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Controlling sea erosion through mass chanting of vishnu sahasranama stotra & prevent TSUNAMI

One of the many major challenges India and many other countries are facing today is the perennial problem of sea erosion during rainy season, in the coastal belt. The instant and short term measure being adopted by the authorities is to hurriedly pileup sand bags and boulders on the sea beach at the affected area, to prevent the erosion temporarily. These futile efforts remind the story of Sisyphus. The giant waves wash away the sand bags and boulders in rainy season. They can’t withstand the fury of the sea. Hundreds of crores of Rupees are wasted out of State funds under the pretext of containing sea erosion. The net result is - it has fattened the purse of the contractors, engineers and politicians, while emptying the coffers of the state. General public deride this as “putting stones into the sea” – a futile exercise.

The Power of Mass chanting in the context of Modern Technology

Modern science tries to explore the phenomena of the physical world through direct observation, experimentation and analysis of physical data obtained thereby. It tries to correlate the interrelation between cause and effect. It defines the results of these experiments in its own scientific terminology.

The modern science and technology, no doubt, have made enormous advances. It has even succeeded in explaining how the natural calamities happen, like floods, famines, cyclones, earth quakes, volcanoes, sea erosion, tsunami etc. but modern science cannot predict the happening of these calamities in advance. Nor the modern technology offers any concrete solution to control and contain these natural disasters. Mankind, including scientists is a helpless spectator during the dance of death wrought by the natural calamities.

Ancient Indian Scientific Knowledge

Now let us examine the scientific advances achieved by our ancient sages called Rishis. Vedas are the source of vast knowledge. Upanishads and Darshanas are the commentaries on the mystic knowledge hidden in the Vedas. But they are for the consumption of intellectuals. They are just like scientific theories and equations which are beyond the comprehension of common man. So our ancestors tried to educate the common people through parables and stories and symbolism which they could understand easily. They are nothing but the scientific truths. Those books are called epics or Puranas. Hindus believe that those are a part of history. They contain many stories or instances, wherein our sages had mastered many mantras or hymns which has mystical powers, through which the oceanic or ecological upheavals could be controlled. Modern scientists believe that this universe which Hindus call ‘Brahmanda’ is created through a ‘Big Bang’. Hindu epics have different view that it is not Spota by from Om. Check the link for more details. This sound is called Nada Brahma. Sound travels in waves called Nada Taranga or Shabda Taranga. These sound waves have immense mystic powers. Vedas are mantras rhythmically and systematically composed out of these sound waves or shabda brahma. The proper recitation of each mantra creates particular sound vibration which has got its own power and it can be used to get desired boons or results. Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra is also a powerful hymn composed systematically and reciting it properly, individually or en-mass can create vibrations in atmosphere which has got immense mystic powers.

We have seen that Nada Brahma has the power of creation, preservation and dissolution of universe. Then why these miracles do not happen in the modern times? It is because Vedas are composed in Brahmi language and we have neglected the study of Brahmi for long. We do not understand what knowledge the Vedas contain.

We have stopped learning and practicing the systematic recitation of Vedic hymns or mantras, since long. So due to lethargic amnesia, loss of faith in the mystic power of our own scriptures and ignorance about the scientific significance of our Shastras, these mystic powers lost their importance in course of time and also due to the modern English system of education. The English education system has consistently imbibed negative feeling in the minds of younger generation that everything Indian like Vedas, Upanishads, Darshanas & puranas are a bunch of superstitions and full of blind beliefs. The only path to the progress is through modern scientific thought and technology. Unless our new generation comes out of their mindset filled with inferiority complex Hindus cannot understand the wide significance of our proud heritage and also about the deep advances made by our ancestors in the scientific knowledge. Fortunately many of modern scientists who are physicists, astronomers, cosmologists like Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Fritjof Capra, J. R. Openheimer, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Albert Einstein etc are impressed by the scientific theories and knowledge propounded by our ancestors. Our ancient Rishis had carried out experiments thousands of years ago in the field of atomic theory, astronomy, medicine, chemistry, mathematics, time and space etc. The modes theory of gravity and relativity was not new to ancient Indian Rishis. In fact the ancient Indian theories are confirmed by modern scientific inventions. Even in modern times these scientific miracles happen if we conduct the Yajnas or chant mantras systematically as prescribed in scriptures. We have read in newspapers and TV channels about heavy rains on the last day after completion of massive Yajna at the premises of Sri Ramachandrapur Math at Hosanagar recently. Many Pundits and scientists had gathered there to study the effect of Yajna on the ecology. This Yajna is called ‘Parjanya Japa’. We have heard about ‘Putrakamesti Yajna’ and many  parents be-getting male child and also about producing electricity through recital of  Purusha Sookta. Sound vibrations have their own effects on the atmosphere. This is an area where there is wide scope for scientific research and a campaign of mass chanting of Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra is a bold initiative in this direction.

Stotra  Pathana – A Unique Experiment :

The Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra Mass chanting programme is the first step in the field of research about the effect of shabda taranga (sound vibrations) and its latent powers and to find out if it can mitigate the destructive power of Jala (Water – sea waves) taranga which causes sea erosion, tsunami, cyclone etc. This experimental research is being carried on silently for three years (2003) at Kundapura a coastal town of Udupi District of Karnataka State, Southern India.

The brain behind this unique and bold experiment is Dr. S. N. Padiyar a Medical Practitioner by profession running a private hospital at Kundapura. But he decided to engage his time in the cause of service to the society and closed his clinic as well as lucrative profession. He established a charitable trust, ‘Seva angama’ in 1985 to give concrete expression to his thoughts and purpose and he is the managing Trustee. He started many service projects in the field of education and especially child education on Bharateeya Sanskars. He is also engaged in the propagation of Sanskrit because unless our younger generation is proficient in Sanskrit they can’t understand the importance of vast ocean of knowledge contained in Shastras. He is a master in Vedic Mathematics and conducted hundreds of classes and seminars in India as well as abroad. Now recently he has taken up the cause of research in our ancient scientific knowledge and mass chanting campaign of Vishnu Saharanama Stotram. This is the first such effort ever in this subject.

The inspiration to engage in this unique experiment came to Dr. Padiyar from Sri K S Nityananda Swamiji, the founder of Vedic Science Centre at Rampura of Chikmagalur.

Swamiji is a profound scholar in Vedic astrology with deep study in Veda and Vedanga, and he is considered to be a ‘Poorvottara Meemamsaka’. The idea of carrying out experimental research about the effect of Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra Pathana on the ecosystem, especially on oceanic upheavals such as sea erosion etc., was an outcome of lengthy discussion Dr. Padiyar had with Swamiji. The Western coast of India has been witnessing the ravages of sea erosion for some years now and the efforts of the State to contain it have come to a naught.

“Aaapo Va Idam Sarvam” – water, water, everywhere

Sri K S Nityananda Swamiji through his extensive studies of Shastras has tried to analyse the character of the nature (Prakriti) and also about the methods how this prakriti (forces of nature) can be controlled, and if it could be done through the power of recitation of Vishnu Sahasranama. The outcome of his deep research can be set out briefly as under: -

All types of oceanic upheavals, including sea erosion can be controlled and pacified through the recitation of Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra in a systematic way. The basic concept which is the basis of this finding is based on the thoughts contained in our scriptures. The scriptures say all the moving and nonmoving objects, living beings plants, etc and all material and non material objects are made up of the element of water i.e. ‘Aapah’, and the preserver (Sthitikaraka) is Vishnu is also composed of water element (apah). The following Vedic hymn clarifies this statement : -

      Aapo va idam sarvam aapo vaa vishwaa bhutaani aapah praanaa vaa
aapah pashavah aapo annamaa aapo amrita aapah  saamraataapo viraat
aapo swaraat pashyanti eetee aapo vy prishateeyam catubhirdevataa aapo caturbhiragnira caturthi pashyati asya caturo vishnave bhavatu aapo bhavantu bhoorbhuvaswaraapah II
Aapah punantu prithvim prithvi puta punaatu maam II
Sahasra sheerhsam devam vishwaksham vishwasambhuvam I
Vishwam Narayanam devam aksharm param padam II

In all living beings, plants and trees there is water content. This water content is their life force. The five senses (Pancendriyas) propel the body to function by humidity (Ardrata) which is of water content. It pervades the entire body and the sound vibration was transformed into magnetic vibration which is causative to the propelling of activity in the living beings. The water element, be it a single drop or a vast ocean, has inherent and inseparable relationship with all the other objects of nature and living beings. Water element is referred to as Samrat, Virat, Swarat which is omnipresent and omnipotent and which brings about an equilibrium or balance in the nature as well as universal order. It is responsible for sustenance of the earth (Prithvi) in good order of which living beings are also a part and parcel. Vedas call this all sustaining element or principle (tatva) as ‘Vishnu’. It is also called Narayana which means water principle. Grossly it means- Nara and all other matter and Narayana are all made up of the same substance or element.

According to chemical equation

Water = H2O

But shastras (scriptures) say water = H2O + na (ण). According to modern science water is H2O i.e made up of two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. But science could not so far explain the nature of the 4th element or energy or power that acts as a catalyst, which combines these three atoms to form water – argues Swami K S Nityananda. It has already been clarified that Apah or Apsu or water element is the sustaining power of the universe and that power is called Narayana. If we analyse this Vedic law i.e., Na + ra + ya + na it becomes molecular formula of water. The H2O formula propounded by chemistry is incomplete and is equal to only ‘Na + ra + ya’. It considers water as mere a material entity. That is the limitation of modern science. But according to our ancient seers, water is life force = na. It is the force that acts as catalyst which transforms atoms or subatomic particles as propounded by the recent inventions, of Hydrogen and oxygen, into water. This very force is behind every chemical combination which transforms sub atomic particles into different elements. Hence water is not merely a physical entity as propounded by chemistry which is H2O, but it is H2O2 wherein is a form of energy or power hither to unknown to modern science but our Vedic seers had conceived it thousands of years ago. The limitation of science has been well defined by the famous scientist Albert Einstein in these words ‘Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind’ modern science can explore and explain the phenomena of this infinitely vast universe in part only. They have already reached the periphery or horizon of observable universe and reached a blind alley. Their laboratory tubes and telescopes can’t reach further – So they are or they have slowly turn to east, especially India for answers and solutions which the science could not find out to various unexplored phenomena. Our ancient seers had a holistic approach towards universe phenomena. They came to know early the limitations of external observation and operation. They tried to look inward. They analysed mind, jeevatma, prana, which are the forces of nature which the modern scientists rejected to explore with a false assumption that there is nothing beyond observable universe. Now they are slowly realising the mistake they have committed and their interest is turned towards mystical east especially India. They want to find answers in the sacred scriptures of the east.

The principle (tatva) of Narayana

The root or source of water is agni (fire – heat). The source of agni is air (vayu) - earth (mrith) - ether (Akasha), and friction (sparsha). Hence agni is the original source of water. The bombarding or friction between the particles at subatomic level which is the cause of production of water and also upheavals in water contained in Oceans, is always active in all matter. At the deep core of the earth sphere this activity of agni is going on and it is always volatile and moves in a channel called Agnipatha (अग्निपथ).

Agni collides with the atoms of water which cause vibrations in the nara atoms. These vibrations are the cause of the waves in the placid waters. The main purpose of these vibrations and the waves generated by these vibrations is to maintain the equilibrium or balance in the nature. In the normal circumstances, that is till man doesn’t interfere in this natural process they are not harmful. But if there is heavy interference in the ecosystem, nature to maintain its balance has to act. High waves, earthquakes, are it’s results. Nature frowns at the interference. The atom bomb is the result of fission or fusion of atoms. It can destroy. If by interference in the peaceful nature or ecosystem nature reach the point of destruction or upheaval, man can also by minimising the interference can prevent natural disasters and by creating positive vibrations can control the negative forces of nature (in the form of calamities). If you can detonate a bomb you do know how to diffuse it. This is pure logic.

So, when the vibrations exceed the normal limit, there will be imbalance and thereby produced higher frequency waves. This causes storm, giant tsunami waves and such other oceanic upheavals. This is the principle of upheavals. This is the principle of ‘Narayanatva’ of water which is the source of life force. The 4th principle of water i.e., na which is a form of energy is the cause of the waves which in turn are cause of natural disturbances, on the one hand and vise-versa evolutionary force which protects earth. As this force is disseminated in the form of energy waves, by using another similar energy wave the dangerous potency of the nature’s fury can be controlled or made to subside. In this context campaign of chanting of Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra assumes significance and becomes relevant.


The voice has power 

We are aware that our voice also generates sound waves, which travel into space. The source of voice is the navel (Nabhi), say the Vedas. This is also a scientifically proved fact. But Vedas declare there are five types of Nabhis. Which generate sound Bhunabhi, Jalanabhi, Agninabhi, Jeevanabhi and Vedanabhi.

In the living beings the Jeeva Nabhi is the source of voice, the primordial sound named para produced in nabhi reaches pashyanti and transformed into human voice, and converted into vowels when reaches madhyama and comes out as pronunciation or speech after reaching Vaikhari. That is how a sound transforms into a speech. How scientific! It is phonetic science. The Vedic or Brahmi script is most scientific and flawless and most suits computer language. So the human voice or speech is called Jeevadhwani. This produces sound waves (dhwani taranga). The sound of the jeevanabhi is weak. But when it is recited or chanted in and jointly it gains strong power.

Phonetic waves (Nada Taranga) against water waves

Vishnu Sahasranama stotra is a sacred, mystic hymn, which represents, propounds and experiences the universal form of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu means Narayana and Narayana in turn symbolizes the force latent in water. Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra is a hymn which enables the realisation of Narayana form. It also maintains the Narayana power in its original state and it generates the powerful voice waves which have the power to soothe the oceanic disturbances. The rhythmic phonetic composition of Vishnu Sahasranama is unique. When it is recited rhythmically it generates sound waves with cosmic power in the jeevanabhi of the individual reciting it. These cosmic waves remove the imbalance in the life force or Narayana waves in the body of that person and it produces equipoise, harmony and peace in the person thereby he is benefited. In this technological era everybody needs mental peace. The powerful phonetic sound waves, produced by mass chanting of the hymn, act against and counter the high frequency waves present in the nature due to imbalance and nullify their harmful effects. Whole universe is composed of Narayana. The source of all upheavals, disturbances and calamities in the nature is this all powerful Narayana. By the mass misdeeds of greedy mankind the powerful negative waves are generator in the nature which in turn disturbs the balance in nature and cause natural calamities. The rhythmic chanting of Narayana mantra produce powerful positive sound waves and counter the destructive negative waves and thereby maintain the sound balance in the nature.

Science of stotra

All the phenomena of the observable universe such as all events, motions, creation, preservation, dissolution etc happen at the wave level like waves of light. Even at the subatomic level, the scientists have found out, that matter is ultimately nothing but waves and particles or strings pulsating rhythmically which has been termed as ‘Dance of Shiva’ by the famous physicist Fritz-of Capra in his world famous book ‘The Tao of Physics’ All the above events take place through the light rays and sound waves, sage Kapila, an authority on sankhya philosophy, has proved this by his study. “This supports my studies about the effects of Vishnu Sahasranama” Says Swami Sri K S Nityananda.

Dr. Capra has made extensive studies about philosophical implications of modern science. He compares the universal phenomena to a gigantic cosmic dance. The sand, rocks, water and air around us are made up of vibrating molecules and atoms and these consist of particles which interact with one another by creating and destroying other particles. The earth’s environment is continuously bombarded by showers of ‘Cosmic rays’, particles of high energy, undergoing multiple collisions as they penetrate the air. All this was the findings of Dr. Capra as he himself had made research in high energy physics. He also studied Eastern mysticism and found many parallels to modern physics. He also adds that the concepts of modern physics often show surprising parallels to the ideas expressed in the religious philosophies of the east. Other scientists named above also have expressed the similar opinion. Now the physical sciences are moving from gross to subtle, observable to unseen i.e., the genes, the D.N.A., subatomic particles like electrons, neutrons, protons, quarrels waves strings etc. the more they delve deep,  the more confounded they feel. Many are knocking at the doors of ancient Hindu Philosophy. An uneasy feeling has started slowly gripping them that the end of all physical sciences is approaching and the beginning of nano-science – the spiritual science has ensued. The unseen, which had been hither- to rejected as superstition, has to be explored. Ancient Hindu seers had done this long ago.

Under these circumstances the experiments and research about the effects of the Vedic mantras, Vishnu Sahasranama etc on the ecology becomes relevant because they are rhythmic in nature and composed scientifically and systematically which produce distinct types of sound waves in the nature’s environment. They possess mystic powers. Ancient Rishis had carried out research in this field. They found that living beings and other objects are all the creatures of the nature. We are children of Mother Earth. She has provided every thing for the sustenance of not only mankind but also the entire bio-world. The nature’s resources are abundant. But don’t be greedy. Avail only that much, which you need. Don’t waste. Don’t exploit or interfere in the nature’s work. Don’t disturb ecological balance, which the nature has been guarding and maintaining diligently. If you do, she would hit back with full fury. This was the message of our ancient Rishis who conducted research on nature. It was two fold i.e., preventive and curative just like in the field of medical sciences. Be in peace with nature – is the preventive prescription. Chant suitable mantras, Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra etc to pacify nature’s fury – is the curative measure.

The sages declared :
            Isaavasyam idam sarvam yatkincit jagatyamjagat
            Tena tyaktena bhunjita ma gradhah kasyacit dhanam
         Isa upanishad – I 

“All this – what ever moves on the earth – should be covered by the Lord. Enjoy with detachment. Be satisfied by what you have. Do not covote anybody’s wealth”. This again warns the mankind NOT to ‘exploit the nature indiscriminately’. To the subtle causes of all the oceanic upheavals and other natural calamities, man has his own contribution.

A mass chanting campaign:

Dr. S N Padiyar took keen interest in the ancient Vedic knowledge and he mastered Vedic Mathematics and is propagating it all over India & abroad for the last 15 years. Then he decided to venture into the area of research of the effects of Vishnu Sahasranama chanting on individuals and on ecology. As a Doctor he had sufficient knowledge about other branches of modern science and their limitations. After his discussion with Swami Nityananda, his convictions about limitations of modern scientific knowledge, was confirmed and took a definite shape.

Apart from this, he was witnessing the perennial problem of sea erosion and the misuse of public funds and this also prompted him to take up the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra Pathana campaign in the coastal belt and observe its effect. He selected a small belt of beach at Trasi and Marvanthe for his experiment.  Every year at the onset of monsoon rains, the National highway No.66 (previously NH 17) passing along the beach was being threatened by the sea waves thorough erosion. All eyes were being centered on this area. He decided to launch his campaign from this area and made preparations in the year 2003.
Saurpanika river & Arabian Sea in Kundapur, Karnataka, India

Initially he selected about 100 volunteers and trained them to recite the stotra rhythmically after giving initiation. When they attained perfection they went to different places and trained interested public in rhythmic recitation. As a result a sufficiently large team was ready to take part in the mass chanting campaign by next monsoon.

June 2004 arrived and also the sea erosion showed its face. The beach dwellers became apprehensive. The giant waves licked the beach, the coconut trees, the dwelling hunts and washed them away. There were routine visits by peoples’ representatives, the officials, the usual hollow promises, the clicking of photographs, paper statements etc. there were some makeshift works of piling up sand bags and a few loads full of boulders here and there to assuage the apprehensions of the nearby public. But this half hearted measures were nothing but a wasteful exercise before the roused ocean.

Dr. Padiyar thought this is the ripe time for launching his campaign. On June 20th of 2004 about a hundred volunteers along with a thousand public launched the Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra Pathana programme(mass chanting) at the premises of the Sri Maha Varaha Swamy (Maraswamy) Temple near the sea beach of Maravante. This was followed by chanting session - continued for 48 days, every evening.

The upheaval in the sea was subsided gradually and the sea tide receded to its original level. Dr. Padiyar feels that the rhythmic mass chanting of Vishnu Sahasranama Stotras by thousands of devotees with one voice was the major reason of retreating of the sea erosion.

The continued campaign:

Encouraged by the success and positive outcome of the first attempt, Dr. Padiyar made this campaign a major project of his service activities through Seva Sangama. Now this campaign has taken the shape  of a movement and marching ahead and there was no looking back.

In 2004 this campaign was extended throughout the coastal belt of Kundapura Taluk. The volunteers initiated the residents of beach area in the chanting of stotra. By the monsoon of the subsequent year the message of the campaign had reached nearly about 6000 houses.

The printed booklets of the stotra were distributed free of cost among 13000 people. Chanting sessions were held in many places. A 16 days march was held from Padubidri to Byndoor along the sea beach which generated a lot of interest and awareness about the power of mass chanting of the stotra. Daily chanting sessions were held in many temples. In all 1008 chanting sessions were held.

On 1st of May, the same year a huge public gathering was held. 3500 persons participated in the public mass chanting programme on the Malpe(Udupi) sea beach. The Malpe congregation reflected the extensive nature of the year long campaign in such a short span of time.

Daily chanting session at homes 

In 2006 the campaign entered its 3rd year. Now the sphere of campaign is widened. It has covered almost one third of the long stretch of western coastal belt from Goa to Kasargod according to Dr. Padiyar. Several mass chanting sessions have been held at Kasargod and Goa. Attention has been given to the south of Malpe coast. In Maravanthe beach the group chanting of Stotra was held continuously for 24 days. Thousand of devotees who have taken a vow to participate in the campaign, held chanting sessions at their homes daily either at 7 in the morning or 9 at night regularly Dr. Padiyar feels that chanting simultaneously at a fixed time will give the power of stotra chanting a collective effect.

In the three years (2003-2006) wide popular support has flown in and the campaign has shown positive results which are encouraging signs. Dr. Padiyar is determined to spread the campaign to winder frontiers. It is his firm belief that the mystical power generated by the sound waves loaded with powers of mass chanting of Vishnu Sahasranama stotra not only counter the sea waves responsible for sea erosion but can also contain the devastating giant Tsunami waves.

Not bothered about the criticism by scepters :

Scientific truth can be compared to a long upward staircase with endless steps. It is continuous journey from a smaller or lesser truth to a higher truth. Just like climbing from a lower step to a higher step. Nothing is false, nothing is untruth but only a lower truth. For centuries the westerners and English educated Indian intellectuals dubbed the ancient Indian Vedic knowledge as superstition and a bunch of blind beliefs. Bit slowly but steadily the ancient Indian knowledge is gaining interest, respectability among modern scientists. The Pushpaka Vimana of Ramayana was dubbed as a poetic fancy. But the airplanes and spaceships of today are a scientific reality. The ‘Divyadristi’ of Sanjaya who narrates the entire Kurukshetra scene to blind king Dhritarashtra is today’s television. Albert Einstein, when he wrote his theory of relativity in 1905, was not even a scientist till then in the classical sense. He was on employment in the patent office as an ordinary inspector. His theory was proved only in 1919 after observation and experiment, and then only it could get the seal of scientific community.

The mystic powers of Vedic hymns and Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra are to be explored. Right now, it is only a theory. It is in the experimental stage. It has yet to pass the scientific test. But there are no scientific instruments which can measure the effects of sound waves generation from chanting hymns on ecology. On a future day when these subtle instruments are invented the theory can be tested and put to observation and the data can be collected and analysed. So Dr. Padiyar is not annoyed and least perturbed by the criticism or derisive remarks at his efforts and experiments; by the skeptics and english educated intellectuals. Ignorance of Brahmi & Sanskrit language and hence inability to study the scriptures in original are the root cause of this lopsided logic of English educated thinkers. Time will give ultimate answers to all human enquiries.  Dr. Padiyar is confident that he is pursuing a future truth.

Any way, his effort to counter sea erosion is a zero cost project. Hence there is no harm or loss to anybody. Instead there will be other collective gains and individual benefits to all.

Mass chanting – miraculous results! 

The Vishnu Sahasranama movement under the auspices of Seva Sangama Trust for three years from 2003-2006 has miraculous results. Dr. Padiyar gives the following proof in support of this statement:

·                     At the onset of monsoon rains in the year 2004, the Marvante – Trasi beach was in the grip of erosion. The giant waves were eroding the seashore. The light poles on the beach were washed away. The waves entered the adjacent Park. The very existence of National High Way was threatened by the waves. In this backdrop the Seva Sangama Trust decided to launch its mass chanting programme of Vishnu Sahasranama. On the first day it-self the rains subsided. The fury of the erratic waves abated. Within 4-6 days the waves receded. The erosion halted.

·                   Through out that year the movement was extended to the entire sea belt and the houses situated on seashore. The result could be seen during the giant Tsunami waves in eastern coast which look heavy toll. But the western coast was calm on the whole and no damage was caused in the particular part of the seashore..

·                   In the seashore of Maravante where the Varaha Temple is situated and the hub of Stotra Pathana no damage was recorded. In the sea beach, a natural sand barrage of one Kilometer long was formed. This natural barrage  stopped sea erosion. The local fishermen opine that this is a new and rare phenomena which they had not seen so far.

·                   In the area of experiment, the Sea Erosion has considerably reduced - almost nil for the last three years.

·                   After the campaign workers of Seva Sangama visited 600 houses where stotra pathana was held and where they have made it a daily practice. during the survey it was learnt that apart from gross results, they had individual benefits to the families concerned. Mental peace, improvement in health condition, financial security, alliances, employment etc. the documentation of which is with the Trust.

For the people who depend on the sea and fishing it is an unavoidable necessity to live on the seashore. During the rainy season it is hell for them. The thatched huts, the coconut trees and all other belongings being washed away by the furious sea waves and erosion, when these hapless people are the silent spectators. The Seva Sangama Trust of Kundapura, a charitable service organisation has come forward to change this situation and it had started the efforts three years ago. It has also achieved remarkable success in its selfless efforts. Are you wondering with disbelief that ‘is it possible?’ read this article?

A Solemn Vow (Sankalpa) before chanting

            The human mind is the abode of enormous powers. The mind which is committed to a single pointed goal becomes purified from faith devotion and true resolution. This state of mind can generate strong will power required for big achievements. In this background it has been prescribed for devotees to be bodily clean before commencing the chanting and a sacred vow has to be undertaken. The ritual commences with the worship of Bharatmata. The person imparting the oath or ‘deeksha’ whispers a 12 syllable Dwadashakashari Mantra 'Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya' five time in the ears of devotees. They repeat it 108 times. The master or Guru leading this ritual is called ‘adhwaryu’. He explains the purpose and effects of the chanting; then imparting Deecksha, and ‘sankalpa’, repetition by devotees and getting signatures to the written form of sankalpa.
                        At the end Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra is chanted
Note:  Interested may interact with Dr S N Padiyar: email: --about the experiment and Sri K.S.Nityananda, Veda Vijnana Mandira, Srinvas Nagar, Rampur, Chikkamagalore, Karnataka, India. - ---about the rationale behind the experiment and anything about VEDIC contents.

Ref:  1. Article in Taranga, a Kannada weekly magazine of Manipal Group.17.08.2006 issue.
         2. Rutvik Vaani - June2005 issue.
- Dr. S N Padiyar


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