Monday, 30 April 2012

Chaturveda Samhita Yaga & Yati Sammelana in Sri Matha Balekudru

|| Jai GuruDevaDatta ||

History of Baalekudru Sreematha:

Baalekudru Sreematha is a Bhagavateeya Sampradaaya Matha which is following the Advaitha Parampara of Shree Shankarachaarya, the uplifter of Sanaatana Dharma. This is the only Advaitha Peeta in entire South Canara and Udupi district. Several disciples of Sree Matha are spread out in Karnataka & other states. This Sreemath has nearly 2,500 years of history and way founded by Sri Varadaashrama Swamy. This is the 'Sannidhi' of Lord Lakshmi Nrusimha and Goddess Sharadamba. This is situated in a place by name 'Hangaarakatte' located in between the National Highway of Udupi-Kundapur which is near the confluence of 'Sita' and 'Swarna' rivers. The beautiful idol of the god Sree Lakshmi Nrusimha is told to be brought from Badari Kshetra by Kaivalyashrama Swamy. In the premises of the Sreemath, there are temples of Sree Sangameshwara, Lord Ganesha and lord Anjaneya. In Kandaavara of Kundapur taluk, there is a branch of sreemath by name 'Hutturu math'..

7th May – 14th May 2012
Venue: “Veda Prayoga Paatha Shaalaa”
Shri Mutt Balekudru,
Hangarukatte Post,
Udupi District,
Pincode / Postal Code - 576218
Karnataka. INDIA
PHONE: 0820 2584378
Distance from towns/cities by road
Brahmavara 4 km. Udupi 19 km. Mangalore 78 km. Bangalore 407 km.
Saligrama 14 km. Kundapura 25 km. Shankaranarayana 31 km. Shivamogga 142 km.  

Chaturveda Samhita Yaaga

  • Inauguration of the specially crafted “Veda Prayoga Paata Shaala”. 
  • Glorious sacrifice from May 7, 2012 to May 14, 2012 involving the incantation and oblations from 32,000 hymns from all the four Vedas during 7:00 AM to 12:45 PM, formulated by "Pancha Kundika Prayoga Vidhana" in Vashatkaara in accordance with "Kaushitaki Sutra".
  • Invocation of varieties of vedic music from Samaveda
  • Mystic experience through the deployment of sacrificial rites from the Atharva veda .
  • Elaborated Vedic Rituals, Gostis, Charcha, Vaada, Prashottara & Cultural programs conducted continuously for 7 days under the auspicious of the ancient religious institution Sri Balekudru Matha near Udupi
  • Vedic leadership for the sacrifice provided by the realized Vedic authorities and several ancient Vedic sacrifices
  • Activity aimed at promotion of Vedic studies, universal harmony and welfare of the world
  • Open to all those who are interested in pursuing and imbibing the Vedic experience by Japa, Dhyana, Paarayana, Namaskaara, etc., in its purest form
  • Daily afternoon to evening cultural programs and discourses from renowned personalities
  • Forum for an interaction about every activity of the Vedic sacrifice and its validity with the authorities
  • Congregation of Vedic authorities, famous saints and leading spiritual personalities
  • Excellent opportunity for awakening and invoking one’s spiritual dimensions in the ambiance of ancient hermitage
 Yathi Sammelana
  • 13th May, 2012 from 10:00AM to 6:00 PM in Sri Balekudru Matha near Udupi
  • A Dharma Sabha in its purest form, congregated by great sages, saints, vidhwans, veda pandits, vedantis, Jignasus from all over Bhaaratha.
  • A unique Sabha Mantapa designed with respect to traditional aspects.
  • Discourses from renowned personalities on:
    • Jeevana Jignaasa
    • Dharma Jignaasa
    • Karma Jignaasa
    • Atma Jignaasa
  • A opportunity to get enlightened by the speeches, discussions, achievements of spiritual leaders.
Pratishtaapana Mahotsava

  • Starting from 7th May 2012 till 14th May 2012 during early morning & afternoon to evening sessions there will be rituals related to Pratishtapana of several deities in Sri Balekudru Matha near Udupi
  • Moola Devata is Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha swamy having enormous power which has proved to provide Abhaya & Varadha to the disciples.
  • Temples & their dieties to be inaugurated include:
    • Sri Herambha Ganapathi Swamy
    • Sri Anjaneya Swamy
    • Sri Vaagishwari Sharada Devi
    • Sri Naagaadi Parivaara Devataas
    • Sri Maastiyamma
    • Several Parivaara Daivas
  • Daily special rituals to the dieties for the Kalaa Vruddi.
  • Creation of Dhooli Parvata in front of Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Sannidhi.
  • Renovation & inauguration of Samadhis & Vrundavana of Previous Peethadhipatis.

 * श्री *
The devotees & disciples can  involve themselves in the activities of Sri Matha by contributing Tanu, Mana, Dhana towards the construction, renovation & rituals during the special occasion of Chaturveda Samhita Yaaga, Pratishtapana Mahotsava,Yati Sammelana and get the Krupaa Kataaksha of Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Swamy 

* स्वस्ति *