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Garbha Sharira (Ayurvedic Embryology)

Ayurveda deals Embryology in more detail. Charaka has said that there are six factors which are collectively responsible for proper development of an embryo (Garbha) which also include hereditary factors. They are known as Shad Bhaava Sanmudaya: Maatraja - Maternal factorsPitraja - Paternal factorsAatmaja - SoulSaatmyaja - factors for which growing embryo has toleranceRasaja - Nutritional factorsSatvaja - Psychic factors मातृजश्चायं गर्भः॥ (च.सं. ३/६) पितृजश्च आत्मश्च सात्म्यजश्च रसजश्च अस्ति च स्त्वमौपादक मिति ॥ (च.सं. ३/४)
Aatmaja Bhaava (factor) develops the Aatmaja organs. It awards independent life span to every individual i.e., Swalpaayu, Madhyaayu, Uttamaayu, control of actions of sensory organs, facial look, body built, voice, complexion, sense of happiness & grief, jealousy, good or composed psychic built, intelligence, ego & memory.
Satvaja Bhaava (Psychic factors):- Mana or Satva arrives from previous body (Purva Janma) by Punar Janma (Rebirth). This is wh…