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Akshara & Bhaasha Vijnana

An excerpt of word भाषा from the old Indian Etymology reads as "भवनात् रथैः एष एषेति भाषा". The language was born when there was a requirement to communicate one's feelings to other. Before that there was only 'संज्ञा', the non verbal or gestures. Due to various reasons the perfect gesture based communication medium became diluted. As the requirement to communicate with others grown, the tongue started uttering sounds, it gave rise to वैखरी. Language scientist has to think how VaiKhari gets the input?

Vedanta says आत्म as अक्षर, the one which won't perish. So it was said that 'Akshara' is the one and only 'Atma' in this world. It signifies the 'Aksharatwa' of Brahma, Hari & Hara also. Its मूल नाद, the basic vibration was discovered by Sages as ॐ. From Omkaara the 'Akshara' originates, thus preparing the 'VaiKhari'. Hence शब्द becomes supportive factor for the achievement of existence in this world.

So the ओंकार चेतन stands before any Akshara and creates a particular Akshara by its power of Naada. Then the feelings of all lives becomes enriched & everlasting (अक्षय). The root Naada exposes itself in the form of अ, आ, इ, ई etc., These are all the 16 स्वरम् - syllables or medium of expressing the Naada orginated from the प्रकृति. 

In pure Vaikhari there are 64 ध्वनि 's. Among those there are शुद्ध (pure) and अशुद्ध (impure) संज्ञा 's which becomes दीर्घ & ह्रस्व respectively. So an अकार becomes आकार, to give a shape to the life. Hence an organism is identified by its आकार. When you try to identify pure Akshara, you will get to know that the Swara is independent (स्वतन्त्र). It will be abide by the rule to show the root Omkaara Naada. So one should become prepared to feel an Akshara from Omkaara and in that to see the "Atma". This is the simplest Vidhya towards Atma Saakshatkaara as said by several sages in Veda.

According to this "अक्षर विध्य" all this prakruti is rotating in an अक्ष. There are limits with which it has to rotate. So it won't deviate from its path, hence becomes Akshara = immortal. Nobody has to instruct or insist it to rotate. Just it does its job. All the अणु ' s (not exactly Atoms) also rotate in this Aksha. So from microcosm (अणु) to macrocosm  (ब्रह्माण्ड) everything obeys the en-cycling the Aksha. So the ध्वनि of नाद also spirals' the Aksha. It becomes the Akshara.

There are 4 levels of sound production in body: परा, पश्यन्ती, मध्यमा, वैखरी. The energy of Omkaara produced from नाभि will be captured in very very minute nerves called वाघे. Flow of waves from VaGhe reaches Pashyanti where the decision will be made what type of wave has to be produced. Accordingly the instruction with its energy moves to Madhyamaa and gets a format (स्वरूप) for expression. It may be expressed directly from Madhyamaa or can be propagated to VaiKhari. Wave produced from Madhyama has enormous power & energy. So when a perfect and strong group of syllables like mantra emerges directly from Madhyama and propagates continuously; it will be immortal. Its frequency cannot be measured by the existing equipments. If the same wave is expressed from Tongue then it becomes Sound wave which is perishable.

So Akshara creates a Naada Bindu that encircles its root seed. It imbibes this Naada in Aksha and propagates continuously by encircling. So for continuous immortal movement of Naada is achieved by this and called as "साक्षर". From this the Bhaasha will be produced. From Bhaasha the VaiKhari gets designed. The व्याकरण (Grammar) is written only to this perishable sound from VaiKhari. Grammar is required just as a protocol of communication. The grammar which doesn't consider the root causes implanted on VaiKhari, is just a waste! So never say that only Samskrutam is perfect and all other Indian languages are at a level lower than Samskrutam.

VaiKhari is formed by Prakruti. i.e., Gene, Water, Food, Habits, Region, People, etc., all influence to prepare VaiKhari. This is called "Praa-krutha". Lot of languages originated just due to geographical and so many other reasons. Before 4000-5000 years the language count in India was exceeding 40,000. For Every 8-10 K.M. distance there was a variation in the language. So the Chakradhipati at that time finding it difficult to rule, initiated the language revolution and called Vidwat Sabha having experts from every language. Their intention was to give a common language platform that will ease the administration and education. So by selecting only the perfect roots (धातु) from several languages and giving a filtration (संस्कार) to all of them, created thousands of grammatical rules to make it fit under a common library. Due to perfection in creating a language by all the other languages it was called as संस्कृतम् | So excluding Veda, almost all the great epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedanagas, Upanishats were translated to Samskrutam. Till the time of Shankaracharya, all were knowing that Veda Bhaasha is not Samskrutam. Later due to the emphasis only on to learning the Samskrutam, remains of Veda Bhaasha became extinct. Then due to the influence of foreign invaders, Samskrutam also lost its values.

Some of the people started commentaries on Vedas and Smruthis in their own way. This gave rise to misinterpretations by just a mere Samskruta based grammatical analysis. Lot of examples of these kinds of misinterpretations by different people are there in Internet. They quote Vedas & Mahabharat to support their eating habits of Non Vegetarianism. But Vedas never speak a word of "Himsa"(Violence) of a minute organism. Not only these, some of the Purohits doing Maha Yagas, misinterpreted and offer animal sacrifices in Yagas, which is utterly nonsense according to Vedas, Sanatana Dharama & Yaga Sutras. They quote Manu Smruti saying about casteism, women rights etc., All these arise due to lack of proper schooling from vedic point of view.

So becoming साक्षर, one can grow above the level of Brahma or shrink beneath राक्षस (reverse of साक्षर). So there is a famous saying that teach 3 perfect letters of life to the child. He/She can become Mahatma.


  1. "So excluding Veda, almost all the great epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedanagas, Upanishats were translated to Samskrutam. Till the time of Shankaracharya, all were knowing that Veda Bhaasha is not Samskrutam. Later due to the emphasis only on to learning the Samskrutam, remains of Veda Bhaasha became extinct." This can mean 1) Veda Bhasha is different but what is in vogue as the Vedas is transliteration of whatever was in the Veda Bhasha. 2) What is in vogue is anything but Veda Proper.

  2. Yeah.. In spite of many influences, Rigveda tried to remain almost same to the original. So many Ruks are lost, some swara & Akshara modifications are there in later publications. Yajurveda is totally lost. only transliterated commentary of Veda Bhasha of Yajurveda is left. So much from Sama & Atharva has been lost. Its not totally destroyed, just lost from our eyesight, but remains as Naada as immortal. The basis of Vedanta is Upanishats, whose Samskruta commentary remains now. Original Upanishats are not available.

  3. A new group has been set up. Hopefully, some progress will be made in the study of formation and evolution of languages in Indian sprachbund (language union). What Wittgenstein calls 'private language' is sphoTa of Bhartrhari.

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