि अरूपियागिरुव... " ॥ Based on this text let us search the Akshara Chakra to see if some Bandha can be derived by visualization. For this let us highlight the cells corresponding to first word रूपि as र् (ऋ or ॠ) + ऊ (उ) + प् + इ. See the output:-

There is no such correspondence to find out word "Rupi" by observing and tracing the highlighted cells in any known patterns. So this matrix doesn't correspond to the poems given in the beginning of chapter 11. If you search for ॠपि it is unsuccessful because the letter occurs only once that to without any correspondence between letter पि in this chakra.  

So it is clear that the input Chakras for Chapter 11 printed by Pustaka Shakti Publishers are not in proper order. By verifying the output text generated from this Chakra it is clear that it doesn't generate any meaningful literature in any pattern. So it can be declared in public that present Chakra is manipulated one and Pustaka Shakti book publications is misleading the society by printing improper Chakras.

I request interested researchers to verify this claim and I will be happy to rectify any errors in my decoding scheme. If any other decoding scheme that generates meaningful literature from the same Chakra is also welcome.

- Hemanth Kumar G

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